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  1. Recently, I plugged my laptop to my friend's monitor to play BnS and it worked fine. But when I got home and played, my game is choppy and has low fps, I realised the game is using the integrated Intel graphics instead of my dedicated Nvidia graphics. Now I had this issue when I ran this game for the very first time on this laptop but that was easily fixed by setting it to use "High performance graphics" in Nvidia settings. I checked Nvidia settings and it is still set to use High performance graphics, so I don't know what's going on. Any ideas? EDIT: a friend told me to try 32-bit client, this seems to fix the issue short term but I don't want to be stuck playing the 32-bit client.
  2. Female Gon Profiles

    Already posted on the other screenshot thread but I'll post here too
  3. Level needed for event?

    Anyone knows what are the level/story quest requirements needed for the valentine's event quest to show up? I plan to make some alts for the quest too.
  4. error 200 blablabla

    Yep same here.