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  1. Same thing for weeklies with me, I didn't get points for it upon completing them.
  2. For Soul Boost: Weekly Challenges, AKA Hall of the Keeper, Hall of the Templar, Titan Chamber, Botany Chamber, Are not giving points upon completion. I just tried to do a set of weeklies and didn't get any points added towards my soul boost for it. Same with Spectral Shrine as well.
  3. Also resonance for StarCross doesn't show up or appear.
  4. Trader Gang Sanghae in Mushins tower doesn't have anything. You talk to him and nothing appears. This is the merchant were suppose to buy the new Weapon mat and new accessories from with the 100-200 run achievement. So currently the only way to get new weapon and new accessories is to pray for good rng from it to drop even if you manage to do 100-200 runs
  5. With the current state of the game, Nearly everything in the HM Store is outdated or a scam. Today's Specials: I've never really heard of seen anyone buying anything on them. 1.) The Moonstones, Elysians Orbs, Scared Orbs and Soulstone. - These can be gotten for cheaper then buying through the store. If using gold and NCoin amount from currency exchange, 500g for 50 Elysian Orbs or 50 moonstones, 200g for 100 sacred orbs or 100 soulstones. If I buy them off them off the marketplace I can buy the exact same number for half or 1/4th the price. - End Verdict
  6. You stated you're going to give us additional or more gold rewards to other content for the April patch and onwards But what is the "other content" for this patch? Do you mean Soul Arena? Cause if that's in then it must be a joke and a half. Considering only the top 5% of players will get any sort of income from it. and the majority of the player base won't see a single gold from it. And you know what's going to happen to this gold that's gotten from Soul Arena by these whales? It's going to go straight down the garbage hole off RNG. It's NOT going to go into the Market. (As a s
  7. It might be something related to Weekly or Daily Challenge. As it seems that for whatever reason that they didn't get reset for the character? Cause if you look at the log-in screen it'll show at least 1/3 or 1/2
  8. Greenstorm and them already checked peaches, so it's gotta be something else.
  9. It's not due to rankings. My Alt was in top 100 for AD last ranking and this ranking and can log in.
  10. Except there's people with full stash expansion who can log in. So it's not an issue with Stash expansion
  11. Someone had peaches before patch, and they're able to log in. So not an issue with peaches
  12. It's not shadow plume. People have Shadow Plume and can log in.
  13. I have a friend who has Shadow Plume and can log in.
  14. Only things we're aware of so far. It's not an issue with Game Master or Game Plan. (Tailored or not) It's not an issue with heart tokens from 2 events ago. It's not an issue with tokens from dropscotch event. It's not class specific. It's not an issue with achievements in celestial basin. It's not an issue with keys from Basin. It's not an issue with ranking in previous soul arena or achievements from previous soul arena. It's not an issue with Level's (+'s) on gear. It's not an issue with equipment either. Narrows it down, but doesn't
  15. But this time it's not the currency or candy's from last event. And it's not from the tokens from the event before it either
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