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  1. keybind ini file??

    What do u mean? O.O
  2. yo no creo que sean pocos hablantes, creo que ustedes tien un poco de miedo de quedaren malos. Pero los br hablan mucho, y ustedes tanbién deberian hace-lo. Perdon por mi español xD
  3. Algunos Consejos / Some Tips (?)

    I'm not that good in spanish so i'll just say in english... leave the spanish for pms and such hehe What they said, but ya, most of all, enjoy the game and be nice to people. Don't get mad if someone doesn't want you in their party, make your own and invite the AP that u want :)  Also, don't get all elitist when u get strong, go back and enjoy some low lvl dungeons too, help low lvls, they love it and need it :D  See you!
  4. About Destroyer Bots

    Yaaaa like i saw a lot of them yesterday by the Shiverstone Range area, i actually reported some of them, but they are a lot.
  5. Suggestion: High Ping damage buff?

    reupped the pics in case you have not seen them.
  6. Suggestion: High Ping damage buff?

    and the worst part is not that "oh deal with it" it's ok for me to fight like this. What sucks is that when that guy gets the same critical rate/dmg or even skills he will do A LOT MORE DAMAGE than i do, just because he lives closes to the server. That is what sucks.    Oh PS.  I own Primal Force Soul Badge right? 400g to buy that... he doesnt even have a Soul Badge, maybe not even the hm right punch --'
  7. Suggestion: High Ping damage buff?

    Still not like the "dmg buff" but i still support skill queue. Here is an example of how ping affects A HUGE AMOUNT and why u need to give us the choice of using skill queue in PVE at least. I made sure we were hitting in the same time and doing the same combos exactly to test how it goes. The only difference is he was using ice build and i was using earth build, because if i use ice build my dmg goes to 11 or 12k/s due to my ping, which at it's best gets to 220, which was the case in there.    
  8. It's impossible to gear up now!

    I know right?! i'm pretty much doing the same stuff u are only in a different order... upping soul from 3 to 6 then weapon from 1 to 4 at least.... in any case i have the 5 SS parts already hehe   anyway, ya it's haaaaaard! Cause like i'm a SF Lyn if u don't know... and like, i donated my tail for studies and my ears were stolen... so i need to buy them back... well at least the tail right?! But only that needs 1200 hongmoon coins x.x how can one live with that?
  9. The portals only affect those who have poor loading times really. I myself have an old HDD and i need those or it would take even longer to load some stuff. If you have good disks you wont see them, and if u are seeing them is cuz u dont have a very good disk/pc.
  10. Sooo... what's the catch?

    Hmmm i'll give you my opinion ok? I've been playing since January and there are two biggies for me... One is that this game is soo very ping dependant. You can check that on youtube. But that wouldnt be so much of a thing if they had better placed servers... like, i play in Brazil, and even the best connections from here will get 160, 180+ ping. I play with 250 ~ but that may be due to my poor connection. Either way it sucks.   Another thing is they don't reply much to suggestions, so you'll never know which they are looking or not, or if they are going to do something about them or not :/
  11. Suggestion: High Ping damage buff?

      Here's an example... basically, tho, they'd have to make it that any iframe has priority over it... and u just need to enable the choice of activating it or not.
  12. Suggestion: High Ping damage buff?

    I don't think it would be good... i think they could allow like an skill usage memory of 1 or 2 hits. I remember in Lineage 2 for example, you were using a skill, if u clicked another skill during the usage of one skill, the second usage would happen right after the first one was finished... Like:  i press lmb, now it's using, while using skill i press rmb. If i stop just there it should do them both, even if i pressed it while another skill was in use.    Or another example... lmb, in use, while in use, rmb, while in use (rmb) i press f. U know what i mean? it should be allowed at least for PvE mode since for PvP that can be a lil advantageous for low pingers too.  Like i myself only play PvE, barely do any PvP cuz of my ping... but in PvE it sucks when i'm at 230 ping doing 15, 16k/s then when i get 300 ping it goes to 11 or 12 tops. It sucks. If u had that memory of 1 (or 2, needs to be tested tho) skills, it would pretty much end a looot of issues due to ping. Cuz over 300 ping is just not a common thing, and even with 350 u can still see it properly but slowly, it would be nice.
  13. Fun Thread: Who is/are your favorite NPC's and why?

    Foul Mouthed Granny is sooooo funny like i loled a lot and i just couldnt stop. Yunwa and her voiceover is just sooo cuuuute. But my favorite is and will always be Poharan! Like i wanna be her bestie.
  14. Naryu Lab

    I wouldn't say that... i just did it the day before yesterday... kinda funny actually we had 5 SF just from Lfp and 1 fm...  We dropped an Honorary + the Outfit. Also it has some good quest money + the stones u can get 10 and buy that box. Almost everytime i got the box i got like 1 gold or 1 evolved stone... so it's not that bad. It's just that people prefer doing other dungeons that take less time. Also because people don't know how to have fun hahah from time to time i go to old dungeons just to help people out :D
  15. Was it the beat ups that i got from total strangers or the forgers beating me up ? IDK WHERE IS MA FAAAAAICE?!