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  1. Achievements "Ship Out" and "Armed and Dangerous" do not register wins in the new dungeon variation of Aerodrome and Substratum, which means you can't clear them to buy the Substratum and SkyStealer Accessory Chests with Demonsbane Challenge Tokens.
  2. Per the Patch Notes, Aerodrome & Substratum are supposed to be part of the Daily Challenge, but neither have shown up for completion since the patch. Normally they're just below the Chaos Supply Chain.
  3. Ever since BNS began, we've been unable to access the bottom four rows of storage (32 items) of the Basic Vault tab. Don't you think it's finally time that we can crack them open with Dragon Pouches?
  4. The remnants are redeemable until 11/9/21, but there isn't a tab in Dragon Express to cash them in?
  5. Same here. Swapped my other gems back and forth to compare. No stats = no benefit.
  6. Bug Summary: Sandstorm Temple shows as a daily dungeon in the cross server lobby but isn't Reproduction steps: Hit F8 on the Sunday cross server Seriously, ST, BC, CC and SP should all be regular dailies during the Call to Arms event.
  7. Bug Summary: Brood Chamber shows as a daily dungeon in the cross server lobby but isn't Reproduction steps: Hit F8 on the Saturday cross server Additional information: You have two Dailies listed for the Forest of Echoes. Is it a scheduling conflict that one of them should have been Brood Chamber? Ultimately, ST, BC, CC and SP should all be regular dailies during the Call to Arms event.
  8. Simple mode is not active. Keybinds are available in the settings tab. I never used keybinds for these skills prior to UE4.
  9. Just an update to the above, I've managed to figure out how to keybind the RMB to skill 2 so I have a workaround in place, but it would be nice to swap things back to normal as the keybind changes affect all characters and not just the kfm.
  10. Hello all, Since the UE4 update, skills normally assigned to RMB like Avenging Fist, Firestorm Kick and Guiding Fist have been moved to "2", while the Dragon Claw, Burning Fist and Shadow Fist skills have been moved to the RMB. There is no mention of this in the patch notes and it totally destroys my ability to fight efficiently as you have completely changed a rotation I have been using since BNS started. Please fix this as soon as possible or allow us to keybind skills to the RMB like we would anything else. Please and thank you, Nombei
  11. I have the same issue. I couldn't accept weekly quests, even when talking to the npc, logged out, and now I'm either stuck at "Connecting" or it says I logged in from another computer.
  12. Hello EmperorLito, Nyraka is back down to two channels and the lag is reaching 475ms levels and 2 FPS. Please add more channels. It's well past time that the lag issue be addressed and resolved.
  13. Hello EmperorLeto, It started out better for around two hours, running 10-15 fps with a ping of 175-200ms. Afterward it dropped back down to the 5-10 fps range, 175-200ms. I had about 4 lag spikes that dropped it to 1 fps, over 300+ ping and usually killing my alt. It's been behaving in the 5-10 fps range for the past two hours as of this writing.
  14. Hello EmperorLeto, I did notice three channels Thursday (thanks for that), but even with that I was still encountering a significant lag. Battles would largely stay in the 5-10 fps range with the occasional drop to 3 and below, usually resulting in my alt's demise. I will see if there's an improvement today. Happy Friday all.
  15. Hello all, The optimization in Nyraka is horrific. It's bad enough that raids are an FPS shredder, but in this open field of combat, my fps is 5-8, ping of 250 and it often drops to 1, which kills off my character as the game literally freezes up. This happens even when I click on the optimize for combat switch in settings and auto battle/simple combat. My bandwith is 100 Mps and I live in the states, so it's not the network. My system can wail away on Warframe, GW2 and others without any problems. BNS is the only game I play that finds new lows in sloggy gameplay. I'm
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