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  1. I stopped to log in too for about a week, it's just not enjoyable. Every time I think about the game I get goosebumps, so shitty it became. There is literally no activity left that is fun and doesn't lag. All raids, all new dungeons are lagging trash. And that attitude... to game and players from NSWest... You crossed line long time ago - were just squezzing a game and dropped the ball on perfomance, lost huge playerbase cause were adding more and more lagging trash to 1 core engine but now you on high speed left that line and flew far far away from it. That is not how you treat your customers
  2. The thing is the faster a class the more hits it does. The more hits it does the more processes load a core. And hello, we have only one core here. The simplest solution (which will not be implemented cause who gives a candy to optimization problems except players) is to decrease BM's speed at least twice and increase appropriately damage. I don't understand only how could they made something like that for a game that functions on 1 core. The people who come up with ideas and code... have IQ higher than 70, right? No, seriously I was thinking and discussed it many times with people
  3. Optimization is horrible, they like begging us to leave the game and never come back.
  4. Because there are extra 6 swords are constantly behind char you better say goodbye to all swords with animation. It takes like 10 FPS. Also 3d spec is quite endurable on 32-bit client, the problem is 32-bit client itself is unendurable. Maybe it is related to RAM, 64-bit after updates consumes more than 11GB. So it's a memory leak. And users with 16GB+ RAM have better life on BM's 3d spec. By the way, please be a lamb and say to developes when they release a new spec/dungeon/raid or I don't know...a dress to attach a list of hardware components we are supposed to buy to be able to use it. Oki?
  5. True-true, they will be milking that dying cow very harsh, just to be able to get the rest asap before it die.
  6. thought you can't make KFM look more ridiculous after the last update...nope, they can.
  7. I also don't like KFM now. The main word - "ridiculous". Its battle mechanic looks so ridiculous right now. Especially fire. Fire looked ridiculous before but now they doubled the effect and wind was looking so cool, now - nope. Really...I don't know why to change it. I didn't like my BM much either, but KFM...jeee...they basically bury the class. What people used to say while playing KFM, that it's fun, now it's so silly, clumsy and NOT cool at all, like nothing cool in those movemens now. I don't play BnS much for loong loong looong time but the KFM now...yep not gonna log in on it at all :D
  8. Compensation? Funny :)) Well this PTS now in f10 is nice trolling, yeah you got us. Did a delay between PTS in like 2 month almost? And now this. Fascinating.
  9. Less than KFM, DES. Ok. Since wind KFM is even top dps after gunner. But less than summoner, BM?))) Especially BM... BM?!)) Haha that's the lowest dps class, no? And what's more funny here you compare yourself with meele classes mostly. Sorry but as any range class you stay far away, napping there avoiding 99% of boss rotation and you compain on meele that outdps you...You know meele actually implement the rotation to dps? And who said FM is dps class? There are no DPS classes in this game.
  10. Yes, there has to be Balance in B&S, that has never been here. First of all, developers in Korea don't give a fk about your opinion about someone's OP position in a game till they get money from people who play those classes. And even after the flaw of money stops your opinion is not what they guided by for sure, not your "Oh...they are so OP, maybe nerf them? And create a balance in this game finally?". Secondly, If you stay far away from all attacks, skip all rotations, sleep/drink tea/watch a movie while battle, after dozens of runs don't know rotation (cause why the fk would you even c
  11. Btw about this topic. The PvP in BnS died a long time ago. Yes, even on Korean server. On all championships you can see the same players in 1vs1, 3vs3 it's always the same people. Did Koreans want to make it a real eSports game? Pff...nothing points to this) And I would say it started from WL class. WL was the first "new" class. A new goldmine for them. Of course they made it OP so people play it. And then they let this very class to win a championship. I would say starting from WL times they stopped to care about PvP balance at all. I don't say the balance did exist before WL but they at leas
  12. Yes, Celestial Basin after the last update became very laggy. Maybe they made it laggy so people who were farming smg there stopped farming and opened F10 :) For example I stopped and don't open a game since then :)
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