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  3. Outside of removing your weapon (and remembering to equip it again before combat), there's no other way to remove the animations. And yeah, I agree in the general feeling that the devs are adding too many shinies while other bugs and headaches still exist.
  4. NCSoft keeps adding hey-look-at-how-whale-I-am effects and gives players no way to disable it. This and hey-look-I-whale-a-dyad-today boast notification window. Really, does Bloodlust team have that much time in their hands to develop these insignificant functions? How about adding a Cold Storage merchant to outside of the dungeon already instead of the boss room already? I don't reach that level yet, but the moment I do, I will have to remove my unity stones in order to take selfie in peace :/ You should be glad that you're not an Ice/Guardian Warden. The build pulls out a freaking air-guitar. Totally immersion breaking and silly-looking.
  5. Since my question is similar to this post: Is there a option to remove the new animation effect? I mean this: Just standing, then the character is moving himself. FM playing with a flame ball, Gunner with his guns, and so on. It's starting almost every 5 sec.. Annoying fumbling, annoying sound. I can't see and hear this sh... anymore. Sitting on the ground is helping only half. I can still see/hear the character around me.

    Hola amigo Probablemente no, pero es una buena idea. Que tengas un buen día

    Algún día contaremos con la versión traducida al español?.... por la cantidad de usuarios existentes correspondiente a la comunidad hispana.
  8. Insel der Vergeltung - Kritik

    Wenn 2 sich streiten, dann Freud sich ein anderer
  9. Listen your voice please.

    You actually want to know why the requirement went up like that? Elitist people? No. Those requirement skyrocket because of trove and Hongmoon Credit Card users that don't know the game. Ever wondered why Ransack Treasury and Shadowmoor were not multi run once they came out? I sure know. I ran them. 80% of the people are trap as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and don't know any mechs. I STILL encounter people that don't even know Shadowmoor has Spawn, Curse and Cut mech. I STILL encounter people that do not understand Dreamsong Theater and I also encounter people that do not understand Amara whole area line of sight. Bear in mind, those people that I am talking about are Aransu 9+ people. Of course I expect a raven 3 to not know Shadowmoor but Aransu 9?? With max soul?? What do you think people as dungeon leader will do? if Aransu 9 people are traps you expect anyone with less gear to be any better? No you don't. Is this way of thinking toxic? Yes it is, this way of thinking is what ruins the game for new people. But look at NCSofts approach. More and more cash event, less and less mechs. I can understand nerfing old content. But we already got at least 2 TT nerfs. I even think our "original" version of TT was a KR nerfed one. Yes Korea has ET but we don't and as much we pushing towards it our Endgame content still got nerfed twice. I used to run trains with complete F8 groups. But I grew tired of it. I am not here to wipe 7 times in a normal dungeon (Not even hardmode) because 4 of my party members are 3 day old accounts. The only time you see me post on F8 with no requirement is because me and my friend can 2 man all the way up to St with RST as exception. Want another example? We can definitely agree that Skybreak Spire is now old content. So my friends and I are doing weeklies together (8 people). And each set contains 2 mains and rest are alts.(Some just do 80k dps). I ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing get request of people to whisper them when I recruit BT because their party couldn't clear Stage 3 and 4. STAGE 3 AND 4 BT!!! All our mains got the speed achievement with 2 mains and 6 alts. (Most of the mains were Aransu 9 only). This is how bad our community is in terms of learning mechs. Nobody watchs them, nobody reads them, all people want to do is Pew Pew Pew I got big D**k DPS.
  10. Yesterday
  11. NC2 Launcher problem/error

    Hi, I wanted to install BnS after 2 years. I didn't have any files of BnS and I downloaded and installed NC2 Launcher but every time I run launcher, checking updates freezes on 0% (sometimes 10 or 50%) and next I get error 5385. I started as an administrator, I disabled antyvirus and firewall but nothing happens. Please have someone any solution of this problem?!
  12. Where are we now?

    You asked this question @RavTH. I answered it. I don't know how you saw my answer as misleading; I was building up the answer for your question, then answered it. You also asked this: which was answered by the build-up leading to my answer from above.
  13. Blade Master dead in PvP?

    How is it dead.. you got ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing 2 tabs, 24h iframe spam, ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing big damage by always holding your RMB ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.... rentre chez toi
  14. Neue Member sind dazu gekommen, suchen weiter \o/
  15. Angeln....

    Erst bekommen wir die neue Klasse und es dauert schade das wir alles nicht zusammen mit die Korea zusammen bekommen
  16. All the characters in my account cannot show the class buff UI indicator bar, anyone else has this problem? thx
  17. Where are we now?

    Really disrespectful to claim they lied about something you know they didn't.
  18. client crash~

    Hi there, For some reason, and i heard from other people as well, my client at msp , nearly 100% of the time crashes at stage 3 around 30% if i don't restart the game before going there. Today i went 2 msp 1-6 , after a fresh client start instantly, and on the second one at the end of the 6th stage it crashed~ . Whats the reason for this? Can it be solved somehow? Or do i need to restart this amazing client after every msp ?
  19. Crash on deleting screenshot

    Apperantly if you delete a screenshot and you confirm it with Y very fast, the game will inmedietly crash.
  20. new launcher problem

    Greetings tito66, We are sorry to hear this, please get in touch with our Support team, via the Support tab above, so they can help you trouble shoot.
  21. Listen your voice please.

    It seems there is no reasoning with you. You say you can't catch up gear wise, but you can. You say pvp stuff is locked behind gated pve content but it isn't. You try to pvp vs players with pvp gear and even with the long cooldown soul, I'm sorry but no one one shots me, Gunners still try but know when they plan to burst, a timely placed iframe or in my case petal toss removed that burst from my train of thought. Other classes try as well which many can but if you play each, learn how they handle, you know what to expect when fighting them and adjust accordingly. The gear also helps, with high enough critical defense, piercing and the like no one will one shot you unless of course they are in the new tier gear and completely maxed out which still brings to my mind, they need to look into balancing. It just seems like your jaded. Again I did point out about raids, your meant to do them with the previous tier of gear in order to progress, it is the community that sets limits on such things.
  22. Zusammenlegung der Server – 1. Mai

    oh neinmüssen wir uns nun sorgen machen?
  23. new launcher problem

    I downloaded the new launcher and tried to instill it all I got is an error (the application was unable to start correctly click Ok to close the application) that deleted all my game files , I redownloaded the launcher and instill it still gives me the same error massage I attached the error massage pls help
  24. Can we get the option to remove this effect?

    I guess this explains why I been laggy as hell lately
  25. Optimize the game ...

    Well so i got a I5 6400, got my setting at combat optimization and i play with "hide caracters". But guess what in every stun bar when i gotta press "space" the game crash .... cmon i wanna have fun and chill while i am playing not ragging coz ur game is crashing every EVERYYYYY single time ... Hope you guys do something ,thank you.
  26. Simple. They won't. But we still can hope on something. Hope is free, unless someone has already found a way to take it away and monetize it.
  27. the guild war system

    Idea is intresting and there was somthing similer in kr before. It was called hell island. It was like guild vs guild for maps dominance and then last boss. But they removed it and we never had. With your suggestion i would ask 1 thing: What about gear? If gear matters then its just another whale fest same as 6v6 and only top pvp guilds with max gears will benefit mostly and lower/mid gear gona be just a foder.
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