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  1. Awakened Destroyer PvP Combo Guide by Niisam

    Great job, mate, i can't wait to test this out! I've been dying for new destro pvp tutorial. Can you please elaborate on extending crowd controls (i didn't get the part on cc stacking, if you start with stun then daze they won't be able to F out, and does it need some kind of timing or you can just do it in last stun second, also if you daze after a daze will they be able to roll out ?), and maybe share the secret of ss flick (macro or pure skill) and C4 (do you spam 4 while charging to cancel the air part of C).
  2. Destroyer: new talents and skills issues.

    There's a talent that changes your stun on 1 to immunity. With it, if you use it on stunned target, it will air the target. So, grab+4 to launch in air -> piledriver, quick 4+4 to launch in air again -> piledriver then stun with shield (you can use other types of cc, it's not limited to stun only, so you can use for example kick or 2 or knockback spin or whatever, just to air him with 1 you have to have shield up, so stun with shield works fine) and then 1 to launch -> piledriver. It's not exactly rapid, neither super strong, but it's fun to slam your enemy into the ground over and over again
  3. Lesser Dungeons Revamp?

    Your idea sounds good, mate. I've been thinking about similar systems too, because i like the old dungeons. But i always fail to reach a win-win situation for both players and developers alike. For example i had similar system in mind, with a buff that lowers your stats to the recommended for the dungeon (but don't disable items and effects, that's what i hate about realmrift dungeons, i farmed so hard for items, and now everything is not working - reduce the stats, we'll deal less dmg->no oneshoting the bosses, but still more than ppl that are without legendaries, so we'll be happy that all that farming has not gone to waste. GW2 kind of has this effect, and as far as i can remember wow timewalking dungeons were the same in that regard, although it's been long time since i last did them so i'm not 100% sure). If you have the buff, you'll recieve helion core box and crystal materials box. The idea behind this was that pvp players can help lower lvl players do dungeons (every now and then some lvl 20 dude asks for help for a dungeon), and get their pvp accessoaries without the need to first get to aransu 6+ with raid accessoaries and raid soulshields and gems that even thor wants to socket in mjolnir just to reach 1400 ap, so he can do the damned SSM without being kicked from the party, and lower lvl players will actually see someone doing their dungeon if f8. And some more details that i'm too lazy to share due my next point invalidating this ... This could have been great, if the story wasn't everything you need to get to endgame. Because then you'll have the need to go to the dungeon, do the quest there, get some gear to help you in the next zone, do some sidequests in the zone to get to at least the lvl of the mobs in the next zone, so you can kill them and start questing there. With all of that gone (sidequests were removed few patches ago, main story gives you enough gear and exp to skip every dungeon possible) all those systems seem kind of pointless. If it's for the challenge, just find few more guys that want the same, buy a 1silver weapon from vendor and go without items in the dungeons. As the game is at the moment, i don't see any reason for players to want to get their stats reduced in order to do lower dungeon with lower rewards, no need for lower levels to do dungeons at all -> so they wont need help in them, neither the developers will have any kind of compensation for the amount of work they have to do to implement this. It'll probably be better to do a daily for a scaled up dungeons, or add a random dungeon option that gives you random scaled up dungeon. Or active the Hard mode on the older dungeons that will scale them up, or scale the player down (just stop disabling my items with this buff, it's awful experience )
  4. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    Yeee, ue4 coming soon! And new class!! Better start stacking up mats to feed the whales (though you never know when your fat stacks of mats will turn into a total of 70 silver ... )
  5. Destroyer: new talents and skills issues.

    Don't loose hope yet, mate, i'm still only theorycrafting for pvp side of things, nothing is tested in real pvp scenario, and i don't know what other classes lost or gained yet (defense blocking skills could be removed for everyone). 8sec shield is not that easy to stop and if you press wedge you can move with it, and it's a ton of heal (plus 70% dmg reduce and status effect immunity). Also, for 1v1 we now have the chance to do 3 piledrivers in succession, and that's some decent aerial dmg (grab+air->piledriver,44->piledriver, and if specced -> stun with V and then 1->piledriver). also if you're earth, you can 44->X (i need to test if the launch in air and drop down animation will be enough for demolition to stack to full, if it is -> it's insane burst combo. i'm sure there's way to make 1v1 work. And i still think earth is top tier 1v1 with all the talent merges that happened and crazy bonuses and uptime on fury ... it'd be awesome if some competitive player shares some stuff too, but alas - i still cannot find any info about destros, so it'll take time to understand and make our heroes work :D
  6. PvP Content in PvE.

