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  1. I told you guys they lied over and over again and noone ever listens to a crazy man who is can see past the sheeps skin the wolf is hideing under fyi what they did is fulse advertisement and can be sued for it
  2. okay to begin with this is just a sujestion for dev team from a player that has strugeled to the top from the bottome from yr 1 I have shairs good times and bad times with frinds guild members and family here so I will start with the presntation for the line drawn in the sand I think pvp and pve upgradeing shoud be 100% diffirent as for what I mean equlises the amount of mats a pve player gets for there hard earned time vr. a pvp player that can go in to 1 guild battle and losses and come out with 300 moonstones im sorry to say the game promot
  3. and the debuff scar is a freaking pvp debuff there is no point to it in pve so for ppl like me that plays every class but hates pvp with a pastion are abhorid that pvpers get more mats faster then pve players and we are forced to conform or die out and ppl wonder why the game is dieing its couse the the gm team and dev team lie and the pvp and pve lines are too blerd
  4. no point for me to swap now that I know my thorn braker neck cant be swaped from madness to guerdion so im suck forever as maddness going to suck when 3rd spec warden comes out and I cant even try it couse I will not waste the funds to gear lock a 2nd or 3rd set of gear the new team lies off there butts and then messes up worth that the other team dose and on top of that the exchange was not brout out for 3rd spec it was brout out so that ppl can exchange on demand when they felt like for example when you have 2 wind spec sums in 1 party or allice there dps is not separated
  5. f2 is broke f1 is broke scan files is broke sigh bns my old friend your falling appart on me
  6. then they need to fix that couse i have friends makeing preps for a suposabul patch that is not comeing
  7. so i looked over the legendary accessorys overhall and the star braker braclet and davinaty braclet said in the patch notes that it didnt need a unrefined braclet with the crookxs path and yet when i loged in to game it still dose need them as the things needed to upgrade it please fix this im siting on a hellion braclet couse i cant clear CoS with my ping
  8. its funny ppl conplain about that here is some advice try takeing off anything that regenrates focus go to mushins tower go frinzy and hit the dummy see how long you last what i have found in my exp as a lighting warden is that sure it says focus regen but what is a wardens focus its are hp did you guys stop to think that focus regens is diffirent from ever class like the aquamerien gem wotks grate on destros but is only good for its hp ergen on other classes from my personal testing focus regen for wardens gives back the said focus regen back to us as hp but then ag
  9. as the name says i cant submet a ticket every timei do it takes me back to my account setings idk if this is a gm troll or if its a bug pleas e help couse i need to despretly submet a ticket
  10. Then again if they just made the achievement list account wide so that if you got the hongmoon skills on 1 avatar when you reach the lvl. to get the hongmoon items it unlocks the hm skill that make it a lot more easy so that way you only need to farm hm skill items only 1 time but thats what id do if i was a dev or gm
  11. i still think they shoud be in the achvment vender if they are boa now that make it alot easyer for thos that have grinded achvments and have alts that they want the hm skills for i mean what is the point of makeing them all boa if you dont make them easyer to get if for the higher lvl avatars with 1.9k achvment points and it make it easyer for ppl that hate pvp couse the are no good at it
  12. I don't know what it's like for other ppl but since there server merge there is a perticuler*#$%#$%. That make it hard for ppl like my self that hates PvP with a passion and he charges a min of 500 gold for a aura ember or 1k for the hm vol.2 ch.2. Or how about the fact the charge 75 gold for the hongmoon skill quest scroll the guy is controlling the market and is preventing ppl from getting it off the market my point is I really want to rain on his peraid is there any way to make all hongmoon skill items drop rate higher or heck put them all in the achvment vendor
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