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  1. sadly they are already turning the page by releasing new content and trying to grab more money... and more ppl will b fooled as old players leave and new/returning players come, this is the internet age, goldfish memory, and they know it and abuse it
  2. lolol how many people want to wait until the NEXT mistake to quit? And if they do they probably figured out how to do it so that they get max benefit out of it from this experience so no punishment would affect them. I totally agree with the initial solution of closing down for emergency maintenance before announcing it but again NCSoft has no brains (as you can see from this event) so I would encourage people still working for them to find a new job before you get labelled as dumb by the industry because you work for them
  3. @Himejust great solution lol... I didn't know there was a bug and it didn't break out until days later... so now I'm being punished for legit purchases from faction chat and F5 for both pet and soulstone because you didn't do your job right? I also bought outfits unknowingly before the exploit broke out but now clearly those players knew about it already so I paid for 30,000 or maybe more for outfits that I should have exploited... totally "discouraging" players to "NOT" exploit. Yes costumes are causing problems, but they are only part of it since I traded with people in faction and they paid
  4. at least im not alone, good to know. mayb thats the reason for the maintainance tmr since they know there are issues after the migration
  5. Just happened now, I was in game and could not get quest, so I tried again to esc and talk to the npc again. Then I realized it is a connection issue, so I tried to re-log but now I cannot log on due to error 204 or I can go past the agreement screen but when I click on the character to play it shows "connecting" but will not go past that screen. Anyone else? What should I do? I did restart my computer and check my internet connection (I can send this probably proves one of those at least).
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