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  1. I think we all need an actual source of these Divination Psyches. Right now they're available from NCOIN sources only. We're given a means to transmute the new better version of the psyche, buuuuuuuuuuuut...... we have no psyches to perform the transmute with. Yes, we are sometimes given one psyche with one event. But not every event. Until recently, we went maybe... 9 months? or 10 months? without a single one too. So if we do the math... one psyche every two events, thats about one psyche every 3-4 months. We need probably FIVE psyches per badge, with two bad
  2. The population is lower than before, but it is far from "dead". BNS buddy user population is low because there is a different public 3rd party launcher that is being used too, and you see up to 3000-3500 during peak hours on that. And those are just people using the 3rd party launchers. Based on my experience as a mentor over on the Academy discord server, majority of the players don't use 3rd party launchers of any sort. Really only the players who have played BNS in the past and is returning, or those who have been playing for a long while. There is a lot of players in and around open w
  3. they can not be traded. they're not even bound to account, unfortunately.
  4. I would like to make a note that Power Play talent spec randomly... "fixed" itself after the maintenance of December 2. It was functional and working as it should of been. We tested it for pings up to 450ms and the auto volt salvo's were being cast properly. BUUUUUUUUUUT....... with the maintenance/patch of December 16.... it broke again. and this time even worse than before. there are people with ping as low as 100-120ms reporting that it is not working for them either now.
  5. i don't know how mythic thornbreaker weapons look... but with silversteel, all the blue accents on the weapons, turn orange, when you take enhance it to mythic stages. the post creator wishes that this re-color does not exist. the staff posted above is the enhanced staff obviously, so the preview, and the ingame appearance will both be orange. but if you recall, before you added mythic enhancements, it was blue in color. for example, with my bangle, here is the enhanced and normal silversteel
  6. if its meant to open up as more ppl are present, i don't think its working properly. for two days now, every spot has 2-6 people fighting over the same group of mobs (anyhwere from 4 to 12 mobs) so unless the system is made so that its expecting 1:2 or 1:1 player to mob ratio or something.... its not counting players properly.
  7. Ok me and few friends went and completed a VT run today with some alts. At first when i heard about the nerfed enrage timers, i thought "oh it can't be that bad" But after seeing the difficulty we had with 7 people, I can safely say its literally impossible to do with an alliance full of anyone at the appropriate gear-level for VT. You're meant to be able to complete VT with BT gear. You're meant to be able to complete TT with VT gear. etc etc. You lose far too much time during the spider phases since the enrage timer is still ticking. Plus wh
  8. There are some issues regarding the Power Play Talent choice. Certain skills trigger automatic Volt Salvo attack when used. That is on the tool tip. While this is partly true, it is entirely random, there is only a chance at triggering Volt Salvo with usage of Lightning Palm or Zap. However there is a bigger problem at hand. After thorough testing with many others at BNS Academy in NA and EU server, we have discovered that there seems to be correlation to a player's ping and the chance at triggering Volt Salvo. We devised a test where we charg
  9. they don't need to patch files on our end to alter drop rates of rng boxes, or unity chests. but what DID change was the visual bugs related to the bracelet boxes looking like tt accessories. probably more, but i haven't seen any other changes yet.
  10. A handful of us got disconnected from the game simultaneously. We can all log onto the website still obviously (because I can post this). But can not log into the game. What is happening?
  11. Ebon Realm is.... dumb. 1) Entire map is empty land. just like regular world. You have a ton of empty space, with absolutely zero use. Why are you not filling this land with mobs? You don't want people to get that many drops or kills? INCREASE THEIR HP THEN. Having massive maps with empty land only lends to the current feeling of the game itself. "EMPTY." 2) Need more mobs. Ya you implemented more channels but there is absolutely no farming spots available because there is not enough spots per channel. I've scoured all 6 channels to find no empty spots. 3)
  12. the soul badge is in pouch #4. you get an exchange token.
  13. it used to be only iron conqueror providing the instance lock. but you can blame the inherent greed of people who exploit it by carrying a few ppl in, killing boss down to 99% hp, then bailing. leaving the few ppl to finish killing it for loot. then you get those "carry" characters do it all over again. thus getting drops and "clears" over and over within a single week. so to prevent this exploit, they locked everyone out by the first mini bosses.
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