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  1. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    Ok me and few friends went and completed a VT run today with some alts. At first when i heard about the nerfed enrage timers, i thought "oh it can't be that bad" But after seeing the difficulty we had with 7 people, I can safely say its literally impossible to do with an alliance full of anyone at the appropriate gear-level for VT. You're meant to be able to complete VT with BT gear. You're meant to be able to complete TT with VT gear. etc etc. You lose far too much time during the spider phases since the enrage timer is still ticking. Plus while the clock is ticking down, the spiders are healing the queen. You need a whole buncha TT geared players to clear this. I don't care if they gave out freebies for TT level gear at one point in time. New players who start now (well after the call to arms event has set sailed and gone), will not be able to come close to being able to complete this content with BT gear.
  2. FM Lightning Spec - Power Play Talent

    There are some issues regarding the Power Play Talent choice. Certain skills trigger automatic Volt Salvo attack when used. That is on the tool tip. While this is partly true, it is entirely random, there is only a chance at triggering Volt Salvo with usage of Lightning Palm or Zap. However there is a bigger problem at hand. After thorough testing with many others at BNS Academy in NA and EU server, we have discovered that there seems to be correlation to a player's ping and the chance at triggering Volt Salvo. We devised a test where we charge 4 stacks of lightning, where after when we use Zap and Lightning Palm, should grant a chance at triggering a cast of Volt Salvo (one attack of it per stack of charge, for a total of 4 hits for each instance of Volt Salvo). However after hundreds of samples between many members, when a player has approximately 150ms or less, there is a high chance at triggering Volt Salvo. This can lead to 15 to 20 some triggers of Volt Salvo over the course of a 30 second sample. When a player has higher ping than 150ms in game, there is little to no chance at triggering Volt Salvo. We can test it over and over and it will yield anywhere from 0 to 3 or 4 triggers of Volt Salvo over the same 30 seconds. You can replicate the test by doing the following. Generate Lightning Charges via LMB. use RMB and 2 on your target during the 30second buff period of Lightning Charge. Pay attention to your ping and record the number of Volt Salvo's you get. if you have one charge, each Volt Salvo should result in one hit. if you have two charges, each Volt Salvo should result in two hits, etc. The expected outcome is that at higher in game pings, such as 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, etc, you should get little to no triggers of Volt Salvo. We have hundreds of screen shot samples, some videos for evidence and we'd like for this matter to be looked into. Feel free to request more samples as needed.
  3. Whats up with todays patch?

    they don't need to patch files on our end to alter drop rates of rng boxes, or unity chests. but what DID change was the visual bugs related to the bracelet boxes looking like tt accessories. probably more, but i haven't seen any other changes yet.
  4. A handful of us got disconnected from the game simultaneously. We can all log onto the website still obviously (because I can post this). But can not log into the game. What is happening?
  5. New Event's Problem

    Ebon Realm is.... dumb. 1) Entire map is empty land. just like regular world. You have a ton of empty space, with absolutely zero use. Why are you not filling this land with mobs? You don't want people to get that many drops or kills? INCREASE THEIR HP THEN. Having massive maps with empty land only lends to the current feeling of the game itself. "EMPTY." 2) Need more mobs. Ya you implemented more channels but there is absolutely no farming spots available because there is not enough spots per channel. I've scoured all 6 channels to find no empty spots. 3) you make a PVE farming area that is AFK-able but yet make ppl have a chance to PK you? ok THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE. Some idiot spent 30 seconds last night killing me because they probably were desperate for a spot. I came back to the game this morning to find someone asking "Why is everyone here?" Referring to the AFK ppl at the zone-in area at the cafe. WHY THE ANSWER IS EASY. SOME IDIOT PK'ED EVERY AFK PLAYER LAST NIGHT LOL. 4) Low drop rate of the ebon blooms. Sure you don't want ppl to get a million of these with no effort. But if we have to deal with low farm spots and the potentiality that your AFK session ends 5minutes after you leave your computer, no one is gonna get anything done here. Solutions. 1) Turn off PK mode. 2) Increase the mob farming spots. Just fill the damn land with mobs. 3) Max out the channels instead of forcing players to fill to excess before you open another channel. 4) reduce the costs of the items in the vendor. cuz no one is gonna be able to afford any of this crap without full time jobbing the ebon realm farm. You have to pick one of these. Or else this whole aspect of the event is a total waste of everyone's time. And you know what happens when people feel its a waste of their time. -> They find something else to do. What happens when finding something else to do means playing a different game? Players go inactive. What happens when players go inactive long enough because consecutive events are a waste of their time? They QUIT. So please listen to the players before it becomes far too late. Everyone's patience is drawing really thin. @Cyan i'm tagging you in this post not because i'm assigning blame to you. i'm tagging you because i know you're the ONLY one who ever takes a moment to respond to people.
  6. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    the soul badge is in pouch #4. you get an exchange token.
  7. it used to be only iron conqueror providing the instance lock. but you can blame the inherent greed of people who exploit it by carrying a few ppl in, killing boss down to 99% hp, then bailing. leaving the few ppl to finish killing it for loot. then you get those "carry" characters do it all over again. thus getting drops and "clears" over and over within a single week. so to prevent this exploit, they locked everyone out by the first mini bosses.
  8. Blade Master Starbreaker Bracelet

