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  1. I like to see Hive Queen Hearts Added... with Brilliant Venture Token as a reward for circling back to start.
  2. I just got another one... that makes 3 in grand total during the WHOLE event.
  3. I have only missed a single day in this automation event, but yet I only managed to get 2 princess cannonballs since the start of the event. Starting to feel like I am being punished in someway because no matter what I try, I just can't get a princess cannonball. As for Klondrak Dungeon that I been playing non-stop since it has been released, I never seen a single Elite Klondrak Treasure at all, this is leaving me frustrated and beyond destress because I being left behind due to bad RNG, not due to laziness or lack of money.
  4. I am kinda curious, what is the name of the game? I want to see if there is anymore copyrighted material in it.
  5. Are you guys able to even alter the game in anyway instead of just importing the game from Korea? If so are you guys open to new hairstyles, new ears/tails, and new outfits that would be exclusive to United States? Maybe even fix some minor issues in Character Models and maybe rework server code to better accommodate all the players in NA servers?
  6. From what I seen since the server merge, pretty much all combat in Open World PvP came to a screeching halt because one side is usually filled with bots and the other side is full of actual players who control those bots. Meaning the other side's numbers will be artificially inflated while their true numbers are extremely low, meaning it is a cake walk for the other faction using the bots to walk through any opposing faction if there is any at all. If you wonder why faction world pvp is pretty much dead, you got only yourself to blame NCsoft, you let it get this bad. Take the world PvP bosses
  7. Clan Story-line: Introduction In previous & new maps, there will be clan story-line that requires clan members to go through complex and challenge puzzles before facing off against the boss in that area. The idea behind this type of game-play is to bring clan members closer together, making them work together as a team or help strengthen individual clan members’ intelligence and critical thinking while expanding on older content. Clan Story-Line: Bosses Bosses in this story-line are exclusive mini-raids that only accessible to clan who solve these hard puzzles that r
  8. I like them all... regardless if they are just 2 people or the whole clan, keep those group photos coming yall!
  9. Looks like a post surgery tranny... :\
  10. What about this character? Is she cute? :3
  11. I think it will be unlocked in the future content... just not now. Keep waiting and sooner or later, it will be added to the game.
  12. I try my best to run a single newbe per day... through EC to NS dungeons. But most got to understand, I require people to at least be 1050K to do IF & EL, 1.1K to do SSM & HH. I am not looking for fast runs, I just look for runs that actually have people who understand those mechanics. Those dungeons require you to know mechanics, you can't DPS your way through it all.
  13. Soran Po loves styling before the big battles!
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