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    They really should add it at least on the dummies... doing mushin is sad, because the starting levels just take to lil to finish... less than a minute, you can't even test anything...
  2. Weap and Acc progression is a mistake

    Melee is torture? No baby, u don't know what fun play really is all about xD  About the upgrades... at least the jewels should be upgradeable as the weapons are idk... it makes you choose between stuff better... if you don't have anything else to level u just up your weapon then straight legendary stuff, kinda sad really... so many maps and stuff for nothing? No i prefer that quests take u to lots of places so that you really know the story behind the game. Besides you say "if u want better weapon u farm it " but like with the weapon the game is giving you now, or the accs, there is no need at all to farm new weapons, that's the thing about it.
  3. who's really lucky/unlucky? please share your exp.

    Umm, idk sometimes i'm lucky as shit sometimes idk... in average i'm lucky level 5. Like i don't get to see the best drops, sometimes they do drop a lot but then somtimes they drop and i don't have anyone to help me with the price so i can bid hehe Like today in Necro 4p we dropped Volume 2 of that secret technique and i didn't know the price so the guy took it for 55g and it's 105g on market. A week ago i saw the volume 1. Yesterday i dropped 2 guilds secret techniques, 1 worth 3g and another worth 20g (waiting to sell yet :/ )    I also have a lot of costumes, and saw even more but sometimes i don't like it so i don't bid. Most of them i got on the first run every dungeon (if u ask me it's a thing in this game).  Got to see draken ring drop on my 2nd run at Cidatel guy bet 188g and one time i was in Bloodshade and 2 girls bid 168g on Noble of the Sea hehe I can be very unlucky and stupid too, once i bet 29g on something worth 18g cuz i didn't know the price, one of the guys had been through it and a reddit post helped him get his gold back, so helped me giving 10g back (what he earned from the bid).  Now my really unlucky thing is with Bloodshade Harbor... within 33 runs i've seen every single drop there at least twice except Cobalt Hair. now i have 43 runs and still no hair.  Also one time the hair dropped and i was supposed to be in the party, i had gold to bid but i didn't go. And my clan leader got the hair within 35 runs. So ya... u judge i guess xD   Oh i forgot to mention 1 really lucky moment i think... i got my Gem within 6 days of event, at the moment my alt has 42 and my main has 48 chocs hehe
  4. Yeti weapon box drop rate in Yeti 6man

    I know people people are stupid and can't do it right, and all that dmg stuff. But that happens even with high ap players. And with this new method of leveling up you should be forced to learn how to really play the game, unlike me and a lot of people who actually are struggling to do some dungeons because the game just made it so easy to get so far... it's what i'm meaning here. That by doing this people learn better, so when we need to go to Ebondrake Cidatel or Desolate we get better players. 
  5. Getting back in : Optimization still the same ?

    It is way better for sure... plus with alternative launchers you get even more performance.... i was doing 40 fps on MSP with ctrl F on... didn't try without it.  Btw i believe it works better with intel anyway... :/  But ya... goodbye stutterings, low fps from 32 bit. BTW BnS team... i believe the issue is with your launcher for some reason. I wasn't able to launch it through yours... and even launching in 32 bit was even more horrible than before, I know I'm using it at my own risk, but you guys need to fix that ASAP. As soon as i logged with the alternative settings i solved every issue that i had before.
  6. Yeti weapon box drop rate in Yeti 6man

    with 500 of power you should be able to do yeti 4 man already. Thing is people gotta know and be able to do mech, you can't blame the game for that. I my self still have issues with Yeti 4 men sometimes, mostly due to my almost 300 ping, but i'm pretty sure that if people were to focus more on mechanics, you'd be able to do it already. 
  7. 6m party dps rank

    Non-official mode would probably require hacking tools... aka bans xD  I don't believe we get the dmg info in the first place in 6-men dungeons at all. What i mean is our client doesn't recover that data since it's not sent by the server. Unless they allowed it or you hacked the game it would be possible. In MSP or DKV is possible because the server is sending that info to us. So the only way for 6 members to have it on would be by the server sending those informations.  Now the problem is, would it cause lag to people since the servers have a limited capacity? :) 
  8. 64-Bit problems so far.

    It's bad to play even in 32 bits omg :( it's freezing a lot ... stuttering, low fps u name it.
  9. 64-Bit problems so far.

    Aaaaaand guess whaaat? IT'S BACK 15 fps is backkk hahaha Tried compatibilities, tried changing settings on video card. Nothing. It's the same issue AGAIN.   GPU usage goes 0, 30, 0, 50, 100, 0, 100, 0 70 .... maximum memory load on GPU less than 600mb out of 3gb... RAM Load 5 out of 8 gb, and CPU load 10 out of 100% . Nope not here, What are u guys doiiing? :'(
  10. bloodshade or nightshade

    Bloodshade has a higher drop rate than nightshade... nightshade is a 24 player dungeon and Bloodshade is 6 men... means higher chance. In less than 30 runs i've seen the mask twice.
  11. Stuck on Splash Screen

    try running the shortcut at your desktop in compatibility mode... either xp sp3 or windows 2000 depending on your windows. I don't need it anymore after the last update, but i used that and it worked for me. :)
  12. Crit rate for event is too high!

    Don't be like that. I got it too and i got 13 or 15 already ya... but i don't think it's high, i think it was just luck... my alt has like 25 and some of my friends got not even 15 yet. If u were lucky, good for you.
  13. The 600 AP Wall

    You gotta use the LFP feature it really helps out.. and by the way, when people register and ask for 600+ is just rare. I have 633 atm and i simply put lfp when i go to low lvl dungeons just to help ppl and have some fun! Usually i get to see 1 or 2 low lvls there which is really nice but sad i don't get to help more... anyway, use LFP! :D 
  14. See if u can update or replace that ntdll with a newer or working version from dll   I always do that when dll erros show up, they always seem to solve :)
  15. it is ... and u can even have more than that i guess.  I dont have ebondrake or oblivion soulshields, the only ap i got is from 3 parts asura... i have 633 atm... if i upgrade ring and earring i get +14 ap... i'm using pinnacle bracelet and necklace atm.  Now ofc i got 3 ap from amethyst and 40ap from diamond... Also the level u are may help... i'm at hm 9 atm, my goal is to get 650 before hm10 cuz i don't wanna look stupid xD  I also forgot to mention that i'm using moonwater soul atm... stage 1 soul would be already +5 ap.. hehe