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  1. If you don't have any Soul Badges, Magnum is WAY better then Alluvion, with the sheer fact it reduces dragoncall. But if you're talking about Badge Fusion, then: The Lower your Ping, and the Higher FPS you have, the Better Colossus Soul Badge. The Higher your Ping, and the Low/High FPS you have, the Better Invincible Badge is. Colossus requires you to pay attention to the Boss patterns, and how to time Leech/Imprison Correctly. Reduces Focus Issues, and Increases DPS slightly. Invincible is brain dead DPS, get this if you just want to macro 3 buttons, or
  2. A Few More things I'd like to Add/Correct: First off, Necklace Drops From Tomb. It's good to get this up to Stage 6 if possible. Secondly, You're also going to want Legendary belt, which drops from Naryu Foundry (Best to get it to Stage 6 too.) Thirdly, Farming Naryu Sanctum to get TIGER Bracelet, Since TIGER bracelet is better for Warlocks. Also Another Tip: Anyone Warlock with Legendary Mystic Badge has a Better Soul Burn then you, So if you Soul Burn when they do, You're basically reducing the whole party's DPS by Quite a lot.
  3. I can just imagine in it now... Moonstones 20G Each, Elysians at 85G Each. Oh what an amazing time that would be for us all. If you think Golds hard to get now XD That would make it 10x worse, plus it would basically kill the game for anyone new who just wants to join, seeing as they'd have to up the rewards for everything to balance out the economy. Just because a few people don't have the time to do all the daily challenges in a day or do even the Big 5 every day doesn't mean you can just kill the economy so those people can catch up and be on the same page as everyone else. Also
  4. I want to say It's 600 Cdef, 20% Chii over 3 seconds on every attack, 1.8k Additional Damage, and every move has a chance of doing 20% chii damage at Max.
  5. My Question is why haven't the Mod's stepped in and closed down this thread for people are constantly attacking 1 person, and the hate for 1 thing or another in this thread is too high.
  6. But when more then 90% of it's "inspired" from 1 source there's something wrong
  7. But Companies tend to make their own twist on the outfit, and make it original. Where that artist didn't care about originality and just copy and pasted different parts. There's a Big Difference between the two.
  8. Are you just going to say everything is heavily inspired, because there's no logic behind that at all. Plus you have no proof that is it heavily inspired either. Either way, the outfit has no real original content to it, the whole thing comes from that 1 mobile game, just slight different colors shades. It's not Cool to do that
  9. How can you say there was nothing copied? Have you not seen the outfit and the ones it took the "ideas" from. It's fairly obvious that they copied a ton of things, changed it slightly and are now calling it their own. What the designer did is very frowned upon, and if it were to win a contest because it was "inspired" that heavily by something else would be a bad move. If you had spent hours upon hours working on a great design only to have to lose to someone who basically copy and pasted parts from a different outfit and made minor changes, how would you feel?
  10. It's an okish outfit. The Bad: You're like many of the other designer's, making the female design look like a complete slut (AKA unoriginal in that way). There's only 2 colors in the design, Black and Gold. It's very bland and because of that it doesn't stick out to much. The outfit is mainly only tailored for 1 gender, And it's very obvious to tell that you put much less time into the Male outfit then you did the Female one. Hat's are never good thing to add because Lyn's look horrible in them due to the fact that they have ears. What About Lyns? Will they just have a tiny version on the
  11. Not to Mention the Bow on The Character was taken too
  12. You sir, have never see and end game ice WL then. and saying shadow is 20% BETTER DPS in long fights it the most bullshit thing I've ever heard. You either haven't tested it out correctly, or are just pulling number's out of no where. I will say as of currently the best Shadow WL will just slightly beat the best Ice WL over a long fight by up to 5-8k DPS. Which in all honesty if you're super geared doesn't amount to much at all. Once Vortex Temple/ Temple of Eluvium come out, Ice WL will be just slightly better then Shadow WL by 5-8k DPS. So in All True Honesty, It's Easier to just go with wha
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