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  1. Hello EmperorLito, Nyraka is back down to two channels and the lag is reaching 475ms levels and 2 FPS. Please add more channels. It's well past time that the lag issue be addressed and resolved.
  2. Hello EmperorLeto, It started out better for around two hours, running 10-15 fps with a ping of 175-200ms. Afterward it dropped back down to the 5-10 fps range, 175-200ms. I had about 4 lag spikes that dropped it to 1 fps, over 300+ ping and usually killing my alt. It's been behaving in the 5-10 fps range for the past two hours as of this writing.
  3. Hello EmperorLeto, I did notice three channels Thursday (thanks for that), but even with that I was still encountering a significant lag. Battles would largely stay in the 5-10 fps range with the occasional drop to 3 and below, usually resulting in my alt's demise. I will see if there's an improvement today. Happy Friday all.
  4. Hello all, The optimization in Nyraka is horrific. It's bad enough that raids are an FPS shredder, but in this open field of combat, my fps is 5-8, ping of 250 and it often drops to 1, which kills off my character as the game literally freezes up. This happens even when I click on the optimize for combat switch in settings and auto battle/simple combat. My bandwith is 100 Mps and I live in the states, so it's not the network. My system can wail away on Warframe, GW2 and others without any problems. BNS is the only game I play that finds new lows in sloggy gameplay. I'm running the 64-bit version and not using BNS Buddy. Oh, and after today's update, there's only one channel, so it's a bit crowded. Please devs, get this fixed asap.
  5. I know RNG is terrible in every game, but I've run Warped Citadel less times than BC and found the Legendary Belts on numerous occasions. The Skyreach Gloves (and the previous Imperial Gloves) have never appeared in the drops since I've been running it. Please fix the drop rate percentage.
  6. Hello all, It's bad enough that gold levels are dropped per dungeon, but this is downright silly. In previous events, the dungeons that featured whatever token we were supposed to collect was part of the overall 3-7 quests for the completion bonuses. Not only was Ebondrake Lair not part of Wednesday's quest, but the Shadowmoor is not part of today's quests. So if you want the 2 daily coins, you need to run 6, not 5 dungeons. This stinks for people with multiple alts or those of of who are busy in the real world. As if this isn't silly enough, you took away the Hongmoon Octagonal Gem Selection Chest and replaced them with the non-evolving random gem chest. At this point I have no incentive to go after these coins. Fix the daily dungeon quests with the Realmtrotter Coin mission and reinstate the Hongmoon Gem Selection Chest back to the Dragon Trader.
  7. In the Prime Crisis (stage 3) battles with Hae Mujin, I have seen his timer change in mid battle a number of times, jumping lower than the actual amount of time I had left. Tonight I watched it change from 10 seconds to zero several times, and when he charges up for the berserk rage, we are unable to land any last second victory blows. I had the timer drop to -40 in an instance several days ago but thought it was me. Please review and fix these defects asap.
  8. Hello all. Not sure if this is due to lag issues or otherwise, but I've noticed recently (especially against Hae Mujin), when I use Strafe and Blindside, I'm not getting the Wind Spirits per my Undying Soul Badge. It's an intermittent bug, but happening in all of my battles. Please give it a look over to see if it's a bug that needs squashing. Thanks in advance.
  9. Rising Soul Event Bug?

    Well, I just got a reply to Suggestion #3 from the GM's... "We understand your frustration regarding about this matter. Unfortunately, the item in question is not eligible to be transferred as it is intended to be character bound and considered as an Event item." Followed by the usual patronizing pap. If they understood our frustration, especially when they're the ones that caused it, wouldn't you think they would do the right thing and fix it? Nah, didn't think so either...stop laughing! ~Nombei
  10. Not sure if this was mentioned as I breezed through a lot of the posts, but you get a free oil per day to 6/27/18 in the HM store. Granted, it's only 7 more, but it might help a couple of players.
  11. Rising Soul Event Bug?

