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  1. New Event's Problem

    This. This would have been the #1 way to ensure a GREAT event for us the players. As it is, it forces you do content you don't want to do and gives you a huge list you have to complete daily. I shouldn't have to explain why that's bad because it would be very long. This event was intentionally crafted for NC$oft. Not the players. Casino Slot Machine PAY PAY PAY Trove happening concurrently should have spelled out their intentions with this event. Its a cash grab event. Create unrealistic goals for a target group (new/returning) knowing they will fail at one of the 12 stages, and then offer keys if you /swipe. The ol' we broke it so you pay us to fix it scam. Nice! Wonder if that has anything to do with BnS revenue halving each year? mmm... Naw! No way. Keep doing what you're doing management! Hope the boss' English lessons have been going well. Are the shareholders impressed with the bloated false activity numbers from all the afk botting? I'm sure they'll stay constant and continue to grow.
  2. A real Drawn out game

    Its a low effort cash grab and has never pretended to be anything else. They could have done a lot to plug the holes on this ship, but it seems like KR just says 'No its working as intended' which is their way of saying 'its working to make us $$' while ignoring the fact that that mentality drives players away. End game isn't fun for a new player. The grind for a new player for mid tier gear is too drawn out and frankly insane. Its purposely like this to strong arm a credit card swipe. Do you want to spend 4 months doing the Bummer Nights Dream daily or spend $40? Do you want to grind stupid amounts of gold for premo stones and the mountains of transformation stones and other junk on top of evo gold cost over the course of 8 months? Or buy gold from F10? They are not running a video game. They don't treat it like a video game. They don't treat us like gamers. It is run like a casino business and they prey solely on the little old lady gambling away all her life savings. If that isn't you, BnS wasn't intended for you to begin with.
  3. Can't Progress Solo?

