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  2. This patch might be the last straw

    Tbh you dont need to do 8, if you are not at TB6 weapon. Those scales are needed only for endgame stuff.
  3. Hello, I've noticed that liberty tokens from last season of infinity tower are not tradeable yet, but in the item description clearly says that they should be tradeable once the season ends... ¿Are they going to make them tradeable?
  4. These seem to have disappeared out of the DC box that gives feathers or steel/hearts, depending on the day. Is there a new way to get fragments or is it just broke?
  5. This patch might be the last straw

    This patch ̶m̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ is the last straw. I playing since release now and i saw a lot of changes, some few good but mostly in a disandvantage for the playerbase, keep sacring players away. With the new system you keep the majority from finisching the daily quest complete. To finish the daily quest you need to finish 8 quests and we only have a choise of 8 quests. No alternative quests.You blocked the majority of your playerbase to get all daily quest rewards which is importent to continue upgrade your stuff. At the same time you again lowered the gold income from Daily quests, even it its hardmode. You added the newly released dungeon in HM on Dialyrotation at the day it was released. Realy? How many people you think would have finished the complete daily on wednesday? I for myself have no issue with doing HM, at least up to BC, but havent had any chance by now to try WC and the new dungeon in HM, since my quild dont have any static groups for dailys and im depending on random groups, like many others too. Moone refuge is just an annoying timesink collecting 30 pouches with a bad droprate. It become even more timeconsuming and annoying when there are a lot ot other players around doing this quest on multiple channels. Finishing this quest took me same time as complete DailyChallange befor the freaking patch due to so many people doing it... What you basicaly did, massively increasing the amount of time neede to to finish quest while reducing the income and contemporaneous cutting of the majority of the playerbase from even finish the 8/8 quests. Well some whiteknights might come an say its enough to finish 6/8 to get the unity stones, but no its not because people are again gated from upgrading Consequences: Ill took a break from december till april, came back because a friend asked me to, but i never regret the desission to come back like i did after this patch.
  6. Ideas to improve game

    Also that i have said about merchant that he could sell 1 or 2 gem powders.... It is great idea, becouse there are not much places to farm gem powders, and u need them now much then ever... i know this idea is bit f2p orianted, and nc team could lost control over gem powder marketplace but it would be nice change, lots of ppl would benifit from it
  7. [Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

    130 Run and no mask. there is no point keep running again and again for a simple cosmetic item. seriously it's not fun, pointless and naturally im bored so bad! : /
  8. Ideas to improve game

    This patch was not best , and lots of ppl dont like it. Beside archer, this patch is rly bad, it has lots of nerfs and other things.... MY opinion for dungeons is that u should change all dungeons to have easy mode and hard mode: 1) Easy mode for players that dont want to waste time, and want to rush in dungeons and just pure dps... 2) Hard mode for players that like challenge and want to do mech.... Hard mode dungeons in my opinion should not be just pure dps check, and if u fail do to XX milion of dmg per second< u fail... Of course u should need some dmg, but if u do mech as it is intended , u get chunk of boss health, and there should not be enrage timer. So pls no enrage timer, becouse if your team of ppl has skill to do all mech, and it is all going good, there should not be enrage timer. Rewards for easy dungeon and hard dungeon should also be diferent...But there is noo need to go like crazy diferent rewards... Just put in something like this as example: Merchant of wonders v1 hard mode: He is 100% spawn when u clear dungeon in hard mode. HE sells: 1) 5 pack moonstone ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 2) 5 pack elysian ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 3) 5 pack soulsotone crystal ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 4) 5 pack sacred crystal ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 6) 1 or 2 gem powders -----for some reasonable price nc can decide This example of merchand is good, becouse u are rewarded with account bound mats, and u dont get it for free u need to buy it. This would boost other ppl morale, and it would bring game new life, becouse there are not much good spots to farm materials. Also f8 would be more populated place as many players would love to farm materials.Lot of ppl would be encouraged to learn mech and do it on hard mode. Blade and Soul is all about dungeons, and nowadays dungeons has become job ppl must do, no one is probably happy when doing them... I would like to see dungeons become great again, not just graveyard in f8.... If u want more ppl to play this game, u need to give them good amount of challenge and reward.... Not just stupid 3 or 4 hard mode dungeons in wittch u need xx mill dps per second... Bring back dungeons with callenge and rewards, so ppl can again enjoy game.... I have 1000 0000 more words to type, and more ideas how to inprove this game, becouse i like this game rly much... If u dont do something about where this game is going, im afraid this ship is going to sunk, and lots of ppl will not wait to see that.
  9. Another patch rant

