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  3. I hope that event bundles are fun and usable, and not full of things that my character will sell to the npc merchant for 1 copper. Perhaps the 30 transformation crystals in the jackpot could have been in a special account bound bundle.
  4. Localization & Translation Error List

    Dungeon In Progress has a completely wrong name for Stonescale Passage. This feature's dungeon and boss name being wrong been brought up by Viblo for many other dungeons, not sure how it's something that's not double-checked before patch release at this point. Amasa's Soul Link breakss and sends her into a Berserk Rage in Amasa/Amayun encounter Interactive Karmic Mirrors on the minimap are called Judgment Mirrors in Amasa/Amayun encounter Calls the mechanic Spatial Isolation in the party member list, while it's called Soul Separation in the debuff in Amasa/Amayun encounter. The Eidolon minibosses in Stonescale Passage has some really weird attack and mech names. Feels like it was a straight up Google Translate where you forgot to go back and fix it. Example in screenshot: Also, having gone through every single Soul Badge item and Soul Shield effect starting from Skybreak Spire and up, I'm amazed by the inconsistencies. It's such a shame considering how much I like the general naming schemes of item/dungeon/raid/system names. It seems like zero attention is paid to any of the nitty-gritty parts of the localization, even though that's probably what this playerbase cares most about. I'd love to point them all out but well, I'm not getting paid. Edit: one thing I will point out: you forgot to change Holy Fire Soul Badge descriptions from the Google Translate version. It's the Holy Fire effect, not Torch. Here's the Korean translation: I hope Google is being paid for the decent work they do for this game

  6. Classic Grimoir always defending NCSoft with knifes and teeths. Take a minute of really think and ask yourself, if you want watch a movie, you see all the advertise from the movie making it looks a romcom then u go to the teather and... boom, its a Rambo style action-movie. How that isnt misleading? You made something preview something that DONT EXIST in the end. Things like exist exactaly to give ppl info before what happens. If you are not gonna preview it correctly what the point of even doing preview of anything?
  7. What everyone's thinking?

    Hot take : streamlining all 4 types of materials for upgrades actually made the game worse. I remember back in the day how of an issue gathering moonstone crystal was. Nowadays, it shifted toward elysians while also having a consequential loss of soulstone crystal as well. (it is literally used for every single thing at this point, while it's still not an issue, the loss of ss compared to what I used to own was alarming nonetheless) Meanwhile it's been a kicking 4 years that I still have millions of sacred crystals with close to no ways of dumping them. When I can dump them into something (legendary elements/jewels), it doesn't change the fact that I also have to dump another mat along sacreds as well, which totally cancels the whole thing then. You get tons of sacred crystals thanks to PvE, these should be massively used instead of certain other materials. Elysian only for path raid was fine too, they just needed to give more opportunity of gathering them. It's raid and people can end up with no progression because the elysians are only a part of boss drops. Give people a bunch of them via dynamic chests. (or the boss treasures) Moonstone/soulstone are "pvp" materials and should stay that way : underused for PvE gear, main mats for PvP gear. It doesn't mean PvE gear should ask none of them, I do believe making people play "both PvE and PvP" isn't a bad thing, but they definitely need to make PvP fun for that to happen. Right now Arena/Tags are limited in time, with a tons of players either with 200 alts or people using xml/add-ons trash and Battleground is a cesspool of OHOKs with broken gear along broken 3rd specs for most. But back to mats, it should be the opposite for sacred/elysian : main pve mats, underused for pvp gear.
  8. Verifizierungsmail kommt immernoch nicht an

    Hallo danielastaufenbey, sollte es bei einigen Spielern weiterhin zu Schwierigkeiten kommen, bitten wir diese sich direkt per E-Mail an mit unserem Supportteam in Verbindung zu setzen. Danke!
  9. Bevor einer laut los schreit, ich weiß das Thema gab es schon und wurde geschlossen. Trotzdem: Während ich sowohl ein Freund von mir und Ich selber die Mail bekommen haben und uns auch ohne Probleme einloggen können, geht es einer guten Freundin ganz anders. Auf ihrem Account bekommt sie die Mail immernoch nicht zu gesendet. Woran könnte es liegen?? Weiß irgendjemand etwas?
  10. What everyone's thinking?

    One one hand yes but on the other, BnS has always been about both contents, even before release in the west so everyone should already know that in this game, part of its model is that you do both if you want to farm materials. This is not something that was magically added. Soulstones and Moonstones are PVP resources, so they are obtained through PVP only. This way its a healthy balance for both sides as each one has materials / items the other side needs. I am very sure if moonstones were obtainable through PVE 6v6 would completely die out.
  11. Nouveau clan débutant* Lithrium

    Salut ! je cherche aussi un clan BNS . à bientôt
  12. What everyone's thinking?