    I'm having a hard time with endgame progression. Its been 2 weeks and I've finished 0 dailies. I can only do 1 of the 2 a day and ALL the others force you to need 5 other people. I really r e a l l y hate that. Why am I not allowed to progress at the bare minimum solo? Why am I forced to group with randos? Why pray tell me is the grind so ridiculously insane for new players? I've watched the 'New Player' guides and they're not all that helpful. They tell you to go to Moon Refuge to farm Buds. You get a chest with 4-6 buds in it every 20 kills. You can only get 4 star dust per day. Each day I average ~40 buds buts for some insidious reason, those chests are rigged to give the minimum amount. The portal that opens every 30 minutes is a total waste of grind time. The big boss of an area should drop more than 1 single unit of that area's currency. Fallen Soul Shield # 8 costs 380 buds alone. 40/380 means 9 days for 1 piece of 7 of that Soul Shield set. With a little luck, maybe 8 days. Eight days. Over a week for 1 item. ONE item. And its all but guaranteed to have bad rolls making that 8 day grind an utter waste. For the full set, you need 1440 buds. So around 36 days or 5 weeks of tedium and monotony. Then there's the accessories which are like 600 buds each. Another month. 2 months? Really? Then there's peach farming which isn't AS insane but still pretty bad. And yes, I know about spiders. Spiders barely make any difference when the chest still only gives 4 buds. Instead of 2 months, maybe you finish in 1 and a half. Yay. Its very frustrating in all honesty to be road blocked like this. As a player of a game, it should be my choice who I play the game with... not the publisher's choice. Maybe that's why group content in this game is so toxic and awful. Its like being back in school again and the teacher putting you in forced groups with people you don't like. Let me choose. Every clan I ever joined in this game was from meeting people in the old 24 man pirate maps, but those are all dead and buried. Genius mmorpg content thrown to the way side. I from the get go dislike dungeon content. I don't like convoluted mechanics. I don't like how the community wants fast efficient quick runs and kicks you if you're new and have story gear before you ever get a chance to go. If you do go and screw up, another kick. Also, they lock small parts of the story behind dungeons but *cricket* you if you don't skip the cutscenes and waste the other 5 rando's time. So, don't like dungeons but also I'm forced to do them with people I don't want to do them with. Not the best combination. I played at launch and I don't remember if you could do the minimum daily challenge without a party. You should be able to. I beat Yungsang at Mushin's Tower each day with 900 ap and that alone should count as 1 daily instead of a single prayer bead. Speaking of abandoned content, I loved Mushin's Tower. Solo player's heaven. Genius content yet again thrown away. Why are we removing all solo progression and forcing everyone to run just dungeons and raids and partaking in absolutely stupid grinds that take multiple months for mid tier gear just so they can stop being kicked by the old players? I keep wondering what will happen first... Will I upgrade my soul shield set to one with bad rolls after 4 weeks? Or will I quit and wait for better games managed by better people? This game is 8 years old. Why does the Clan screen (H) provide no information other than the name of a Clan? Nothing about active members. Whether its been dead for months. Time they all play. Language they speak. Its useless. 8 years of useless. And from checking the server forum here, there's been 2 clans advertised since December. None on reddit. I'd rather avoid Discord as I fail to see the point in secret tree houses the majority of casual players will never find. It's like the developer/publisher of this game have gone out of their way to make it as unenjoyable as possible if you're new or returning which is honestly very bewildering. I apologize for the rant. I feel like my hands are tied behind my back and I'm taking body shots from a goon every time I try to get into this game. I go out of my way to read guides are watch videos, but I really doubt your average casual does that. If I'm having trouble, what about them? Or maybe they all left and have learned to avoid BnS? The game doesn't tell you anything. Doesn't help you with what your suppose to do, what your suppose to get. What you need. All it does it 'Durr dun jenz derr' and you just get booted from those. I haven't found an up-to-date guide that isn't a year old. I can't even tell if something is an upgrade. Lots of the gear vendors sell is in a chest that doesn't show stats. What class and spec its for. If I'm meant to spend 2 months grinding for something, I'd like to know what exactly it does without having to leave the game and get the information out-of-game. Thanks for reading this long winded gripefest of a post. I feel like I reached my boiling point and needed to vent. I do feel a bit better getting these complaints off my chest. I hope you have a good day and the goons go lite on you today.
  4. The UE4 release has the potential to be something good just like the original game did. But... this is NCSoft we're talking about. UE4 could easily be the death of another one of their dwindling number of mmos. If it wasn't for original Lineage, who knows if NCSoft would even exist today. IF they don't cheap out and put UE4 on the same cheap garbage servers in Texas and instead invest in not-garbage servers. Great! Will they do it? Strongly doubt it. For a game like this that could have a strong competitive arena scene, why would you pick garbage servers to host it on in the first place? I live less than a day's drive from the data center and still have over 150ms ping and that's rare. Usually its 200-220ms+. That's ridiculous. Meanwhile, last I played WoW, solid 50-60ms constantly. Someone picked bad servers. Someone else that isn't a greedy suit picked good servers. When you log into the UE4 version and your ping is over 200ms, you'll have your answer. If its over 200ms, it is in fact a cash grab just like the old game was. Making an updated version of an already old dated game is a huge risk. It will be a separate install and separate client. There will be 2 versions of BnS. The Old and the New. What happens to the old when the new releases? People from the Old migrate and start over on the New 'updated' version. A giant population hit to the old version everyone is already invested in be it with time or $$$ (which is reason #1 they're doing this UE4 thing at all... $$$). What is the UE4 version is worse? Cutting corners to save a buck and ignore issues is how this company functions. What if its an even more 