    People at NCWest who test this game do not play it because they are akin to developers. They are able to generate any item or spawn any enemy they want by typing in some code. There is no incentive for them to progress in any meaningful way unlike us players, who have been playing this game for years, have grown accustomed to certain standards, and how things should work. When they receive patches, they do not know the scale of some of the changes it can impact, unlike us. This is why they are constantly requesting feedback. Only players are able to provide that feedback because we essentially live within this game's mechanics.
  10. Today
  11. Hi, since last update in MSP the thunder, which is summoned after killing an elder woodfiend, is not killing the mobs around the shrooms anymore. I play on europe server so do not know if this also happens in north america server too. Cheers
  12. Another patch rant

    On one site i am happy to see PVE getting a bad patch finally not only PVP on the other hand since i dont want to play PVE at all but am forced to otherwise i will not be able to get any pvp gear it sucks for me too. Daily Challenge: 1. You need to do 8 instead of 5 where you only needed 3 before. 2. You have no options to run something or not. If its on daily you are forced to run it. 3. Why TF is Hardmode in thoose ? And even the newest dungeon ! 4. There is stuff in it you can litterly get nothing from like Moon refuge. There simply is no value in 30 Minutes spider farming. Thrown of Oblivion: 1. Can only be run once per week 2. needs to be farmed for Bracelet and pet gems which takes atleast 30 weeks if you use the expensive way. (7,5 Months) 3. resets are only avaible via F10 of course for 180HM coins (around 200 Gold per run) Easy Mode: 1. Reduction of Gold income 2. making the Dungeons harder overall PVP 6v6 balance patch: 1. changes nothing balance wise only dmg wise 2. dmg seems to have increased atleast on Warden. (even max gear warden couldnt one hit me with one normal rightklick but now they can) 3. Nova core new button in the middle make it more fair if booth teams have the same gear but you have even less of a chance now if you dont have max gear. Trove: 1. some 3 star crits are trash again 2. of course starting at a time most people will not have hm coins so they are force to use Ncoin. Instead of forcing people to do stuff they should ask what they want in PVE but we now if its not profitable they probably wont care. I asked some people some of thoose are TT Gear some are full ET gear and every one said it demotivates them alot. Looking at the player count on BNS Buddy it seems to be fewer people aswell even tho archer should have increased the playerbase but atleast Trove works so its a good patch in NC eyes i guess.
  13. you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up hard here ..... * beginner mode is harder then normal mode for less gold reward and still has 1shot mechs if you fail something * solo dungeon and CB removed from DC and increased the amount of dungeons you have to do for DC => instead of having to do 1 dungeon on my alts i now have to do 3 => people get burned out, the game is to p2w to stay on 1 char, this is just a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you to f2p people that play on alts to gear main * auto complete DC when you finish => why ???? just why ????? we all have days we cant play alot and doing the dailys the day before was always a nice and quick way to get it done .... another ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you to every1 can you guys at ncsoft listen to your playerbase already instead of this constant massive p2w and nerfed f2p every patch .... your game is dying and your doing everything you can to kill it even faster right now ... premium is running out today, first time in years im not gonna renew it and im srsly considering to quit completly, as a f2p player its just impossible to keep up now if you dont make bns a part time job ...
  14. I double, even tripple this request. I was shocked to find out there are no ToI or arena quest challenges anymore. This is such a let down for someone who just started the game (not that I am one, just switched my mains and slowly gearing it up now). For the love of your players, please return the solo/arena dungeons back to DC.
  15. Finally the forum is open again. So funny it was down for 1day+ after patch where many people had many things to complain :) Many of you must have realized. Nowadays the dungeons that are in the daily challenges (except Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage) are automatically started (you can see when you open the daily challenge (DC) window: the icon is an 'in progress" icon that we usually have when we start a quest. And when you clear the dungeon, (#1) it will be automatically claimed and your DC count automatically go up, only leaving you have to claim your gold reward yourself. Claiming the gold reward for the dungeons (except HM/CS) will not be the DC clear count anymore, instead it gets counted when the boss dies. Regardless of what is the purpose of this change, I am strongly opposing this idea seriously. Like, WHY ON EARTH do you want to control when we claim our clear count on those dungeons? You already control what is counted as DC, INCREASE the number of DC to get the same amount of reward (e.g. solar energy/mats), REMOVED the easy daily challenges, WHY YOU still want to control when we claim the clear? When you do this, that means, we cannot pre-run any dungeons to keep the clear count for the days that we want and we need when we don't have much time to play: Maintenance day/Weekend frenzy/real life stuff. Because of this and +++ (#2) the lower gold reduction, these two greatly reduce the number of players running OTHER DUNGEONS other than those in DC, you can check F8 and see how hard it is to get people to run other dungeons other than those in DC. (#3) IS THIS GAME only all about doing DC dungeons every day? If I don't have friends, I cannot run other dungeons other than those in DC??? I am not sure whats the reason, but if it is to cater the difference between Easy vs Hard mode clear to be counted in DC count (as now both easy and hard modes differ in DC), i would say THIS IS A VERY STUPID WAY of doing this. If you want to separate the clear counts, just give 1 more tag to the quest which indicates Easy or Hard Mode, WHILE MAINTAINING the main tag so that people don't get rewards for doing both. OR EVEN SIMPLER, just give Different IDs to the two quests (1 easy 1 hard) so that when one of them (lets say Easy mode) is cleared (The boss died and we are left with reading the letter to claim), the other one (aka Hard Mode) is locked (unable to start to get gold reward)..... ISN'T THAT SO EASY? Like seriously???? What is even WORSE is, if the reason is really to cater the difference between Easy vs Hard mode clear to be counted in DC count, WHY ON EARTH do these also apply to dungeons that DON'T Have hard modes like SSM/HH/etc??? If not for this, can you tell us any logical reason why you do this change (point #1 above)??? Because you can CHECK yourself, #1 and #2 are causing SO MUCH change of favor in F8, and #3 is REAL issues these 2 days.
  16. TT - Raid sucht verstärkung :)

