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  1. Beastbog changes

    the boss having 1,5m makes perfect sense! Thats ncsofts way to promote esport, competitive gameplay: hit or cry.
  2. The sequel isnt ready yet. they are still deciding who to kill and who to let live in the story.
  3. Sum outlaw island under 5 Seconds

    This is in fact a call it "exploit". Basically they stack the weapon buffs and food buffs, go in with burst, reset and burst again . You need 2 weapons for it. The same happens with mushin tower floor 20. Any class can do it not just summoner. That does not make the summoner broken, you can do it aswel. The reason why gunners have more seconds is cause of last patch. Anything under say 30 sec is using this glitch. And since you cannot spectate others doing it no one gets reported. Summoners burst isn't high at all. When a Gunner could wipe an entire team in 1-2 hits a summer can't even kill 1 person in that time.
  4. Not quite,,,,when the owner attacks a mob, the familiar automatically dashed to the target and starts auto-attacking it. Reardless what you do it will keep doing that, and its not the auto-attacks thats a problem, the familiar goes through its own 1-2 skill rotation and once they start it you cant do anything or activate any of their abilities. Now in PVE it isnt much of an issue but in PVP its annoying. So the animation cancel when you press a familiar skill is actually something that would be good.
  5. Put Premium Transformation Stone in F5 ASAP

    How is this impossible to progress? It isnt, if you farm the materials you can make your own premium stones, whats so difficult in that? You also forget 1 little detail: That is KR, different community, different market and different players. Comparing our market to KR is like comparing Trump to Hilary. We have a completely different business model, also prices are dictated by players so if they want to be greedy prices will rise. But its also the first day of trove so wait a bit and it will drop again.
  6. Thank you for DESTROYING whole market

    Stop overreacting, trove just started give it a few days and prices will drop.
  7. Put Premium Transformation Stone in F5 ASAP

    How is it missing? They post patch notes, posts they make streams on upcoming changes.....given its not ideal, it is in no way missing. As for the rng part...well....the only ones that suffer are the ones that take the bait xD
  8. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    Here is a tip that will help you in your entire BnS life: "Ncsoft operates on spongebob physics" :)
  9. They buffed your unload thats why. The nerf was more PVP focused, but does affect pve in a way aswel.
  10. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    People need to stop "relying" on rng crap to get essential materials. Your better choice is to simply buy the pts instead of keys. The reason the procs are rare is else people would make a huge profit of those and flood the market and thats not the intention
  11. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    Well it kinda depends on class, on my summoner it is actually really good in situations :)
  12. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    For that they added the threat spec option now and i must say i really like those especially the mvoe speed boost will help a lot in certain dungeons and pvp.
  13. Can't take out items bought in f10

    You both should READ the patch notes. They changed it. If you want to take out items you need to right click them on the right side now at the bottom and not where the checkbox is on the left. Its clearly said in the patch notes this would change.