'Free2Play' mmo than the Old game with more pay2win and more 'we created frustrating problems and make you pay to fix them' bs? Are we r e a l l y that naïve to believe they'll spend their time fixing problems instead of rushing a bad product out the door for that first month of revenue and milking weak willed people(whales)? Spend little... make much. I am no optimistic in the slightest about the UE4 update. Especially when it comes to NCWest. Lets not forget that we were the only region with paywalled Wardrobe for years. A major key aspect of the game locked away by greed. Add to that the horrid servers they use and its no wonder everyone flocked away as quickly as they did. Will they repeat the same greedy scummy mistake (unlike all the other regions) with UE4? I expect the worst and why wouldn't I? They have a great opportunity available with UE4 and already they could under sale and over deliver and shatter everyone's negative expectations and repair their pretty awful reputation. That should be their key focus as a company. Stop pushing customers away. Stop! Bring them in so you have more than just old as heck Lineage 1 making you money. Unfortunately, they're using that Lineage money to make garbage mobile games that sadly will make easy no-risk money. At least for a few months. Everything for PC will likely be put on the back burner as 'low priority' or 'low revenue'. Including BnS. There is a reason publishers are rushing to mobile. A sad tragic reason. Those people aren't privy nor wise to 'Free2Play' scummy-ness and are ripe for the swindling. That ocean is chalk full of stupid weak minded whales while the PC ocean has been over fished for a decade.
  5. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    It's very simple... Pay for Premium -> Then pay for overpriced outfit -> then pay to transfer outfits later = Not Preferred and supports scummy business that should never be tolerated. or Buy what you want because you want to of your own free will without being forced to pay for a key game feature that is free in every other region because it greatly incentivizes buying outfits when you also don't have to pay to store them = Preferred by vast majority. Most of which have long since quit. The current system is malicious and down right scummy f2p player milking. Wardrobe being paywalled is the #1 reason I quit the game. I would come back in a heart beat if they ever undid this bone-headed mistake. If they honestly can't figure out a better way to incentivize premium then maybe they should change career paths. The only reason it would be difficult is if KR forces NCWest to do it with an iron fist (which it most likely does). That really makes it hard to be angry at NCWest when it may or may not be them screwing up BnS NA. Sometimes I wish I knew who was responsible for pushing the current model NA has. Does NCWest have the freedom to run the game however they like or are they following direction from KR HQ? /shrug I'll keep randomly checking but I doubt it will ever change. Hope sure is dumb sometimes.
  6. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    It's the same old story yet again for yet another MMO. The company keeps making the same grievous mistakes and players leave. Time and time again, MMOs get a bad reputation or even die and it is always a l w a y s because of the people managing the game. There is a point where you can not recover. Look at the hate Trion gets. For me it's hard not to take it personally. I waited years. Kept checking the site for any updates and there was no change. No news. This was the first real sign that NCSoft was not taking the release of BnS in the west seriously. They literally sat on it. For far far to long. Then it finally released and was already half a decade old. Mistake #1. Then the terrible servers and how you almost need to pay a sub to a vpn to fix the connection to the servers because it was unplayable if you didn't. Since I could not justify paying for such a service and living in the same state as the servers... well. Mistake # 2. They skimped on network and server cost to save a buck so they could quickly cash in on mistake #1 before all the players wised up and left. Then, they paywalled a key feature of the game (Wardrobe) that is ffa in all the other regions. Pay vpn sub, pay game sub, pay for outfits. Pay pay pay. No no no. Mistake # 3. Greed. If I have to pay a sub to have access to a key feature of the game than I won't spend any other money on literally anything else at all ever. This is why it is FFA in the other regions. Because it is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. Also again... a key feature of the gd game. If you don't agree, you are very wrong. Start a new character. Watch the intro. Notice the very first name that shows up. This was a BIG mistake. Mistake #4. Treating the game as nothing more than a stupid korean mmo to quickly make a buck on off of dumb mmo players and watch die instead of a game with actual e-sports potential. Arena sucks for us in the US. See mistake #2. They had a golden egg in their hands with BnS and they threw it all away. Zero problem addressed. Exploits abound. Bots run rampant. They don't care. Why spend time and money fixing anything when it was just a quick cash in in the first place? That would cut into profit margins. No... lets do nothing instead. Mistake #5. Who is to blame? Is it NCWest that thinks its smart to have outfit rotations and thinks that arbitrarily limiting access to outfits so strictly that players will sit around weeks and months for the 1-2 costumes they really want to buy to rotate into the shop? I mean... woooow. Players are there with money ready to be given and they stop players from giving them money? lol... Stupid fails to describe it. But does KR tell them to do it or threaten to fire them or is it NCWEst that decided to pay wall a key game feature? So mistake #5 is hard to pin down. Either NCWest won't stand up to the big guys and tell them they're killing their own game with their idiotic bs or NCWest is run by a pile of rocks with googly eyes stuck to them. RiP Blade and Soul. You could have been big.
  7. Well said. I really don't get these people running this game into the dirt. It's like they get into the office and go, "Okay! What can we do to make the least amount of money and push players away? hmmm... Oh I know!" I don't play anymore. Not in months to be truthful. The dumb way they handle the f2p model. Skimping on decent servers to save money. Paywalling a key feature ffa to other regions. Just too much wrong to happily support. Though I keep checking like I imagine many ex-BnS players do to see if there has been any change or improvement. Would be back so fast with money in hand. Well anydangway... you guys take care.
  8. Best Starter Classes

