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  1. i dont mind to farm master hong or mao BUT, 25 mao medals for neck? orly? fragments drops like legendary items in dungeons, this is insane, just because i returned to the game after event ends, wanna make me quit again
  2. ginIchi093

    BT Ring ???

    So, does anyone know how this work with warden ? because it seems to waste to upgrade it, with this buff
  3. give me a day break from work so i can play a whole night fck, a whole day lost for me
  4. yea cuz i remember it was same when gunner came out, with trove
  5. just returned after near year of playing and i was just wondering when next trove will come? maybe with warrior class at 12? does anyone know more about it?
  6. Like tittle say, u still need to farm awakened necro for upgrade a new one legendary earring(pvp). Dung is dead, nobody doing it and you can't even do it solo, cuz dat stupid defending phase. In my option this need a some changes. Already did like 20+ runs and still dont have it. Earring drops only from a dynamic box. This is rly annoying ...
  7. i have a one suggestion about tower of memory (event). How about add quest npc when u go through lobby, because i always forget to get daily quest from "j" also with alts i have like 20 others quest so i need to find it.
  8. After year playing, made alt and can't find any logic with this, so where's dat "alt friendly" ?
  9. i dont get it, this new counter stun is useless with long cd (25 sec) whitch cannot be resetted, bm have now one of worst block in pvp, it was best at 45 lvl old skill patch. Now there are wls with perma counter stun, fuking ranged class with block counter stun, rly nice. Don't mention dat every class can disable your block so easy so even hm block can be used.
  10. rng boxes isnt even worth to buy, better to wait for trove
  11. everything, cuz when i turn on my pc, i have some application that automatically started. like steam,skype whatever. in the end it didnt help it tho
  12. i have usually about 80-130 without WTFast, with it i have about 80-100 BUT sometimes my ms went to 200-300 and game is rlly unplayable and its not problem in my side, cuz i have about 21 ping in real. I once tried to contact support about it and they only give me some instruction to turn off programs running in the background.
  13. i feel it same, last day i tried to make some raiting, fighting vs full geared ppls, not even funny and after this pain, finally made some good rating and then i dc and -60.
  14. so ppls used 1k keys, they got mats, everything whatever, and now they gonna get another 1k ? thats the hongmoon way, how to keep a whale lul.
  15. i have bad feeling about this. never had any problems with gameguard tho, in my option, this " XIGNCODE3 " will be worse than gameguard, and more ppl get affected by this.
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