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  1. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    contents aint removed from the Taiwanese version....still has all the quests everywhere and possibly Yehara's dungeon too (i just came here and saw the bell mission, and the cooking mission)
  2. stuck on the update screen since maintenance.....the launcher crashed after the update and reinstallation is stuck......support blames my graphics for not installing the game....i dont know WTF did they get that idea from......
  3. Game launcher stuck at logo and load forever

    i have the same problem....played just fine even with XIGNCODE3 until the last week maintenance....then my launcher got corrupted, then after installation the game is stuck on XIGNCODE3 page with a mm worth of loading and then quits......
  4. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    then maybe i shud go for tag matches.....i think apart from dungron outfits i have to buy the others.....
  5. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    if we can still grind for the outfits then maybe i DID jump the gun.....i must have a misunderstanding as to OP saying Obsidian Serpent daily missing complied with the outfit getting removed.....and no Obsidian Serpent drops from the boss and it has a horrible drop rate....100s of run and i got it on my Warlock when lvl45 was cap....
  6. i am playing a new character(back after 3 years).....the lack of daily dungeons is making me feel that the game is rushed....back then ppl would stay in the lower realms to farm weapons, outfit and whatnot....and now we r getting pushed to the higher realm.....
  7. how to reduce high ping :(

    can i use IPs from vpngate to get good ping?i have on average 180-250ms ping from Indian subcontinent.....i dont trust those vpn software
  8. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    i just looked at the trader and it NOT ONLY has the Obsidian Serpent, but also the Tomb of the Exiles, Pohwaran, and Nightshade outfits, also the outfits from the 24-man dungeon!!!!is the game forcing us to go arena?1000 zen bean to a outfit ticket and they need 5 ticket plus a high quality fabric....this is insane!!!
  9. Stop reusing bad event dungeons.

    blackram 24 man is a nostalgic dungeon for me....used to stay all day to farm the necklace and sell it on the market for 50G in the TW server.....everytime Poh came someone would broadcast it to the entire server.....and ppl would rush in like mad....
  10. waiting on info....since i started yesterday and am a lvl13 yun gunslinger....need all the info i can get....just like the OP i too am coming back after 3 years.....last seen during the Soul Fighter hype....
  11. damn...this is not what i thought i would do....no grinding?mobs dont give xp anymore in the early maps?and no more Hongmoon Weapon upgrade?how long do i use the Training Weapon?
  12. naming a chara

    just asking ahead.....its downloading and crashing on the installer just like how it did for me back then.....
  13. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    sh!t......and here i thought i would grind my Yun soul fighter and gunslinger for that outfit.....grrrrr....i only have it on my warlock jin......
  14. naming a chara

    hey ya'll, i m back after 2 years coz my pc blew up from too much world of warships and due to serious study time....want to ask is it still not possible to name our characters in different language?like japanese?is it english character base only?
  15. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    and thats what makes ncwest a money mongering bu****. i play bns taiwan and bns japan. wardrobe is free in both and i can freaking send mail to my alt in the same server and also my clan members in bns taiwan without charging ncoin. i never ran out of inventory space and the outfit collection is vastly superior there than the puny collection here.