    Don't give up, mate, once you get the hang of it you'll beat yourself up for every wipe that you did on this "easy" content (i am even ashamed that i even took dmg on things like f20 , though i didn't feel the same way while learning the mechanics ). You have Circle of sundering and Den of the ancients waiting for you with lots of new fun ways to die and make the hardware suffer(durability wise)! Also don't forget to try soloing dungeons, almost every one of them has way to be soloed. GL&HF in your endeavours !
  7. PvP Content in PvE.

    Well, as far as i can tell everything you want them to make is already in, i mean 1 shot mehanics, positioning, dps checks, i-framing, sometimes the 5-6 sec cc is practically 1shot mechanic that you failed, just doesn't insta-kill you, but you know you f---ed up when you get locked in it ... they just require lil'bit of wiping untill you get used to their rotation and mechanics (i died nearly 80 times on naksun before i manage to kill him, then yunsang broke my nerves due some random changes in rotation from time to time, but still took about 50-60 runs before first blood). And they're still dangerous even when you get gear, for example i can kill yunsang in under 30s but sometimes he still catches me in stunlock while i jump over waves, and then is the cc chain you talk about (wipe with animations). Don't forget this is mmo mortal kombat simulator, so i doubt they'll start putting switches, pressure plates and adds swarms in solo content. Btw describe your view of pve content, and provide some examples, it'll be easier that way to understand your point.
  8. Destroyer: new talents and skills issues.

    Alright, did some more testing. 4sec shield generates stacks on blocks and dmg taken. sadly, you can get cc-ed out of it... 8sec shield is a bit strange, you can't be cc-ed (sadly i had no partner with "cancel defensive skills", so this will be tested later on), you have 70% dmg reduce, but you don't do stacks on blocks, only on dmg (soo, they have to hit you from the sides or the back), but the good news is that when you cast it and press lmb, it removes the static defense but leaves you with the small shield with the same buff (status resist, 70% dmg reduce) and you can move around with it . Can't test if it continues to apply buff to party, need to make more friends first both spins heal you for 20% dmg done passively, that was from the talent for them. if you have 5 stacks they start draining 30% (30% additional dmg and heal) on top of the 20% from dmg heal Execute doesn't benefit from scars, only Annihilation (and ye, i tried to press it once, tried to spam it like the old execute, only holding it until the last hit yields results, and i still think it doesn't reset the shadowstorm buff on last hit, so it'll be a dps loss in pve) Iron plating doesn't generate stacks, tested it with 4 and 8 sec shields Soo, with the 8sec shield it's kind of possible to get fast to 5 stacks in pvp, but good players probably will only make 1-2 on you trying to cc, and then they will stop and wait for it to drop. Probably in 6v6, but it's kind of useless aganist better players, and no real use in pve, because you'll never spin on boss for dmg ... so practically scars are pretty useles as far as i'm concerned ... i still hope someone can prove me wrong, because they sound like a good idea, just bad implementation ... it'd be cool if they applied on wedge and affected more skills About the 4% passive, i agree that it's underwhelming, since we do slow attacks. Nothing i can do about it tho, so i'm glad at least it'll get used in rare occasions (spiders on spider boss in HH), unlike the G ult that is best used to impress low lvl with awesome animation i was about to test the stun shield, but the server decided to die, so i will do it tomorrow night along with the "cancel defensive skills" on the 8sec shield ... additionally i want to test if you cast 8sec shield and then use stun, for example, will the buff from the shield stay up (dmg reduce and status immune), tho i doubt it, it'll be too op if we had a skill that makes us immune to cc and almost immune to dmg AND allows us to attack in the meantime ... but still, fresh patch, it's possibility ... P.S. i can live with one passive, one ult and scars being useless, but the fact that they removed the "cancels and blocks defensive skills + 16yrd approach" knee and put "cancel defensive without blocking them" on kick ... that killed the last part of me that enjoyed 1v1 as shadow i guess i have to use earth for 1v1, seems to be quite more op (additional 50% dmg reduce on top of the flat 40% on 4s shield, wrath enabled from emberstomp, +10% additional ap on fury, demolition hits harder than annihilate and seems easier to cast and so on ...)
  9. Low FPS after new patch 13 March

    Try to enable "Disable Full Screen Optimizations" option, it did wonders for me, and i have similar spec (i7-7700HQ, 16g ram, gtx1060 6gb and nvme ssd). You can find it in the compability tab of "Client.exe" properties.
  10. Destroyer: new talents and skills issues.

