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  1. most people here, over at various servers in discord, don't understand the real implications of the gem situation. and i honestly don't think they will regardless of how much explanation is attempted. this is seriously the first game where i've seen zero incentive to upgrade and stay ahead of the curve. making older gear more accessible, or making non end game gear accessible, or easier to upgrade is understandable. totally. but there is various other ways of going about this, without constantly slapping the faces of the people who "work the hardest" at staying head to be end game, and completely destroying their efforts in the process. now i know what some people will say. "oh its very hard work to go swipe a few credit cards", blah blah blah. we've all heard that garbage and i'll stop you here. because that is completely irrelevant. however people get to that stage of gear is up to them. some ppl spent a lot of time, some people spent a lot of money, some spent a combination. leave it be. the point some people here are making is the following: ppl who had the means to get heptagonals and use heptagonals before the patch, will keep their heptagonals after the patch, and be compensated the costs they spent to make them. these heptagonal users benefited from their heptagonals. ppl who had the means to get octagonals, or triangles before the patch, will keep their octagonals or triangles, after the patch, and be compensated the costs they spent to make them. these people benefited from their octagonals or triangles. the diff between their antique returns and their old cost vs new cost, covers everything. there is zero loss. after the patch, these hepta users, octa users, and triangle users will get to take all of the subsequent materials + their current gems and move forward. the people who had the means to get dyads, got to use their dyads, yes. but here is where the difference is. these dyad users are presented with the following options 1) keep your triangle dyads and you get NOTHING in return. 2) smash your triangle dyads into regular triangles, get back half of your investment, and be down a whole tier of gems. and be with less materials thus already in the negative before you get a chance to move forward to the next tier. 3) take your existing triangle dyad and go through the "alternative" upgrade path which sees the value of their dyad be even further diminished. 3b) if the presented option of (triangle dyad + 2x square = square dyad), was actually (triangle dyad + 2x triangle = square dyad) as it is in korea, it'd make a whole lot more sense and be a viable option i honestly don't see how its so difficult to understand. the efforts of the guy using his heptas vs the efforts of the guy using dyads. they both have the best of what they felt they were able to make in game. just because the hepta gem user didn't have dyads didn't mean he have zero gems to use. people aren't hurt here over the material cost of the losses. they're hurt because of the way their efforts are destroyed time and time again. these discounts might help one demographic of player, but in by doing so, its at the expense of another demographic of player. we need to address the REAL underlying issue which revolves around availability of materials and goods. discounts are just short term and don't do much in the long term aside from discouraging players from investing in upgrades, and destroying the efforts of long established players who invest their time in the game.
  2. for option 2, do you mean that we need 2 hongmoon gilded TRIANGLES? rather than 2 gilded squares?
  3. White Angel finally arrives?

    I don't think its ever been available in the past, has it? but yeah i'd love for it to be accessible!
  4. This event sucks. Here's how to fix it.

    168g, 4.8 hong tokens (24 elder boxes), and whole crapload of wasted time gave me the following. the mystery pouch gave me a divine grace stone. which I suppose to some is nice. but in my case, I had been hoping for an oil or pet pack. the grace stone is just not useful to me anymore. not usually one to complain, but having experienced last year's rendition of this event, and now what has become of it, i'm left with a rather bitter taste.
  5. Producer’s Letter – December 2018 Update

    I hope those system changes will include the adjustments to balance out the EXP Curve between NA/EU and the other regions, as well as including the revisions to Hongmoon point bonuses (threat/regen/movement/debuff/etc) overall though I think i'm not alone when I say i'm glad that the awakening patch was postponed. the less issues, bugs, imbalances, and problems with content the better, especially when it pertains to material that directly affects player choices in how they gear up and play their characters.
  6. there are some people in my raid group who do not speak at all. they type to notify us of things and sure, sometimes its inconvenient but we get around it. you'll get really good at warning ppl of things ahead of time as they have. and yeah we're working on TT atm. just cleared floor 2 this week. so yes its possible. you have to be in discord to listen to others though, but being muted works just fine. and lastly, if the group of people are absolutely hell bent on pushing you to do things you're not comfortable with, get the hell out. those people don't deserve to have you around. online games are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. I feel like they are really the factors that make or break the game experience for most people.
  7. i completely agree with this statement!
  8. there is absolutely ZERO CHANCE of obtaining the same pet stage after you click evolve it will ABSOLUTELY 100% UPGRADE. at least one stage.
  9. the tool tips are wrong. just ignore it. its a 100% upgrade chance. you'll upgrade your pet for sure. but what is RNG is how many stages you'll obtain from this upgrade. you can go from 1 to 2 or you can go from 1 to 3 or you can go from 1 to unleashed. you can also from from 2 to 3, or from 2 to unleashed.
  10. Weirdest drop ever!

    I've seen the gold chest drop from the snake queen on two occasions, once in hard and once in normal.
  11. no where. only older badges are available with solar energies at the moment. sagewood and glory badges are only available with glory tokens. courage and alluvion badges are only available with courage tokens. you'll find the exchange vendor at mushin's tower. you can acquire glory tokens via tower of infinity and trial arena. daily dash and trove too i suppose.
  12. Brilliant Moonwater Keys ???

    yeah i tried this earlier this week with a dokumo axe. the box doesn't work with the brilliant keys we have now. and there is no way to obtain moonwater keys it seem. they'll need to add it to the dragon express perhaps if we can request for it enough...
  13. Blade'n'Soul II

    its a mobile game.