    Not to sound snide, but the front page of the forums tells you exactly what class everyone should be playing (Summoner). It's hugely overpowered and dominates every aspect of the game.
  9. So BNS User reviews are bad...

    I haven't had much issue with the community. It's been pretty nice so far. There are a-oles but you can just avoid them. Same with the stupidity in chat. You can make a custom chat tab with faction chat disable since it's useless anyway. The funny thing is, I understand some people's experience with the community probably differs simply because they are on a high population server and I'm on one of the least populated. I kinda wish there was a server merge or I started out on a high population server from the start... but then my opinion on the community might be much worse. More people, more bad people. Less people, less bad people. I guess there is 1 good perk to low pop servers. A lot of BnS's problems are half NCSoft's doing and half that they can do nothing about the rest. Things like the extortion freemium f2p model, terrible arena servers, lack of any communication, terrible support, etc are things that they are in full control of. They could address these things for the betterment of the game and it's longevity instead of treating it like a fast cash in with no future to make up for Wildstar's giant bombing (they lost a lot on WS). The other half of the problems they don't have control over are the NA/EU version being localized from the KR version and relying on the KR devs to maybe do something about these issues that are not present our out of hand as they are in our region due to region differences (need official Korean ID to play, larger area, etc). Maybe they already have and we just have to wait 8 months for that patch that fixes that problem or balances the classes properly. Meanwhile, until that patch, people are leaving in droves and then what will it matter? Even this situation could have been mitigated some if our version of the game wasn't 4 years behind the KR version, but that presents it's own problems. Content drought, but a balanced game with fixed bugs. Which is better when mmo players always complain when new content stops arriving frequently? Frequent content updates are good for hype and they are relying heavily on hype at the moment when I don't think it matters anymore. More content, same problems neglected and unresolved. It's a well deserved score. Despite it all, they still think they know what they are doing even after running their other mmos into the dirt with the same mistakes. Can't help someone that refuses to help themselves. Same for a company that keeps repeating the same mistakes. That's why they always pick good games that are easy for players to fall in love with. It makes it easier to take advantage of your players when they like the game. Kinda like drugs to junkies.
  10. [Premium] What would be worth it for you?