    Personally I think it’s stupid to have pvp players do pve to get pvp equipment and vice versa for pve players needing pvp to get pve stuff. In my opinion, mmos should be separated int o two types, competitive pvp and cooperative pve. An mmo shouldn’t cater to both. I understand why they do because they want players to do all content. The problem with that is they don’t consider the fact that some players just really hate either pvp or pve so much that they refuse to touch the respective content, regardless if you need to do it to get mats or gear. Needing mats or gear is not motivation enough to get those players to play those modes. So what kind of motivation do we need to get those players to do pve or pvp content if they hate one or the other that much?
  13. Verification code not getting sent

    Greetings NekoFantasy, As mentioned above, the issue has been solved on our end. Please make sure you check your spam folder for the code email. If you are still encountering any issues, please email our Support team at
  14. Verification code not getting sent

    Thank you for creating this post. I can't log in to report problems here. Try asking for help from testers and on Facebook and Twister. But did not receive an answer
  15. Technically there was no misleading here. The news post you are referring to was called "Items and system PREVIEW" those were not official patch notes but just a preview of things to expect.anything could change in that one week it was posted, it the same as them making preview streams and then something changes last minute. Official patch notes came out much later with a google doc, that showed the correct upgrade materials per stage. (i had the same issue but i waited for an official doc before i started to get the weapons for myself) As for the token policy, thats why it was introduced in the first place, to prevent people from just reverting anything they want. Thus regardless if they communicated something correctly or not, every reversal / restoration / transfer always will cost you 1 token. And your tokens refresh on 1st july.
  16. What everyone's thinking?

    My point is: PVE Players complain and complain about avaibility of Soulstones/Moonstones and demand ways to farm them with PVE which would result in lowering the income of PVP which is already super low if they dont do PVE aswell. If PVE Players get something like they get all the time if some improvements come into the game, PVP Players get something taken from them alot of times and reducing their only way of income this is definetly not a good way just to statisfy some PVE Players. Dont get me wrong i do agree all PVE related Items should be 100% obtaibale in good quantitiy via PVE only but then i want them to remove 100% of the need to play PVE at all if you want PVP Gear. Expect for HM skills which are farmed really really fast there is litterly no reason for PVE Players to join PVP while PVP Player are forced to the following: 1. Get decent PVE Gear cause no one will run the newest dungeons with you if you have Riftwalk 3 and 1st gen legendary stuff. 2. Run the Dungeons 100 times so you can get your PVP Accesories (most of the time even more than 100). 3. Do dailys every single day just like weeklys cause you need Keys to open boxes which are mainly obtainable via PVE. 4. Farm Elder scales cause you need them for current PVP Gear aswell. P.S yeah Elder scales can be bought via F5 but there is not enough quantity so i cant count this but i do count Sacred orbs, Elysians etc. otherwise i would argue that PVP cant get thoose aswell just like PVE cant really get Soul stones and moonstones. Simply put: PVE Players should stop being selfish and demand stuff instead they should think about the consequenzes and show options which would be beneficial for booth kind of players and not hurt the others otherwise i would demand them to give us sacred orbs and elysians in PVP aswell which would hurt the income of PVE Players but well they have more than enough ways to farm gold.
  17. Old Hexagonal Ruby

    It has an internal cooldown, so the stun only triggers once every 30 seconds. Some mobs are immune to stun.
  18. Warlocks are worthless.

    The bug I mentioned, certainly seems like a bug. I'm well aware of a universal cool down between the SF and SB. I talked about this in my complaint, I believe they should stack, give distinct buffs, and they shouldn't share a cool down. I'm also well aware if another warlock is my group. Without any cool down, without a warden or an additional warlock in my group, about 30% of the time when I go to start Soulburn, the cool down activates but the buff doesn't.
  19. That lag happens only because the game is so big that it takes a long time for your client to find the correct item information to show you. Nothing else than that and it cannot be fixed by anyone except the developers themselves. There's too much assets in the game and client has trouble finding everything fast enough to not lag. Game needs to be cleaned up, a lot.
  20. What everyone's thinking?

    Why are you talking about soulstone crystals when OP is specifically talking about Soulstones? You most definitely do NOT get enough soulstones out of PvE. Even if you push dailies and weeklies on all alts, you would hardly make enough of those for a single PTS try in a week. I would hardly call that enough, especially when we look at just how many TS and PTS the gear progression needs. And f5 prices of the stuff are yikes, at least in EU.
  21. Verification code not getting sent

    Greetings everybody, Thank you for the reports. Our team is taking a closer look at this issue. UPDATE: It looks like the issue was finally resolved. We appreciate your patience, while our team was working on a solution.
  22. Verifizierungscode kommt net

    Hallo zusammen, danke für die Meldungen. Wir schauen uns das bereits genauer an. Update: Die ersten Mails gehen inzwischen raus. Wir entschuldigen uns für jegliche Unanahemlichkeiten und bedanken uns für eure Geduld, während unser Team an einer Lösung gearbeitet hat.
  23. Verification email not sent

    Greetings everybody, Thank you for the reports. We have forwarded the information to the appropriate team members and are taking a closer look.
  24. Verification email not sent

    Comfirmed your email server isnt working so player cant log into game if ip adress is changing because of router reset.
  25. Verifizierungscode kommt net

    Moin Moin, nen Kollege hat das Prob auch seit einigen Stunden, gestern Abend ging es noch!
  26. Verification code not getting sent

    Yes, my gf can't log either since morning. It's a wide-spread issue that the authentication e-mail doesn't arrive. Please fix it as soon as possible.
  27. How far behind is my dps ?

    And when you have decent gear, you need xml and macro ... which making everyone fps down to 5 (even with removing anim and effects)... Sure it's not considered as ddosing client or the servers. At night match server are downs (queuing arena or bg lead to no response sometimes)
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