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  1. Yay! congrats! :) After som e thought...the only way upgrades would become cheap and benefit everyone is if NCsoft will put in market control and make prices work the same way as currency exchange works with a min / max per item. that will prevent outragous prices in marketplace, and no0 market manipulations. everyone would be happy
  2. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    I think you need to learn how to READ. I never said not use rmb / lmb. we are talking about the TRIGGER, again the TRIGGER of the bracelet buff. thats why i said it is not relevant that thorn strike doesnt trigger it because you wouldnt fully utilize the buff duration. Next time please READ before you reply. Also, in case oyu are not aware, summs mystic badge + soul badge combo allows you to spam briar patch regardless of cooldown, and each briar patch resets your thorn strike, so in other words, you are constantly spamming 222f222f222f222f and so on....so you dont even have time to use sunflower / bees in there. Maybe for a few hits every now and then but not as much to benefit all that much from the buff
  3. bagdes

    Nope i literally made my PVP soul badge 2 weeks ago, the costs are exactly the same. Either you did not look, or you just followed what ppl told you. the badge fusion always had the same costs.
  4. Why are you going riftwalk and not raven? o.o Raven path is overall cheaper to upgrade than riftwalk.
  5. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    That is not what i am saying. The bracelet buff lasts 6 seconds. If you start off with thorn strike, thats 3 thorn strike hits + briar patch, which leaves you with what...2-3 seconds left of the buff? by the time you cast bees its already gone.
  6. I generally play: monday - friday : 3-4 hours Saturday - sunday (its weekend for me): 8 hours + First VT clear took our group, i believe 4-5 tries for the hive queen and it was 3-4 for Scions Keep. We arent doing TT yet as not everyone has the badge from VT yet in our group and the weapon core. we dont rush things we play for fun with eachother not to take part in a rat race.
  7. bagdes

    No you are wrong.....fusing soul badges always had this cost, they didnt change anything there. you are either mistaking or you did not look good the first time.
  8. Questions about weapon appearance

    Back in the CBT days the skins of baleful and seraph weapons dropped from dungeons but they didnt bring those out. Maybe they are saving it for a cash grab
  9. Didnt they change this because people were exploiting these ladders on their accounts having multiple of their characters in the top ranks thus preventing others from rising this high?
  10. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    And.....still your point? Bracelet doesnt boost the damage on your thron strike or briar patch which are your main damage skills with legendary soul badge + vt badge....so even if it triggers the bracelet is literally useless for you unless you stop using thornstrike/briar patch combo and spam rumblebees or sunflower.
  11. 1. I am not a "fan" of carry runs. I can help with mechanics and understanding the phases and teaching. I believe if someone wants something he should acomplish it on his own. 2. I do not have gearing strategy because there really isnt one. Run BT -> Run VT -> side dungeons like DD, RT, ST for the other gear ->TT. Crystals needed for upgrades i farm in Basn, moonstones and others from 6v6 / 1v1, Orbs from the dungepon boxes (they award them quite often). Ofc i do spend some money here and there but nothing major, mostly the only time i spend money is when i am a bit short on some materials. Gold i make from crafting and selling (if you know what to craft and sell, you can make very nice profit). But in all honesty if you need carries through dungeons then you do not deserve the gear from there. Find a good clan and you are all good. I myself prefer as much solo play as i can but i do accept the fact that sometimes you need a clan / group to progress. Its not rocket science, its common sense and logic
  12. Loot Boxes

    Figured id reply. Netherland has deemed Lootboxes on CS:GO and Dota 2 against the law. However....the Dutch game regulatory also stated clearly in terms of the loot boxes: "Loot boxes contravene the law if the in-game goods from the loot boxes are transferable. Loot boxes do not contravene the law if the in-game goods from the loot boxes are not transferable." so in other word, unless the items you get from the boxes are character / account bound they are not illegal and dont fall under gambling.
  13. i swear....people complain its too expensive and needs to much materials to upgrade....they give an event that lowers that, people still complain....like make up your minds.
  14. Sundering Circle

    Did yuo follow the mehcanics? cause if he one-shot you that already tells me you did not do the mechs properly.
  15. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    What bonus are you talking about? Becaelet always enchanced only sunflower. VT badge goes for briar patch and thorn strike.