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  2. Client hängt sich auf...nach Wartung

    Hallo aronso, tut uns leid, dass du solche Probleme mit dem Client hast. Bitte wende dich doch an unseren Support - der kann dir bei technischen Fragen besser behilflich sein. Grüße, das Moderations-Team
  3. Hallo zusammen, hatte mich heute in das Spiel ganz normal eingeloogt,als ich dann aus dem Ladebildschirm kam hatte ich das Fenster offen,das ich nicht mehr schliessen konnte.Es ist wie ein F5 Fenster,allerdings kann ich dort ALLE handelbaren Gegenstände des Spiels sehen. Kaufen der Gegenstände ist nicht möglich,ist alles nur zum anschauen.Hat das jemals einer von euch schonmal gesehen? Das sind 2 Screenshots davon. Nach einem Sprung in die Charakter Lobby und wieder ins Spiel war das Fenster übrigens nicht mehr da. Keine Ahnung wie es dazu kam.
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  5. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    Actually you don't long as you make sure to have 'exact match" checked before doing search.
  6. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    I can buy things but search doesn't work. You basically have to look for things by going through the pages one by one. It's extremely tedious in some cases.
  7. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    Hi all, This is a fair point, we've forwarded your feedback as suggestion to the Development Team :)
  8. Der Klan Himmelsdiebe sucht Weggefährten! (Karminlegion)

    suchen weiterhin :3 meldet euch! am besten ingame per Postfach oder whispern :>
  9. F5 its broken

    Greetings, Thank you for reporting. We encourage everyone to keep an eye on our Known Issues thread :
  10. As per title, it's a disgustingly glaring issue that really bleeds the experience of an honest player, dying a miserable death after performing well only to get ganked by a team of two, three, four, FIVE people, who never once attack each other? And then it happens in another match, and another one after that? Can I have an official statement to ease my mind, is such a thing allowed? Can you freely make your teams in solo-que before going in, to trade 1st and 2nd place? If it's not allowed, why isn't anything being done about it? Would a report with video proof help? Or is nothing going to get done in that case either?
  11. They could just make it where fighting these Faction raid bosses would scale with one's level. That way, even if such a boss is in a low-level zone, it would always be powerful. There wouldn't be constant insta-killing of bosses, and if these bosses are defeated, then it would be rewarding to the players who participated in the fight.
  12. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Yeah, but if Blade & Soul did that for their forums, it would be copying. It has to be something unique and different without copying how another game handles its own forums.
  13. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    world of warcraft solved this issue perfectly. You can post on forums as in game character. Your avatar=small portrait of your in game character. You can change it by posting as other character :)
  14. Race Change?

    It's not so much the ease of the level that is problem with just making a new character, but the amount of farming needed just to have half of the outfits, items and gear again, not to mention the fact that some things aren't just character bound but only accessibly in limited time events. There is also the fact that it takes up an extra character slot, and makes you unable to reuse your name unless you delete your prev character, which would be a waste of all the investments you had put on them.... Question is, why should it be necessary to do all these extra things, when they could just make a race change voucher that actually works and/or a class change voucher that can be used alongside it as well as on it's own? NC Soft certainly would gain more if players went to buy class change + race change than if they simply went with the free option of starting from scratch with a new character... Which is something nobody except new/returning players exactly likes, but will still resort to when the alternate option either doesn't exist or is too expensive.
  15. Pvp is extremely dumb atm.

    I just want the previous patch back. You are not going to get new players in with extreme changes, but you sure are going to lose players who have been dedicatedly playing the game for years. Another nail in the coffin for bns.
  16. How to install the new Laucher?

    Excuse me, I have the same exact problem like Thece Is there any way to resolve it now? i already press ctrl+f5 and already shown like Noala first picture but still have the same result :(
  17. Blade Dancer race change?

    Really don't see the point of a race change voucher if it doesn't work for about half of classes.... The fact that this is somehow more expensive than a simple alteration voucher is kinda insulting. They should either make it so that you can change to any race regardless of class, or include some class change voucher to make this more useable, among other things.
  18. Zitterpartie =.="

    Einen Zusammenhang mit Wartung und Treiberupdates kann ich nicht erkennen, bisher ist der Fehler wirklich nicht rekonstruierbar für mich. Gestern Abend konnte ich auch erst eine Zeit lang normal spielen, dieser Fehler tritt immer mittendrin, anscheinend ganz sporadisch auf. Ich habe, wie gesagt, auch im Netz nichts gefunden. Dabei behindert der Fehler das ganze Gameplay so sehr, dass ich mir nicht vorstellen kann, dass andere das einfach so hinnehmen. Da frage ich mich ob ich echt die Einzige bin, bei der das auftritt? Spielen tu ich regulär über W-Lan, Internetseiten o.ä. laden aber wie gewohnt schnell, während der Fehler besteht und ich habe halt auch eine andere Verbindung schon getestet. Ich liste mal auf, was ich alles schon versucht hatte: - Rechner von Netz getrennt und neu verbunden - andere Verbindung - Grafikeinstellungen komplett runter gestellt - FPS limitiert, V-sync an/aus - Rechner neugestartet - Tastatur ab- und wieder dran gesteckt - 32bit Client getestet Und mir kommt es so vor als würde der Fehler einfach nur genauso sporadisch wieder verschwinden wie er auftritt. Es ist auch nicht so, dass die Performance Probleme macht bei diesem Fehler. Es kommt einen tatsächlich so vor als würden durch das Gedrückthalten von W mehrere Aktionen gleichzeitig getriggert und sich gegenseitig blockieren. Unterbrechen kann ich das eben nur durch Drücken der Leertaste und darf dann W nicht mehr loslassen. Sonst muss ich das Ganze wiederholen. Wenn ich die klassische Steuerung verwende und meinen Charakter per Mausklick laufen lasse, läuft er auch normal. Beim allerersten Mal dachte ich zu allererst wirklich es klemmt irgendwas bei meiner Tastatur. Ist aber nicht der Fall...schreiben geht ja auch noch normal und andere Spiele lassen sich auch problemlos mit der Tastatur steuern, während bei BnS der Fehler besteht. Das ist echt zum kirre werden.
  19. We did have that back with blackwyrm and the Terrors in Misty woods. However as the level cap went up and damage thyey got removed and never came back.
  20. Zitterpartie =.="