    Greetings, mate! Fellow "Reaper" destro here, i want to share some of the things i found out until now, I hope they may be of use to you. Scar debuff: In order to stack this debuff on the target, you need to have your shield up and get hit. When you stack it up, your spins and execute/annihilation restore hp equal to 20-30% of the dmg they deal. Keep in mind, that you can stack it by getting hit, that means for example last boss in desolate tomb does his fire breath attack, you stand in it and it's instant 5 stacks, because it consists of multiple small hits. In pvp it's harder to pull it off, because you can activate some nasty skill on the enemy when you get your shield up. If it stacks while you have iron plating up (haven't tested it yet), then it should be easy to stack it to 5 in pvp (stand in aoe and do V-V fast to get invul. ) and at 5 stacks you can spin or annihilate to heal up (don't forget to hold annihilate for 2 sec, the last hit deals huge dmg). But ye, i agree that the tooltips are not very useful ... About the passives, the one that gives you 100ap and 35% mystic dmg while fury is up is overpowered in my opinion, since now you can reset fury with grab (instant reset on massive enemy, -4sec cd on LMB while grabbed), soo this is very good dps boost, paired with the +2 sec duration on fury it seems very strong. The other one is good for pve, keep in mind that rmb is 2 attacks, so 4% is not that low, since you deal a lot of them already, and if you happen to hit multiple targets, it gets some decent resets :D (don't forget rmb is aoe).Useless for pvp, but not big deal... especially since we both don't do much pvp ... Emberstomp: it's not a dmg skill, never was serious threat. Tho you can spec into "Umbrastomp" or whatever it's called (pink stomp), then it deals all the dmg instant, gives you better modifiers on RMB, and stays as a buff, not area on the ground that you need to stay in. BUT - you loose the overpowernesnes of the non-talented spell, that has merged the dmg bonus and the +400% defense and most cc immunity, and in pve even tho you get +30% on RMB over the default stomp, you loose on possible weapon resets from the dot. So, if you can force someone to trinket your grab because of emberstomp, then it should be good times for you (you can stunlock and use the real dmg skills like annihilate. If they don't, just use it like temp cc immune and dmg reduce. @Arohk I think they will nerf them, both spins look op now, blue spin combines all 3 talents from before (+500% bonus defense, +XX% flat dmg reduce, +80% movespeed, parry multiple attacks), and red spin got serious buffs too, and it has badge that makes it pull enemies to the destroyer. Sadly, i'm super low on gear so i cannot tell if they really are OP in pvp. Overall, i'm pretty happy how shadow destro awakening is, i spec all 1 from the talents, give Repulse,galeforce,awakened galeforce +5 hm points, and enjoy the lazy gameplay :) (I'd advise not to spec annihilate for pve, yes, it deals x3 times the dmg of the execute, but still is far worse in my opinion - you need to stand still for 2 sec, it doesnt refresh your badge as it says in the description, which leads to dps loss in the end - according to my testing). Don't forget that now every third galeforce resets and enables galeforce :D (RMB->RMB->F->RMB->RMB->F->RMB->RMB->F->F->...). P.S. Don't take anything i say for granted, i may have played destroyer for a while, but i'm casual f2p, sooo i'm open for corrections and additional information too. GLHF
  11. Scar effect on destroyer is not working ?

    Well, I found out it stacks fast on skills, like breath attack on Desolate Tomb boss (stacks are gained per hit while you have your shield up, not per block), but the purpose of it is still unknown, since the 20% of the typhoon/hurricane dmg is not a lot healing, even in aoe situations rmb+f will heal much more and do a lot more dmg. Could be useful if they made it affect rmb+f, but for now i don't see any reason to try to stack them or keep them up ...