  17. Another patch rant

    So I started playing this game years ago, back when 45 was cap, Pokey was basically unkillable solo and hit boxes were all kinds of broken so I left the game. I came back a while after and was found that some of the issues I previously had with the game was some what fixed but several new issues were introduced. Over the course of the last year or so, there have been some good intentions to really try and make stuff better. There has also been weird ninja nerfs/buffs that was never communicated. And although I like the combat of this MMORPG, I just feel like with the this track record, every patch something gets broken. Every oatch something changes which isn't communicated. Fixes take weeks if not months to be dealt with. Some things just plainly never get fixed. Then there are other bugs like the lvl60 voucher not being usable unless its in the first page of received items. And yes I hear you saying "please contact support for assistance". I don't want to have to contact support who is going to look at my NCOIN purchase history and treat me accordingly. Also, I have to make sure I'm logged out in order for support to assist me timeously which is downtime for my farming. You guys are killing your own game, I hope you realize this and I hope that you actually do something about it. I don't know if there is internal politics with you guys and Korea devs ir something but it seems like you're always taking the heat for stuff that they have done (or so we've been led to believe). Have you escalated this to the head of department? Or maybe the sad truth is that the devs don't care about the NA/EU servers and we're just treated as the unwanted last born child. In which case I feel very scammed. We don't get proper support, our patches are always a hot mess, there is ALWAYS at least 1 thing broken in the game, but you keep trying to get us to spend money? The new mastery bundle for example, and this game isn't pay to win? You can't even farm enough Radiant Nebula Stones from the event to get to that level of gear on a fresh char. You can't even buy it with HMCoin. I have active accounts on other MMOs, the combat may not be as good as this game yes. But I'm really starting to feel so disconnected from this game. When big patches release for my other games, I don't sit there and think to myself "oh what's broken this time", or "I wonder what got ninja nerfed", or "how are they going to implement more p2w aspects". No that doesn't happen. I'll use ESO for an example. Yes there are occasional bugs with larger patches however they are instantly clear and are not gamebreaking (unless something pvp exploitable). The response time however to fix thise bugs are so quick, we don't have to wait for "weekly maintenance", or "the next patch" or have an immense amount of people threatening to quit the game, or make videos ranting about the issues again. No, instead usually within a day or two, there will be an update and the bug will be fixed, done. I feel like at this point, no one in your NCWest team actually play tests these patches before they launch. And if they do they are honestly garbage test players because they would have immediately noticed that something is awfully wrong with the dungeons. What is even the point anymore? You made rift3 weapon the base, so all our alts are stronger, you nerfed some of the mechanics recently like Shadowmoor, so if was easier to F8 the dungeon with a pug. But then you revert these changes, so now its not as easy to PUG with rift3 alts and you remove all of the easier daily quests that we are used to running with our alts? So now until this issue eventually gets fixed, i can't farm gold and materials (which was also severely nerfed) because I won't be able to do these dungeons on 8 of my characters, but maybe only 2 of my stronger characters. That's 75% of my daily income lost because you guys screwed up, again. Also the ninja-nerf of orb of ascension shards means less Heaven's Mandate runs overall so even more gold and material loss. And before you say "well we reduced costs and gave you radiant stones", you did not reduce costs of things like ring, earring, necklace, fused badge in this patch but you did reduce our materials so upgrading