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  1. I'm currently running an aging workstation style computer and was wondering what i can do to get some life out of this rig before opting to just build me a whole new computer while i have the money, i am running out of room to keep my old builds and don't actually want to build a whole new computer while this one is still a functional rig CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x Cooler: I believe it's a Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID ML360 MIRROR TR4 EDITION RAM: Corsair DDR4 - 2400 (1200 MHz) 32G Quad channel [ Part number: CMK16X4M2A2400C16 ] GPU: Radeon RX580 Mobo: ASUS Zenit
  2. yea i heard, happy but still not pleased that it was never implemented while i agree, i will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that i understand how it happened more important things to get running on the new engine, but Native Hardware Input Accessibility should had been way up the priority list this isn't a mobile game, even if it was There is no excuse for not having gamepad support Gamp pads for mobile platforms also exist in a gaming landscape where shitty game companies are adding More Player Accessibility features for their customers convences at be
  3. Literally just send them this link https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.26/en-US/InteractiveExperiences/Input/
  4. i have Xpadder, i wasn't too thrilled with the results but i can rework what i had to fit this set up at some point soon
  5. This is a key remapper for controllers the provided configuration settings is for an Xbox 360 controller might give you an idea on what to do from here with other remappers if you so wish as it works on all other controllers it seems https://www.rewasd.com/ download reWASD and install it comes with 14day free trial and a few days for the advance features which sucks but hey, its an easy fix to see if you guys like it until and if we get gamepad functionality back download my contoller map settings https://www.mediafire.com/file/j037euu1w6cvecv/RivaliantsBnSv0.rewasd/file
  6. that gonna get a kek from me my friend
  7. the documentation i can find online makes it sounds like its built natively into UE4 just of matter of ...well implementing it I don't understand how it wasn't higher in the priority list of features to acutally work on completely carving out even a small part of an already dwindling player base is bordering on self sabotage
  8. i got a profile going for Xpadder but it still has major issues and not sure if its viable for other clases but it is customizable just a lot of thing don't work such as autorun with LS (L3) SS (pulling the joystick down twice does nothing) camera motions are clunky and so on it makes it 75% playable but so unfriendly compared to the old gamepad set up
  9. I'm not usually one of those ones that advocate for player accessibility This is one of those times where its applicable to the situation The angle i'm coming at this from is that this feature was present in the game since Day One and it's a feature i have used since my start of playing this game for going on 6 years now I Do Not Know HOW to play this game Keyboard and Mouse i spent the entire campaigns runtime to learn the game's controls to get my self a viable component of the community and even then i didn't become good at the flicker-flash of the old BD meta until
  10. yes, i have been trying all night reWASD does not take button combinations the way UE3 BnS handled them Xpadder seems to be the best bet using an old version someone gave me but you lose all the menu functionality because of how it has to work to get the same responses and feel and it has a multitude of problems such as SS not functioning 99% of the time ill have to do more testing, and fiddling around with it, but i am less then 0% happy with Any of this UE4 appear to have gamepad functionality built in per documentation found online So i have no idea why anyone didn't mak
  11. Literally 2 days before the launch of the update? they had MONTHS to tell us that they weren't going to have gamepad support for UE4 back when they Announced it not literally Hours before it was due to go live
  12. God, imagine saying Days before the update was suppose to come out that there will be no controller support on the forums, and nowhere else after almost 6 years of the game just, not even reimplemented i don't know if the UE4 was that much diffrent from UE3 that it would had been that much more difficult to reimplement gamepad support for it to end up on the chopping block
  13. it would appear so, i'm being told Gamepad support was removed if you want my suggestion, send in a support ticket acutally give them a stack of complain tickets about the removal of Gamepad/controller support for their records
  14. Moderation edit: -- the notorious Silk Rivaliant NA here I am considering quitting over the loss of gamepad support as i am JUST now being made aware that BnS UE4 does not have controller support rendering me unable to play I refuse to play this game with keyboard and mouse I didn't not spend the last going on 6 years playing this game in the way that is the most accessible and most fun for me to play just for everyone to say "JuSt PlAy wItH kEyBoArD!!!" That is not a solutions to a feature that was Removed from the original game's
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