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  1. not a lot of players know that .. I've tried to find guides on the amount of atp/dps you need for bosses and a detailed gear list but instead I've found threads on how mismanaged bns is or how bad the servers are or how rude players are
  2. thanks for the heads up youre the only one here whos not an A-hole i hate these forums btw
  3. please make the necklaces and bracelets available in ajanara available in moon refuge you already have that god awful raven stuff there why not something from a solak dungeon. That's more useful next issue those damn imperial cores! how the hell do you expect anyone to do what they need to do with 1 damn imperial core you know 1 single imperial core is bogus its like when mc Donalds gives you one sauce for a damn 20 piece nugget its dumb you should be ashamed shame on you knowing that to get better accessories you have to fork over 200 total imperial core for each accessory you need when you'r
  4. one thing the new story is waaay too short
  5. CCleaner Hack Affects Millions: What You Should Know they got hacked recently i dont know if the problem was resolved
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