    Hallo. Tritt das nur nach einer Wartung auf oder allgemein auf? Spielst du über LAN oder WLAN. Passiert es nach einem Treiberupdate von Windows oder Deiner Graka?
  21. Seit gestern nach der Wartung, hängt sich mein Client andauernd auf, egal wo/Inis, freie MAP und und und. Es hilft nichts, PC ist dann nicht mehr ansprechbar. Windows+D/alt F4/Affengriff, es passiert nichts, Ton ist dann auch aus nur Reset Taste am PC direkt zeigt Wirkung mit Neustart. Es ist einfach dann nur immer Ätzend Stundenlang nach der Ursache zu suchen und diese zu beheben. Geht es da nur mir so....!?
  22. Archer??

    I really don't want Blade & Soul to turn into TERA with all these class restrictions. Fortunately for this game, it doesn't have those stupid gender-locked restrictions for new classes, but it's slowly going to be compensated with more and more race restrictions for classes. Why can't the Yun wield a bow? They aren't all magic, you know. They can be archers, too.
  23. Archer??

    That won't do it. Additional classes are added to the more profitable races, so saying how much one person would like a gon gunner or a yun archer won't be worth against the huge mass of people over in the East that would like a lyn of whatever class right now... Heck, a lyn kfm would have better chance of being made than a gon gunner. So really. The problem is not how much we want it, but how many DO want it...
  24. Archer??

    Make threads saying how much you want more Gon/Yun classes without crying about Lyns. If you can't actually back what you want then of course you'll never get it. Companies will always support what makes them the most. So prove what you want is worth a profit instead of shouting how something else isnt. Anyway uhhhh yeah, KR in what 2 or 3 weeks? So NA/EU would be 2 months or so after
  25. Archer??

    Yeah, I agree it's getting ridiculous. I understand the love for lyn in the East, but Yun, the one elf looking race, not having the one class everyone associates with elves? Anyway.... Same happened with Gon gunner, and here we are still waiting for that...
  26. This isn't really part of the thread and I didn't really understand everything you said, but let me clear something out. I have a simple mode fire FM that I use to farm low tier dailies, so I have my share of experience with it. Not much expertise but enough to at least answer some things. So, do you know you can access all FM frost mode skills while using simple mode? In fact, of the classes I have played, I have been able to manually access nearly all skills the regular way with simple mode on. And while several classes do lower dps with it on, I don't know of any case of it interfering in any other aspects of the gameplay, like defense or utility skills being negated or whatever. Simple mode replaces what's on your RMB with a set of skills, which also usually includes what was initially alone in that button. It doesn't touch anything else on your configuration. The only variant case is with FM and it's difference from other classes is a single key. In the case of FM, since RMB becomes simple mode's skill set, [F] key is modified into a frost switch that remains always available to use until something else occupies the [F] prompt, like a KD recovery or some other special action, then it goes back to being a frost switch. So by pressing F in simple mode, you switch to frost in the same way you do with RMB in normal mode. So a simple mode FM has no excuse to not use any frost skills like bubble and sheath when required. Also, FM's simple mode automatically switches between both modes because it's "rotation" uses the basic fire and ice palm attacks, so you don't even need to press [F] if you release RMB when at frost stance. Now to bring this into this thread and make it more on track with it, the cool thing about simple mode and skills in general is that (regardless of the one or two wrong descriptions) the devs made it or tried to make it so you don't need to seek outside help to know what it all does. While on the topic of the thread, gem crafting doesn't completely explain what it's full result would be. And this is the difference I'm pointing out. As for the part about the game teaching you rotations? I'd still say that no to that, at least in my opinion. Learning some things that the game doesn't intentionally teach you is a big part of gaming as a form of entertainment. To make the player involve himself/herself into the game's details by practicing and using either trial and error or seeking help from others who have already passed that part of the game experience has been an old and important part of what gaming is. So the game should just limit itself to tell you what each part does, explain it well, and let players connect the dots by themselves. So in short, not teaching you a correct rotation should be an intended omission, but not telling you the full result of your crafting effort shouldn't be allowed.
  27. Archer?? Is this true? Archer only for Jin and Lyn? Then we have this Jin: 8 classes, 1 exclusive (Assassin), Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Warlock, Soul Fighter, Gunslinger, Warden, [Archer] Lyn: 7 classes, 2 exclusive (Summoner), (Blade Dancer), Force Master, Warlock, Gunslinger, Warden, [Archer] Gon: 5 classes, 1 exclusive (Destroyer), Kung Fu Master, Force Master, Soul Fighter, Warden Yun: 5 classes, 0 exclusive Force Master, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Soul Fighter, Gunslinger So why does the most appropriate class, Yun, not get an archer? Nothing for the elves, but small rats are now allowed to keep a big bow? And a eight class for Jin? Yun also has no exclusive class. For this, Archer would be also good.
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