    this bug is definitely not limited to just skills. it occurs in the context of other classes, and also food/potion items as well. for example if you have a spicy dumpling buff that is about to expire... if you consume another spicy dumpling to refresh it just in the dying moments of the previous dumpling, it will not refresh and will not take effect. the new dumpling will be consumed, and the old one will expire. and you do not get a new dumpling buff. will happen with soju ap potions too. I've had it happen with EXP soups.
  9. Question about Martial Tome for ForceMaster

    it was awakened dual dragons, that existed, upon the introduction of soul burn and warlocks. awakened blazing beam never existed.
  10. Raid Nerfs

    if they want a nerfed version of the raid, create a separate instance. and use the hard mode, normal mode feature thats built into party UI. the hard mode is the one we have originally. full mechanics, full hp etc normal mode is the nerfed versions. alter the drop table, heck, add in diff achievements, whatever you want. then you got a way to cater to both the demographic who wants to play the harder content, and those who wanna just do the easy stuff.
  11. Legends Reborn: Item and Systems Preview

    Is there any indication as to when we'll be getting the Garnet + Obsidian gem fuse? I think its a bit over due
  12. most people here, over at various servers in discord, don't understand the real implications of the gem situation. and i honestly don't think they will regardless of how much explanation is attempted. this is seriously the first game where i've seen zero incentive to upgrade and stay ahead of the curve. making older gear more accessible, or making non end game gear accessible, or easier to upgrade is understandable. totally. but there is various other ways of going about this, without constantly slapping the faces of the people who "work the hardest" at staying head to be end game, and completely destroying their efforts in the process. now i know what some people will say. "oh its very hard work to go swipe a few credit cards", blah blah blah. we've all heard that garbage and i'll stop you here. because that is completely irrelevant. however people get to that stage of gear is up to them. some ppl spent a lot of time, some people spent a lot of money, some spent a combination. leave it be. the point some people here are making is the following: ppl who had the means to get heptagonals and use heptagonals before the patch, will keep their heptagonals after the patch, and be compensated the costs they spent to make them. these heptagonal users benefited from their heptagonals. ppl who had the means to get octagonals, or triangles before the patch, will keep their octagonals or triangles, after the patch, and be compensated the costs they spent to make them. these people benefited from their octagonals or triangles. the diff between their antique returns and their old cost vs new cost, covers everything. there is zero loss. after the patch, these hepta users, octa users, and triangle users will get to take all of the subsequent materials + their current gems and move forward. the people who had the means to get dyads, got to use their dyads, yes. but here is where the difference is. these dyad users are presented with the following options 1) keep your triangle dyads and you get NOTHING in return. 2) smash your triangle dyads into regular triangles, get back half of your investment, and be down a whole tier of gems. and be with less materials thus already in the negative before you get a chance to move forward to the next tier. 3) take your existing triangle dyad and go through the "alternative" upgrade path which sees the value of their dyad be even further diminished. 3b) if the presented option of (triangle dyad + 2x square = square dyad), was actually (triangle dyad + 2x triangle = square dyad) as it is in korea, it'd make a whole lot more sense and be a viable option i honestly don't see how its so difficult to understand. the efforts of the guy using his heptas vs the efforts of the guy using dyads. they both have the best of what they felt they were able to make in game. just because the hepta gem user didn't have dyads didn't mean he have zero gems to use. people aren't hurt here over the material cost of the losses. they're hurt because of the way their efforts are destroyed time and time again. these discounts might help one demographic of player, but in by doing so, its at the expense of another demographic of player. we need to address the REAL underlying issue which revolves around availability of materials and goods. discounts are just short term and don't do much in the long term aside from discouraging players from investing in upgrades, and destroying the efforts of long established players who invest their time in the game.
  13. for option 2, do you mean that we need 2 hongmoon gilded TRIANGLES? rather than 2 gilded squares?