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  1. @Hime Can you scrap the leaderboards for Thornwind Cavern challenge mode? Groups are using the super jump xml edits to cheat mechanics and get high ranked scores for it.
  2. You could not be more far off with this. As someone who actually worked on BnS private servers, that is not how this game handles character data and equipment and stats. It all depends how certain games are coded and if you really worked for a gaming company these are the basics you should know. Specifically talking about Blade and Soul, the only thing the data file contains, are client settings. All character data is being pulled from other tables. As for the region transfer service, NCSoft has no obligation to provide such a service. It it irrelevant whether other publi
  3. and VOLUNTARY system. Which means you don't need to upgrade to mythical if you don't want the RNG. It is also not needed to clear any of the current content. I want to see how you will complain about the new upcoming accessories with the RNG stats drop from ancient dungeons if you don't get the stats you want after a few drops. I prefer to keep it as is and just add more ways to get fusion stones or remove it entirely.
  4. You had 7 days prior to run it and after maintenance you have another 7 days to run it. If you did not do it thats a "you" problem. You had from 14:00 tuesday until 6:00 AM Wednesday to run it (it takes literally less than 5 min to do that dungeon). If you did not, that is again a YOU problem. Thats WEEKLIES which you had 7 days to run and do, if you didnt that is purely on YOU. Again, had since 14:00 the day prior till 6:00 AM on wednesday, and then after maintenance ended up until 14:00 the next day to get them. Plenty of time. Not to
  5. PHoenix costume and weapon were TRove / rng box only. chanes it will come back just to be purchased directly are very very small.
  6. As probably most of you here know there is a tool which people can pay for, that allows you to use auto-combat from Nyraka in places where it shouldnt be used. Like moon refuge and many others. @Hime Will there be consequences for players using this paid exploit as it is clearly not intended to be used where its not already made available by the game itself.
  7. Hi, @Hime Can something be finally done about those players who use a Global Cooldown Edit to get their skills out faster or Edits that automatically use your TAB or F roll preventing you from being airborned for example? There are many many more like this and this gives them a very unfair advantage in PVP.
  8. I hope permanent bans. Its not just the fact they can get any outfit they want from the previous rng boxes that people ahd to spend money on, they also get unlimited pet pods from this.
  9. I certainly hope those who exploit it will either be permanently banned or have all the profit they made from this removed. It is beyond ridiculous how they are getting unlimited Pet pods from this....not to mention those who spent actual money on getting teh rng box costumes are now completely ...
  10. you will still be able to explore the specialization change you currently are at, you just wont be able to switch to the other till you max them out. As for the badge exchange makes sense. Because you do not loose anything when your badge is not awakened. If it were upgraded you loose out on a lot of work materials and time. It works the same as soul swap, weapon swap...only at max or specific stages. So...the game should change because your personal life rendered you unable to play as much? *gasps* Its like swapping soul and weapon. Only certain stages
  11. In january with next trove LMAO xD I believe we can expect some new update in a few weeks so i would assume then :)
  12. 1. Please learn to properly interpret what you read as my reply was in no form aimed specifically at you as a person or player. 2. So far never heard of any gunner getting kicked from a party. Also most of them found their way around and either equip a different SS set so people can see the gear or set their gear as a profile pic. either way works since the bug is only with legendary SS. Point is: they will not provide you any update unless there is one. So if they arent saying anything else besides what they said before aka "we are working on a fix" that is the update. If the
  13. Hm...weird never saw it or heard of it so far o.o
  14. If there is news and they have a fix you will be able to read it in the maintenance notice. they do not need to spell it out specifically for you. And since its not a game breaking bug....its not really urgent to begin with.
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