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  1. Is Dawnforge/Riftwalk any good

    i'd say a good thing to do is go dawn/rift stage 3 from bale/seraph. Farm ur elemental jewels, ur bracelet, slowly gather mats for raven weapon when u can. Honestly the time it takes for some of us to get to raven 3 we could possibly farm other stuffs that will end up giving more benefits. Once next update comes BT will be a lil easier to do and will be done more often, get ur weapon to 6 and change to raven from there if u will :) Also depending on ur class it will be easier to get jewels than other stuff. It's all a matter of plan.  
  2. Request to insert settings in game launcher.

    Thanks for doing that! I had a friend who unfortunately stopped playing because of that. Yes before he left he tried this. He lives in the sea region and tried it with his 350 ping. He told me and tested with me that the improvement is "INSANE" and he tried on other classes and skills, it doesn't work for every skill or class, but it evens it. He told me it's even easier to do iframes and ccs. Unfortunately he didn't want to keep playing because he didn't want to seem wrong by editing it.  I'm telling u follow what these ppl said it will bring ppl back and will keep ppl in. Oh and the only cost u'll have is to afford more servers hehe
  3. I used to be a SF and I played hybrid build like a lot of people, majorly due to my ping. When this update came it forced u to choose an element and a set of skills. Earth build became a pvp only build and ice a pve build mostly. Since Ice build for KFM stance dps is based on Right Punch and Right Punch is 100% ping dependent I was screwed.   I tried keeping up after I saw the patch notes, bought a Blue Moon Badge, prior to that I had the Primal Force Badge spent 900g on both. I bought offals to make my heal op about 300g spent on that, bought Asura Ember, about 174g on that. I also had a stage 6 HM Energy spent 170g on each oil to craft them. Nowadays is 250 to buy them so about 1500g to make that again. Hmm Stage 6 Baleful... oh and lots of Triumph Tokens (which will be available soon thankfully) Raven Feathers, store outfits and unique outfits.   With all stuffs and a lot of practicing and paying ping reducer, pc support, remapping keys and w/e. Even so the least I'd build a V was 11 seconds while someone with the same stuff would build in 5 to 7 seconds. Basically at burst I could reach almost 110k/s for a few seconds... then in a zap my dmg would lower so much as to 20k/s, ridiculous. On my FM now without hm skills, hm energy, soul badge or even mystic badge i'm able to do 80k/s or more on burst and keep it at 38k/s without buffs with buffs I keep it at 44k/s average. So u see... Depending on the fight the average is higher due to debuffs but i'm basing that dmg on foundry, EC, and other long enough runs to dps check. Also let me add that i'm an Ice FM and it's really really powerful.   Basically I have to make over 2800g nowadays to get some of the stuff back, ya I felt punished. Support wont help me or anyone supposedly on this matter because "we can farm it all again without their help." This is what it took from me. I'm not mad at them but i'm mad they don't have a policy for cases like this. Basically I received a "screw urself that's ur problem, go farm." (not in those words)
  4. [Question] Character account change

    They don't have a policy regarding recovering items in exceptional cases like u were screwed by an update and had to change character forcedly. They won't have a policy for that either... too risky for bad ppl to say they were prejudiced by support's help.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    I used to be a Soul Fighter but I had to stop playing it sadly... let's not get into that. So I wanted to show u guys my new character, Apple Bloom! I have her now for about 3 weeks. She's so cute!! I hope I overload u with cuteness :D 1- With "Silver Lining", the lovely Clan Outfit Design I helped create along with my lovely fam from Chasing Dreams!   2- New fits and a lovely stare.   3, 4 - cuuuute     5 - Accident but so perfect :D   Enjoy! :)
  6. Everyday a new thing

    So again, game was working, now it isn't again out of nowhere! WHAT IS GOING ON?!
  7. Everyday a new thing

    Everyday i have to fight hard to get to login in this game why?! i put 32 bit client and it rolls with all the stuttering but rolls, and 64 i have to keep trying til it works. Now it's not working AGAIN. Keeps saying the game encountered an error and "ddl  load, hardware could have something to do with it" do with what?! I've read the whole old threat about it and there was no working solution. Tried repair, tried deleting folders and downloading again, tried everything. Open 32 bit and it works fine. Fix this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ thing i'm tired and i'm sure a lot of ppl are. People get dcs all the time for no reason srsly it's annoying.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Some two  for fun!  
  9. Hey NC people, BnS team! Thanks for making such a beautiful outfit for us! I love it, feel free to share pics too :)
  10. Most Cutest Female Lyn in BnS

    I made one yesterday! Her name is Apple Bloom! :D  
  11. Skill changes

    Sooo i have a doubt that's killing me! When i entered in that BnS Tree KR skills i can see it gives me 2 options, one for each elemental build and then the skills. Thing is, i play hybrid atm, maybe with the new update i can choose either full earth or full ice, but i like to play both atm since i dont have elemental jewels and appereantly we won't have that option?  For example, i use earth on my KFM stance, i use tho, Frost Storm on V, as for FM stance i use ice cause it's faster and easier to pull out.  I want to know if i'll still have the option to do that :/
  12. keybind ini file??

    What do u mean? O.O
  13. yo no creo que sean pocos hablantes, creo que ustedes tien un poco de miedo de quedaren malos. Pero los br hablan mucho, y ustedes tanbién deberian hace-lo. Perdon por mi español xD
  14. Algunos Consejos / Some Tips (?)

    I'm not that good in spanish so i'll just say in english... leave the spanish for pms and such hehe What they said, but ya, most of all, enjoy the game and be nice to people. Don't get mad if someone doesn't want you in their party, make your own and invite the AP that u want :)  Also, don't get all elitist when u get strong, go back and enjoy some low lvl dungeons too, help low lvls, they love it and need it :D  See you!
  15. About Destroyer Bots

    Yaaaa like i saw a lot of them yesterday by the Shiverstone Range area, i actually reported some of them, but they are a lot.