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  1. this on top of the old venture tokens as season end reward should bring pvp alive again, only one of the two might not be enough since eu/na playerbase is like 1/10 of KR..
  2. no fix yet after 2 months lol, should be a 5 min job especially for a multi billion company, or to be honest it shouldn't even happens..
  3. this can also works. @Green Stormany news?
  4. @Green Storm Can we know why you're not gathering (or just ignoring) feedback about pvp? The only good thing that game had was pvp, and after your removal of venture tokens from season rewards, battleground is now completely dead. Just look at your data and tell us how many battleground games happened after the season rewards change: matchups decreased by 95%, you won't get a match even if you que for hours. I mean, i understand the players, why someone would waste his time for insignificant rewards? as of now, battleground weekly rewards and end of season rewards are
  5. just letting you know that random wave banning people, then blacklisting their emails as well, so they can't even get a reply, shows how incompetent the support team actually is. If you're happy with your 1K ppl playerbase and don't even bother to trying compensate random wave bans, well.. nothing else to say lol
  6. will we be able to choose what version of Unreal Engine we can play? Like BnS CN has this option to play either with the new UE4 or with the old UE3
  7. the scourge spec has been reworked on KR and it should be playable fine on 6v6
  8. This. Actually Sparkling whirlwind keys are total bs, RNG droprate near 5%, not even farmable cause they drop from daily (ridicolous!) after the last update the droprate seems even worst, probably the usual ghost nerf.. In the meantime moonstone are at 5 gold, wonder why.. Coincidence? I don't think so.
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