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  1. Hey, I just noticed that transmute option for Twisted heart to 3 Twisted wheels is missing, Also Shadow Fury Soulshields missing form Premium TAB in dragon express. consider adding them in the nearest future @Hime
  2. i guess no, its been 3 months now and @Hime still ignore this topic at this point kinda lost hope.
  3. Did @Hime sleep on this? the game been down for like 2 months already and still no ETA from Nvidia or Ncsoft. bring it back already.
  4. @Cyan What about HP nerfs that you promissed? your not expecting only this will make everyone happy? hp nerfs is a must for SST and bellow
  5. well yeah they are to blame aswell for not delivering our concerns to real devs in kr but you have to understand they can't change a tooltip of a dumpling without getting the OK from KR,so yeah both get the blame for all this. im already thinking of quitting this game after playing for more than 3 years. there is no point to do more work for less rewards also that Ascension shard nerf trigger me the most,now i can do mandate 2 times per month... Nice well done
  6. Its been a long time since i posted here but i have to. wtf are you guys doing to the game what is this lvl of incompetence? you nerfed the gold okay but why dungeons are harder than before with less gold and materials. to prepare us for hard mode that doesn't exist because only top 4 dungeon have that mode currently? also why the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ did you remove Ascension orb shard from the daily chest? really disappointed i know its not your fault, its the fault of korean devs who doesn't care about our problems...
  7. New raid is coming in less than 2 weeks, there is no need to keep wings hard to get since TT will no longer be endgame. Believe it or not TT was out for a year now and i still don't have a perfect 8 set all i get is garbage rolls...
  8. Thank you for the feedback, however this change will not increase our profits so it won't be forwarded to the development team. And you will buy our rng boxes and trove keys anyway. Thank you for your understanding.
  9. They don't care about anyone that doesn't pay for the game. Just look at how many upvotes the best comment got thats the highest i ever seen in the subreddit. That can only mean the community started to get tired of thier bs.
  10. Thanks for the communication, it actually means a lot to us. Wish you good luck with new stream and the future updates, maybe this will change this negativity caused by the recent changes.
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