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  1. Talus Engineer Corps quest

    Yep the quest was removed with the update that rid of most of the under 50 blue quests. A similar quest is the Shadowstrike instance which needs a quest to be activated, and gave out the Obsidian Serpent. I only got the Secret Agent costumes because Alienware did a gaveaway a few years ago.
  2. Yep, I can never finish the Lightning BM quick combo due to ping. That remaining challenge taunts me still.
  3. If I gained achievement bonuses from a set, then discard or mail one of the costumes, do I still keep the bonuses?
  4. Now I'm stuck in a bound dungeon on the third boss
  5. The Spectral Cycle from the last RNG box is apparently not the same as the on you can buy from the store. Rather, when you put it into the wardrobe, it occupy the slot of the previous costume, Odyssey, instead. As such, you can no longer search for the Odyssey unless you remove the Spectral Cycle from the wardrobe.
  6. Today I was locked out of Heaven's Mandate thanks to one of these five individuals who decided to recruit after the boss is dead, and I had to spend NCoin for a reset token just so I can get my dailies done before server reset. At least disable party recruitment after the boss is dead so we don't get locked out of Heaven's Mandate/Cold Storage just because some people decided to troll. [Image deleted by Amraith]
  7. [Suggestion] Other ways to obtain Swordsman's hat

    The sense of entitlement is strong with this one, but I'm glad that Bethany proved you wrong. And I spent 120 runs on Infinite Challenge, 200+ boxes on Wild Horse and Bully Wrap, 98 runs on the Obsidian Serpent set, 70 runs on Secret Agent, and 88 runs on Junghado's gear, but you don't see me saying that just because I spent a long time farming, everyone else must too. Spending hours killing the same boss for a minuscule drop is not fun, it's a waste of time which not everyone has. And considering that none of the costumes are bound to account, what if you also want it for an alt? What then? And FYI, in the Korean version of BNS, all dungeon cosmetics can be bought via the achievement merchant with 10 runs of a dungeon, making the grind in the NA version even more pointless.
  8. 50 box RIP off

    This is awkward. I bought a couple of explorers boxes with my spare Hongmoon coin, and a Red Raider dropped on the first box. I would have sold it had I realize its price.
  9. FINALLY, it is coming!!

    It's coming in the next RNG box
  10. Untradeable Event Outfits Not Eligible For Transfer

    No they weren't. The Ebondrake Wheel was given for the Candycloud Park event in 2017, and the Secret Keeper costume was given out for completion of Act 7 during launch month, like the Pistachio Dream costume. They are both organized under the events tab in the showroom, so there should be no reason why they are not bound to account.
  11. Wild Horse outfit and Bully adornment

    I opened 100 boxes before, their drop rate seems to be 1-2%
  12. Suggestion: Alice Costume and Hair

    Hell, even for those of us who were at the anniversary event last year, the Alice costume was only purchasable once, so those who want it for our alts got shafted as well.
  13. Back in last June, Liinxy said that she will take the issue into consideration, we are still waiting :(
  14. This issue has been raised before, but many people including myself like to collect in game costumes, and the drop rates for the costumes, Bully Wrap and Wild Horse, are horrible. These two drops can only be obtained from a boss which spawns after two dynamic quests, and considering the game's numerous updates, the area is largely abandoned and out of date. It also cannot be easily soloed by melee classes, since the first dynamic quest requires protecting a NPC with low HP, and having to deal with a boss with elemental shields. I had hopes of both appearing in the merchant of wonders, trove, or achievement merchant, but this was not the case. I collected 100 Tarakhan's loot boxes throughout the holiday break, and upon opening them all, only 2 Wild Horses dropped and no Bully Wrap. Another person who also opened 100 boxes had 2 Wild Horses and 1 Bully Wrap drop. As such the drop rate for Wild Horse and Bully Wrap are around 1-2%, and this is rather unfair considering that these are untradeable costumes, not game changers like sparkling tokens. I sincerely hope NCSoft look into the items' drop rates or at least let us purchase the items via achievement merchants.