    Here is how I would have designed the subscription option: 1 - Not pay wall a game feature (Wardrobe). It is an important feature. Watch the opening cutscene on a new character and take note of the very first name in the opening credits. Type it into google image search and then tell me outfits are not an important feature when the artist that helped design the game's aesthetics and many outfits is the first name in the opening credits. This is all the proof I need to prove it is an important feature of the game that it should never, ever, have been put behind a pay wall. It isn't in the older BnS regions. 2 - Properly provide incentive to sub with meaningful benefits instead of useless garbage like a premium icon or flashy wind walking animation that lowers some player's fps. How would I do that? Look to guidance from other successful and popular mmos, and again, the other regions the game is in. a. Monthly stipend of premium currency. Something fixed that is just under the amount you would need to get say an outfit. Maybe 400 or 500 per month. This would mean that in order to purchase the outfit, a player would have to sub for more than 1 month to get enough NCoin to buy the over priced outfit. This would 1. reward player loyalty and 2. provide excellent incentive to subscribe all on it's own. This alone would make the next thing entirely pointless because a stipend would allow you to eventually over time get enough QoL services to enjoy the game and keep enjoying the game. b. Toss some but not a lot of QoL perks in that you keep after sub lapses (like in other successful and profitable mmos). An extra character slot. One more row of inventory. Not sure why the $10 skill book isn't a part of premium when it would be the perfect thing to include. The $10 tab is probably the least sold item currently because it's blatant price gouging. They know this is a pve and pvp heavy game where all of us change our skill builds many times per day and are hoping our tolerance for putting up with it will eventually wither away and we cave in and pay the $10. Most players today would rather pay to remedy a problem instead of complain for a sane fair price. This is just another strong arm tactic. Makes your players get sick of something until they have to spend to continue to enjoy the game. It's scummy. Just like pay walling a feature. 3. Wake up and realize this is a good game with potential for a popular competitive scene and strong arm freemium tactics are completely unnecessary. People will spend money on games they enjoy. So, provide a fun social environment and reasonable c-shop prices and make profit without even trying. GTA sold a bajillion copies and made a gajillion dollars not because they force players to spend extra to unlock vehicles or pay wall weapons but because it's a fun game people enjoy dedicating time to. 4. At least make the rank perks always active premium or not. Makes no sense that a non-premium player can spend tons of money and be rank 10 but still has to also pay for a sub to get the benefits. This is more scummy freemium bs that encourages whaling while punishing the other 99% of the playerbase. Sadly, it looks like what we got is what we will have and there is no hope. Not enough people complaining. Too many people telling others not to complain. White knights defending immoral business practice running off anyone that dares to speak their mind. The current f2p extortion system is detrimental to the game as it has been to games that adopted the same sort of model in the past that are now dead or dying. Someone once said the reason NCSoft has decided to go this route is to make as much money as possible quickly because they have no faith in the game lasting for years. It certainly seems that way. Price gouging. Paywalled feature. Strong arm tactics (limited inventory paywalled wardrobe). Doesn't bode well for the games longevity. There is always a better way and we the consumers always have a say. Ignore anyone who would tell you differently.
  11. Can we just remove the Enrage mode mechanic it's nonsense

    After probably dying to this bs, unfair, and frankly idiotic game mechanic 50x, I'm in full support of it's immediate removal (bit salty) Reason? It isn't challenging. It isn't fun. It doesn't make the fight harder. It's just an unfair bs mechanic. I'm losing count of the times I have him at 1%-8% hp and I'm full HP the entire fight and have all but mastered the entire encounter to a scary degree, but the game is repeatedly punishing me for doing everything correctly and playing well. In what world does that make any sense what so ever? I'm attempting this with the weakest class in the game atm and it is the hardest fight in my 15 years of mmoing without a doubt. I've soloed raid bosses in Vindictus that were easier than this cheater. In that game, when I died, I knew it was my own fault and I learned from my mistakes. In this fight however, I've learned all there is to learn and make no mistakes and the game punishes me for is. Senseless. Not fun. Cheezy bs. And no... not 'very many mmos' have this sort of enrage mechanic. Play more mmos other than WoW where you are in a raid or party. This is a solo fight and on certain classes, an obsolete nightmare. It just takes any satisfaction out of the entire fight. The last thing I need to say that I agree 100% with... he really needs to stop spamming his invulnerable time waster abilities when the timer starts because that is the cheapest cheeziest crap ever running down the clock while you can't do anything. Then instant kill at 100% and punished for playing the fight perfectly. Stupid. If we keep the timer, can we have the 225,000hp Junghado instead that's in the other regions? This is the worst thing I have ever come across and you're suppose to do this fight daily or even more to get the 7 and 8 soulshields. Forget about the outfit. Honestly, with the insane amount of effort and mastery my weak class has to put into this just to beat him, he should drop everything at 100% drop rate. Yea... it is that incredibly hard. Why isn't there a golden sparkly title for doing this? Why are all the titles for stupid nonsense and not for things you are actually proud of? Worst boss ever.
  12. cat tank nerfed

