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  1. I made a custom monster high doll repaint as a bday present for a friend, hope you like it.
  2. Sadly i am no lawyer, i wished that a lawyer who plays this would say something to this whole thing.
  3. Aren't you amazed how there is no peep about this from None Care Soft anymore? The think if they play ostrich we will forgot this "cricket* of *cricket* they pulled off.
  4. Dear NC (none care) Soft, this is it my premium is going to run out without renewal and hey i am going to spend my Trove money on Warframe good riddance.
  5. Can we get that as a written statement signed by a lawyer??
  6. LOL they said equal to stage 6 but the stats are worse then a stage 1 old belt...
  7. Thanks good to know but pretty sure NC doesn't give a plog about that cause they going get away with it. Yeah no offense 7 days of a ounce per a account pouch won't give me back the over 100 demons tones, white orbs and resets i lost..... that pouch is a poor attempt of putting a bandaid on a festering wound, not going to work. My premium is canceled and the 50 bucks i wnate dto spend i on Trove i spend on Warframe instead sorry NC NOT SORRY
  8. I wonder if this falls under false advertising, which to my knowledge isn't legal, any lawyers play this game?
  9. I was planning on some keys but now nope sorry not happening unless you fix this pile of ****
  10. This is a Monster High Doll repaint, figurine he doll is not poseable anymore except the head, into my summoner. I made up the outfit cause i can't sow clothes at all so super glue and ribbon did the job on this one and i am happy with it, the staff is based on the Dragonbrand staff though i did not want to go with the purple theme and to be honest was to lazy too add the dragon. For all pictures check my Instagram. Leave comments here or on IG happy posting!
  11. I always try to help people In Naryu Sanctum with my main but lately i had happen that you get insulted by someone with baleful/seraph weapons for the add on the first mini boss messing well i am sorry that i'm a summoner and can 1 shot them with a crit, i leave said group and pm every other member and we restart usually without the toxic person but, wheni go on an alt to get the 10 runs for a bracelet or any of the 10 runs for the draken stuff it is down right painful. One solution would be get rid of the 10 run achievement for DT/NS/NF and make it 1 run for the old draken stuff
  12. How about an untradeable pts transmute costs a bit less and uses the untradeable mats ...
  13. Nope stage 1 is not bound to account anymore so unless they change you can't get it with your main and send it over ...
  14. If someone needs some help with dungeon runs feel free to message Chichihara on Zulia if ii'm not busy or raiding i can help with, DT/NF/EC/NS
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