    Hello all, I was going to start a thread when I saw this one. @GodEnyo you are spot on. I went into the event thinking the same thing and highlighted that same line to support's attention. My Blade Dancer hit stage 7 with the upgrade mileage @ 38%, so that seemed to back the implication that the success chance would be the base rate of 10% (unconfirmed) plus the upgrade percent. I'm assuming that in actuality, it's the base chance...period. Had I known that little wrinkle, I would have had my KFM run the event a little harder. I was wondering why people were showing their souls in chat @ 100%. They totally failed at communicating this point. My soul is currently @ 85%, but I should get one more go before the 27th thanks to the free oils from the HM store. @Evil Knighty, the gm's are correct that you can get a free oil per day through the store (choose the Hongmoon Coin tab at the top and it should be first among the items to the right), so you should get your soul. Sad thing is that I was unaware of the freebie until a week into it. The first reply I got was along the lines of Evil's #1, chance to fail, counts against your upgrade mileage, at 100% you're guaranteed a soul, and my favorite...we are unable to restore your materials. I never asked for that in my ticket and specified it in my reply. I don't want reimbursement, just fairness. GM reply number 2 was pretty much a repeat of number one without mentioning the mat restoration but adding that I should post my suggestions to improve the functionality of the event on the forums, where the community team will gather the feedback and pass it along to the devs. I'll give them credit for quick replies, regardless of whether I agree with them. So without further suggestions: 1) If your upgrade chance is not influenced by the Upgrade Mileage, you should have had a disclaimer like, "Note: your Upgrade Mileage does not influence your chance of success." 2) Limiting the oils to the Sanctum, Forge and Ebondrake Lair was a very bad choice as it penalizes any new or lower level players to have to rely on the charity of higher level players to carry them through the boss battles. I know they were trying to get higher traffic through those dungeons, but this was not the way to do it. Running a 6 person team @ HM 11 or lower through those dungeons was largely a terrible misadventure, and many of the players would bail after getting mopped by the first mini, which forces you to start again from scratch (creating a massive waste of time). I won't go into the added BS of the numerous kicks from groups due to lack of AP, raven weapon, etc... Bottom line, Desolate Tomb and Naryu Foundry should have been included - dungeons that players @ HM 8 - 11 can run so long as they work as a team. 3) Now that the event is over, allow players to transfer oils between characters on the same account or open the sale of oils on the AH much like the tokens from the Tower of Infinity once the selected season is done. My Blade Dancer has enough spare oils for my KFM to get his soul. *** I AM REQUESTING THAT THIS BE DONE NOW AS MOST PEOPLE PLAY MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER IN THIS GAME AND LIKELY HAVE THIS SCENARIO. 4) Please do not make failure chance events a habit. The hellacious RNG is what destroyed games like ArcheAge and caused me to walk away in disgust. I'd rather slay the dragon 100 times for the dragon outfit than go through this gauntlet and come away empty-handed and burned out. Those are the most important takeaways I have for this event. I'm sure I have more thoughts, but like I brain has been thoroughly sauteed (with a hint of garlic) thanks to this rat race. Apologies for the long post. ~Nombei
  12. Marketplace Fees are out of whack

    This is also affecting other items as well. There are major fee swings now when posting weapon sales like Sealed Raptor Iron weapons from 6-48 hours.
  13. Marketplace Fees are out of whack

    Is there no way to paste an image on this?
  14. Hello all, Went selling a Sealed Gemstone Earring on the Marketplace, and before I even put in an amount, a fee of 24 copper is happily waiting for me for a 6 hour bid. Just for giggles I put in a buy it now for 1 silver and set the timer for 48 hours. That bumped the fee to 2 silver, 3 copper for a 1 silver sale, plus the additional 2 copper registration fee! Devs, please fix this.
  15. Locked Loot boxes disappear when unlocked.

    Bump. Just had one of my alts open a Yagolta Loot Box and it disappeared. Devs, fix this please.