    Hi. I didn't read anything cept about the cat taunt nerf that seems to only be a problem on Mushin F7? C'mon... there are 13 pages and I don't play a summoner. I will say this... I main BM and it's the only class I've played since launch. Each day I regret not picking an easy mode pve ranged class that can solo endgame content to farm gold easier than the other classes. Imho... BM is the worst class in the game right now. press F11 (PVP ranking hotkey if it isn't F11) and go to the "All Classes" tab. Now count the number of BMs in the top 50. The only way we can do non-pathetic damage is to stay in draw stance. If we block, taken out of draw stance. To stay in draw stance, you HAVE to i-frame eeeeeverything perfectly which makes it seem off that the class difficulty rating isn't a solid 5 stars... but then you run out of focus super fast and back to basic stance. I lean heavily on the true profane effect to proc just to do acceptable damage because focus recovery is a pita, and if it doesn't... ugh. It's a struggle to say the least. Also consider Summoner is the top most popular and played class in the NA version by quite a big margin (can't imagine why >_>) and that the amount of gold you need to progress at endgame quickly becomes enormous. 25 moonwater stones for the progression hurdle I'm at currently. Pretty much going nowhere for weeks if I don't leave first to scummy business practices. So gold is very much in demand and the path of least resistance to take is an easy mode pve soloing machine with it's own OP dedicated tank that holds aggro better than BM/KFM as others in this thread have said. Other players see this. They are not dumb. Most people will pick easy over difficult anyday. Summoner followed by Sin. Why play anything else? Jack of all trades master of all. That's the fast track to success atm. NCSoft probably has the metrics on their end and felt something had to be done before the game turned into Summoner and Soul. Soon, you can convert gold to premium currency. Gold gold gold. Everything revolves around it in this game and the ability to make it easily... like solo farming Brightstone in 6 minutes. Thus nerf. One class dominating too many facets of the game diminishes any incentive to play the others.
  13. -Suggestion- Tradable Outfits

    Don't worry! Once you pay for a subscription to get Wardrobe access from behind the paywall, then pay for an expensive outfit from the shop, soon you can pay even more to make it tradeable with a c-shop item between characters for 1 time unless you pay for the item again. You get to pay 3 times! Doesn't that sound amazing? Personally can't wait to pay pay pay and then pay some more while subbed. Feels good man. Mmmm... yeeaaa ~_~. .. .
  14. I don't understand the point of 4-player mode

    My problem with them is similar. From an MMo design standpoint, the 24-man dungeons are absolutely genius. Added more people to my friends list that I met there and got more guild invites than any where else in the game. I kinda wish they hadn't gutted the Storm Essence and BSH Wheels of costume pieces to push players into doing the cross server versions or make some soulshields just never show up at all in the 24-man version. Cross server dungeons are not fun. Just a means to an end with zero substance. You don't make friend cross server because they are on a different server. The attitude is totally different too. It's more 'stfu and finish asap so I can get my loot'. I guess what I'm getting at is cross server is 4-6man is poor for mmos while the large group experience is great. Of course if you are in a nice guild that actually plays together instead of soloing all the darn time, that's just super. I get their reasoning for sectioning off certain items to these dungeons to provide incentive for players to do them, it's just a matter of preference and play style. 1 is free and fun and you can make new connections with the people on your server while the other is the opposite. A heartless grindfest for loot.
  15. Premium Membership benefits

    It isn't worth it. It is in the other regions, but its a scam for us. The normal fair you get from subbing is usually char slots and inventory space and what have you. What you get for subbing BnS NA is middlefinger.jpg.