those pieces have becone particularly harder. And then the issue of not being able to get a decent awakened ascending soul for free like you gave out last year this time but instead we need to farm basically this entire event just to get enough radiant nebula stones, this is still excluding the still high amount of materials that is needed even with the nebula stones. Guys, you literally gave this soul out for free last year this time and again sometime during this year (think around March). What happened this time around? Did you forget that new players are a thing? Do you know how hard it is for them to get a legendary soul even with these nebula stones (don't forget they can't run dungeons anymore because you broke them and even if they could you nerfed the materials). I feel like whoever is designing your events is not in touch with your playerbase and doesn't know the history here. Maybe you guys should all play like 3 hours a day on the live server and try to gear up and stay relevant, maybe then you will understand what's actually going on in your game. Also, what's up with the whole "weekly account limit to buy sacred vials with event currency". Like what is that actual purpose here, you're just time gating me further and lowering my rewards for investing hours. And if you make me feel less rewarded for playing, I'm going to lose interest in the game. Simple logic, you don't need a genius to figure out that people won't do stuff they're not getting incentive to do. Imagine going to work for 60 hours a week but then you get told by HR that you can only get paid for 40 hours per week because there is a limit. My dude, can i please have my payment for my time invested. Niw about UE4. I'm probably in the minority here but I'm honestly not looking forward to it. Like, honestly if we can't even have reliable patches at this point, if we haven't been able to fix the netcode, the bad optimization, the potatoe servers. At this rate I honestly think that when UE4 (eventually) comes, that will be the sure death of this game. A lot of players are just tying to stick it out until then or have left and said they will come back for UE4. But looking at our history on the NA/EU side of things, the game being slowly broken apart as each new patch breaks something else, the game by this point is so broken a fragmented. When the devs do try and put UE4 together for NA/EU its going to be an absolute disaster. It will be the biggest update, like ever, and we have come to expect that the bigger the update, the bigger the damage. And every player that was sticking it out because UE4 will inevitably quit. You will lose a large portion of your player base, particularly those that have a lot of money to spend on microtransactions because they can easily move over to another game that actually works and invest their time and money there instead. There are some decent looking upcoming MMORPG's lately and I just can't trust the UE4 will be our games saviour given the track record of the team behind it all. Anyway, this has been a long rant, I tried to keep it as clean as possible, I have a lot of nasty words and feelings but I know that sort of behavior won't get us anywhere. I'm trying to do the right thing here and hope that someone at NCWest reads this from top to bottom to see how dissociated their playerbase is. Please, you need to make changes to the way things are done otherwise you will keep bleeding players and a game the I enjoyed will die.
  18. Hey Ncsoft, Thanks for the patch, anyway I dislike the fact that Daily Challenge is so limited, The Moon Refuge quest is a drag too, can't it be just 30 kills instead of 30 items with 50% drop chance? I would really appreciate that one. I miss the solo dungeons and tower of infinity (which is solo too ofcourse), now we dont have much reason to go there unless farming for a specific item (and some gold?) And at night I have trouble finding people for 6member dungeons that can't be solo'd, so can't finish daily challenge :< (or just make every dungeon solo-able) Can we please get the solo dungeons back? No need to remove other daily challenge quests, just add more options! Thanks for reading
  19. Let's Get That Bread!! (Breadfast Club is recruiting!)

