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  1. What about the soulstones used for the transmutes? As mentioned before, they must also be restored alongside the gold.
  2. There are plenty of pay to win items for ncsoft to milk their players even with pet pods being "free". You are forgetting all the pay to win things they have introduced over the years that have barely been made farmable in the game: soul, heart, unity stones, certain psyches, gems, just to name a few. Let's not forget the new ancient system and slate system, while these are not really p2w features as of now, we all know Fusion stones and runes will be available on F10 in one form or another. My point is that nc soft still has plenty of things for whales to buy even if they just turn a blind ey
  3. Recently, I plugged my laptop to my friend's monitor to play BnS and it worked fine. But when I got home and played, my game is choppy and has low fps, I realised the game is using the integrated Intel graphics instead of my dedicated Nvidia graphics. Now I had this issue when I ran this game for the very first time on this laptop but that was easily fixed by setting it to use "High performance graphics" in Nvidia settings. I checked Nvidia settings and it is still set to use High performance graphics, so I don't know what's going on. Any ideas? EDIT: a friend told me to try 32-bit
  4. Already posted on the other screenshot thread but I'll post here too
  5. Anyone knows what are the level/story quest requirements needed for the valentine's event quest to show up? I plan to make some alts for the quest too.
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