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  1. Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate

    it does. got it a few times. Thw white orbs is actually a very good way for new players to make some extra gold since to farm them you just need to kil l1 boss over and over which is supoer easy
  2. Hellion Core/Accessories Rate

    THe rates for thoe accessories from Normal mode dungeons was always low, thats why if you intend on farming them you should do in hard mode. Also i have gotten more than 1 core pretty often. You should save up a bit of boxes then open them all together, if you keep opening them one by one you will never get more out of it. and for now they wont lower the cost since those are still recent accessories.
  3. YOU killed the game

    They removed them in KR recently and changed MSP is general. Also there is plenty of ways to farm gold / make gold. If you cant find them like others then thats on you. Also currently the dungeons award quite decently orbs and materials.
  4. Turn weapon skins back to box

    I will actually say no to this. You chose yourself to use those on your summoner, you could have left them in the box as they were or in your item box and claim them on an alt, but you didnt. Since you were concoius to make that decision you are stuck with it. Not to mention it would kill their sales.
  5. Patch notes, no fix for 30 jewel quest?

    They also stated they adjusted quest rewards back in one of the patch notes. So there is nothing to fix here.
  6. Gunner f2 still bugged

    Thats what it says in the patch notes, but if it isnt it means the fix didnt work, so they have to try again with a different fix. simple as that
  7. Clan battle bugged?

    They are fixing this with todays maintenance.
  8. you can actually report people for this and they do get bans.
  9. Support

    I honestly doubt you didnt get a reply in 2 weeks. Did you check your spam folder and such? i always get an answer worst case 1-2 days later. If its really been a week you might want to try pming a mod.
  10. Why Nerf the Oath necklace?

    If you bought the necklace before the patch it will remain as the old upgradable version. If its bought after patch, its the non-upgradable one. I bought a few accessories prior to patch for the red crux o.o You are looking at this completely wrong.... Elemental damage increases all of your damage, critical and normal and scales with elemental dmaage modifiers on equipment while critical damage only works if you crit. Order of stats is Elemental Damage > critical damage > critical > accuracy > ap. Crits are dependant on how high your crit rate is, you can increase it by fusing soulshields, or by accessories / gems. The more critical your items have the more critical hits you will land. Now, using the Desiny ring is nice and all but the buff it gives is useless for PVE. You are better off getting the purple ring + earring at first. Necklace is preferance but you can try aim to get one of the set bonuses. Basic hepta gems and even hexa gems can be gotten free from basin. The heptas there will work just fine till you are able to get the upgradable ones. To be honest for your pure damage output the gems are the least of your worrkies. Badges (soul + mystic) and bracelet, soul and heat, will boost you much more than a flat ap increase.
  11. Can't download the actual game

    Is it maybe blocked by an antivirus or the windows firewall? did he start the installer as administrator?
  12. Support ticket taking forever

    it was just 6 hours....you are not the only person with tickets, they will not drop everything to reply to you first. Wait till its your turn and they will reply. Usually within 24-48 hours.
  13. Quo vadis Blade and Soul

    First of....any game that releases has thousands of players because everyone wants to try it out, then as time passes people leave because its not what they imagined / hoped for. Alot of players do battlegrounds actually, the difference is they do it during frenzy hours so they get more points for them. Asside those hours, there is no point doing bg's. And the cooldown on entering after dc is good and its about time it was put in place considering how many people were just leaving. Silverfrost dungeons were "nerfed" because its outdated content, people need to move on to newer dungeons who both give decent gold and give raw materials, and frankly quite decently from the boxes. If you want to achieve something in the game you have to grind, or spend money to speed up the process, but everything you can buy you can also get in game. And if you want to earn gold craft items that sell for a lot, items players need and not useless things. I honestly do not agree with your trade-in suggestion. I would rather they reduce a bit materials needed for upgrades and include full scales in the events instead of fragments. the only exchange i would agree on is to let you convert crystals into untradable raw materials which you can only use for yourself and not sell. PTS could use an improvement and there were plenty suggestion already however if they change that they will screw you over on something else, thats how this works
  14. Why Nerf the Oath necklace?

    Because the perm ones now are equivalent to stage 6 of the old one. Also attack power isnt the most important stat anyways so you should not bother about the necklace.
  15. Missed Story Outfits

    the stratus one was a timed reward for story completion. If the pirate captain one is the one i think it is, it drops in shattered masts dungeon