    We do still have room in the clan if you are still looking to join~
  20. I will get an infraction point for saying this...

    If you wonder how should price behave where is no supply? i have a perfect example. A few days ago, i found 100 completely useless return to jade stone charm, and i sold them 1.5g each in F5. These were like 1 silver before, and price skyrocketed because the supply is cut off. As you know, these return charms are completely useless and no demand. So you can imagine how much gem powder should be worth when there is truly no supply, but only massive demand.
  21. Are GMs selling Gem Powder for real money? Hear me out: 1. There is close to ZERO SUPPLY of gem powder, but MASSIVE MASSIVE demand for it, yet it is only 15g each in F5. Where on earth do these gem powders come from? 2. Please do not tell me trove as a supply source. Every time gem powder/frag shows up in trove, it is inevitablly accompanied with much more valuable items, most likely Gems. Just ask yourself, have you ever bought any gem powder/frag from trove? 3. The only other source is to trade 25 solar energy for 1 powder. To get 1 top tier gem, you will need close to 120+ gem frags, that is 4000 solar energies, or 3 years of farming. Personally i never used any of my solar energy except for badges. Yet, there is ample supply of gem powder in F5. Where on earth do they come from? Lineage 2 GM has a long history of selling adena for real money and pocketing it (for those who do not know, every mob in lineage 2 drops like 25 adena, but every weapon cost 200 billion adena. You literarily have to kill 10 billion mobs for get enough adena to buy a weapon, unless you buy from GM. GM put farmers out of business because farmers could not kill 10 billion mobs). That was why L2 died. Seems that those GM moved to BNS.
  22. [RP/roleplay only!] TBL seeking members~

    Gather up, heroic ambassadors of the Earthen Realm! Wondering about your loved ones? Fret not, for TBL, official inventors of the Fashion Police title (click here to learn more - no, we don´t demand free outfits in return @NCSOFT), are on the verge of returning to these shores! Fortunately, this time it will not be the usual AP-hampsterwheel grindfest for us... Instead, TBL will return as a strictly roleplay (RP) clan with no particular goals whatsoever despite the one of, well, doing lots of RP in Blade and Soul! We are more or less experienced in online and real life RP, but this is our very first take on running a roleplay-centric clan in an MMORPG. We are thrilled to see how it works out and no matter the path ahead and the outcome we intend to have lots of fun. We hope for nice and somewhat mature fellow players with similar interest to join and provide their immersive input to grow this into a success. Supposedly we will be going life one day after the archer class launch. This topic will be updated with more information in time prior to that. The clan will have a preference for Yun and Lyn, other races will be accepted as well, however they may need to work towards earning their trust. All that a character will need to join is the ability to access the Moonwater Plains. We also shall ask for a small backstory/character sheet to maintain a bit of a quality standard -examples will follow in time- and save us from a possible invasion of Mary Sues. Decent English skills paired with the will to talk in character are needed as well. We have determined a lovely location for housing and general areas around for possible plots. Everything else will be announced within the upcoming weeks, given that NC does not fail us in supplying the archer class update. If you are already interested then leave us a message here or over on our clan forums at Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
  23. HP base error I have noticed that my most recent character have a base life extremely low than the others with lower level. I really want to know it that can be fixed
  24. Treasure Trove Guide

    Oh goody another way to get money from us.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Hallo zusammen, wie viele von euch vielleicht schon bemerkt haben, gibt es einige Probleme des Schwierigkeitsgrades in den Dungeons. Momentan untersuchen wir das Problem mit besonderen Parametern und testen verschiedene Instanzen. Vielen Dank für eure fleißigen Meldungen! Wir lassen es euch wissen, sobald wir eine Lösung parat haben. Bis dahin bedanken wir uns für euer Verständnis!
  27. Hello all, As many of you have reported, there are inconsistencies with our dungeon difficulty changes. We are investigating the issues with improper stats and mechanic changes with some of the dungeons. Thank you for your reports and we’ll post more information once they are available.
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