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  1. Now that Moon Refuge is in the daily rotation, the absolute terrible design has come into clear focus. Unlike Celestial Basin, which is "quest driven", Moon Refuge is just about grinding. It's boring content at its most boring. You just stay in the same area and repeatedly grind the same mobs until you get your 30 banestones and 4 boxes. The rewards that you can buy with Moonlight Buds are utterly useless to any character with even a modicum of progression. At least Celestial Basin has Treasure Pouches that can be earned at a decent pace, even by relatively new characte
  2. The removal happened on an utterly ridiculous timeline. What about the people (such as me) who were experimenting with badges that aren't considered "ideal"? I learned about the change at 1am EST yesterday!
  3. As long as it gets fixed before the end of the week I won't stress out. They really need a better QA / UAT process.
  4. From a US standpoint, not only was the server merge a resounding success (literally no technical problems after the fact) but the increased population means I actually see people out in the world again. I guess it's just a matter of perspective.
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