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  1. +1 Please do something about this issue
  2. FM Lightning Spec - Power Play Talent

    More than a whole month, any reply from NCSOFT. What a bad customer service.
  3. FM Lightning Spec - Power Play Talent

    Ive tested this by myself. Hopefully this get fixed soon. Until that, Power Hitter is a better option for high ping players
  4. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    This is not sense. I've tried to bring a lot new players into the game but it's so hard for them to actually get gold to equip themselves. I've recommended them to at least do their daily and you can get around 90 gold if you are premium and they are actually playing the game daily and you want to nerf all dungeons gold? You need to actually bring more people not kill the rest of us. This was a HUGE thing last time you did it and a lot of people quit the game and you change everything back (too late from some players). Do not do the same mistakes again, LEARN! A lot of others players have been complaining about this in reedit. Listen to your small player base or you will not have one soon.
  5. Login Rewards cannot be accepted/received

    Same problem here, no answer at all. It happened to me today. Any way to fix this? Ill try in a couple of hours to see if its true.
  6. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    I know they should be working trying to figure out how to fix these problems but Id be nice if at least we get some kind of news about the topic. 'hey players we are here, we are not dead trying to fix everything' small things, thats the way to improve your costume service.
  7. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    A week since the issues started. I've seen better performance in the game now lag spikes are shorter nevertheless they are commoner (no each 20 min). I hope we get some kind of compensation because even though it's not your direct fault we (premiums) are paying for a benefit we can't get because of these attacks.
  8. Still experiencing lag

    Same problem here and they dont give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  9. Servers

    don't worry it happends because the server "thinks" you're online until a delay time you get disconnected.
  10. Servers

    Twitter says "some players".
  11. Servers

    Havin the same problem with those servers
  12. Weird ghost door

    Btw, would you tell me where to follow those streams? Youtube? Twitch? I'd like to see them.
  13. Weird ghost door

    Omg I had no idea about this. I just asked to my clan mates and they told me the same thing. They should add this behavior to the known issues, mainly because they're banning people for it. Thank you guys, I don't want to be banned when I have spent money in the game and didn't know anything about this.
  14. Weird ghost door

    I was just doing the monkey daily quest to get some tears and a mokey knockdown me and i just try to run back to get a better position to strike back and I just run through the door. It was kinda weird but I finish the dungeon in that way. Today I tryed to do it again and it works. The doors there are throughable and this looks kinda weird. I don't play the game very often but i guess this looks as a exploit. I just went to known-issues post but I didn't find anything about this. Is this a normal way to finish the dungeon or just a bug?
  15. NCoin Purchase issue

    Same, I created a ticket like 24 hours ago and Nothing... Ill call my bank tomorrow to report the scam