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  2. FPS drop/combat freeze issues got even worse since last patch

    Greetings, Some players reported that going to your game settings and unticking the "Use reflex context guide" box solved similar issues.
  3. Welches Geistesabzeichen

    Ja ich weiß welche du meinst ;) Geh mal in das Becken des Himmels, da kannst du beim Händer für Pfirsiche genau diese auch für Pfirsiche holen (ist jetzt nicht mehr unbedingt nötig, aber es gibt sie da noch). Da siehst du auch genau, welchen Effekt die haben. Ich hatte wie gesagt kinetische Kugel für den Beschützer vor dem Legendären für Göttlichkeit
  4. I had similar issues ... turned out 32 bit client is Switched to 64, and got 1 dc for the entirety of last week, huge improvement compared to the dark ages of 32 bit.
  5. Listen your voice please.

    As for the soul / aura sure I will agree closing the cap is much harder. As for the other items not really. Just a example while I still need to get in on a group for the actual TT accessories, I have already bought my upgrade material for when I reach Shadow Forge stage 6 and will be able to switch over to grand celestial weapon. So, minus the accessories and the pet / soul what other gap is there to really close in on? As long as you focus on one thing at a time and work towards it even using more then 1 character to help fund the goal it is still reachable. I have 31 more gem tickets to get and I'm gilded, sure squares are a far off thing but not 100% needed. As the above poster pointed out for some things there is a thing as too much damage where it can actually hurt you. As for the PVP aspect catching up isn't that hard but still reflects the soul / aura will take the longest and to be honest only a handful of players have thought or cared enough to max out their talisman. As for your comment on how badges effect pvp, that is something for them to look into and adjust while you will always have issues when it comes to balancing unless they make gear not matter for pvp at all thus rendering a lot of people's efforts in vain where they just put everyone on a equal footing when doing battleground, open world pvp etc. Much like they do with arena.
  6. es geht such um diese 4 Abzeichen, dabei geht es sich um die 2 Möglichkeiten unter k, die Kampfkünste, und da habe ich Göttlichkeit. weis das Frevel nicht für Göttlichkeit ist. Werde aber mal Schaun, Danke erst mal für die Info
  7. Muss das sein?

    Das dachte ich auch, aber scheinbar ist es so, das die nach den alten Schmuck haben, hab aber bei keinem nachgesehen, wie seine Performance ist.
  8. Ok, danke erst mal für die Antworten. ich dachte das hat was mit den Baguas oder so zu tun.
  9. Listen your voice please.

    3 things needed to clear the more difficult event portion: 1. TT gear (varies and depends on #2 and #3). 2. Good ping (mid double digits or lowers). 3. Class knowledge (optimal skill rotations).
  10. Or allow DPS meter on any training dummy ;)
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  12. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    I think I prefer these Trove like boxes over the traditional RNG boxes. No benefits of Trove, but for every 10 you get 1 free box. I tried 100 boxes and felt my RNG was much better with these than previous boxes; however, RNG is RNG so maybe I got lucky this time. Gambling is promoted in any game that offers loot boxes. It's an unfortunate thing that has become the norm and won't go away for a good while. You can see my results below:
  13. Bloom Jackpot

    Submit a ticket to support. They cannot assist you on forums. 1. Click on Support Login Submit a Ticket Fill in the fields and and describe your problem and you're good to go
  14. Here are my results from 100 Sparking Starcaller Chests....In the name of science.
  15. New launcher

    Hello new launcher! Please stop switching my region at random. Thanks!
  16. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    This RNG box is just an out-of-season Trove, with less benefits. At least they don't take away Daily Dash with potential venture tokens when the box is around. Also, the box gives no pity currency where you can exchange for goodies (the coin is only to get another box). It is quite a disappointment to outfit collectors like me, cuz the box introduces no new outfits, and the outfit chests are in the rarest pouches, instead of 2-star like Troves.
  17. Listen your voice please.

    I guess the question is are we talking for pve or pvp? For pve you don’t need to be maxed except for maybe when a new raid comes out (and again don’t think you will need max just high tier). But it will largely be based on mechs of the dungeons/raids. Some parts of the game actually require players to cut back on dps if they are to geared (heard some groups have to for TT and ran into a bug as we pushed to far on a Vt min boss yesterday. Also the challenge mode players need to hold back some to get through mech phases for more points). If we are talking pvp, then yes the gap is huge, and one player can carry a team. Players will need to prioritize specific items for survival (pet aura OP). PVP is an area that definitely could use some looking at, but that can also be achieved through game mode designs to help lessen effects of gear if needed. the only thing I spend money on in this game is premium, I have closed a large amount of the gap in a years time, getting gated by rng drops from raid bosses for a while. Areas I am slightly lacking is the typical pet/soul/gems/talisman. About to push to cosmic soul, and the gems actually don’t have the greatest impact in my performance. So with working on quality of life updates, the gap can be closed, but in no gearing mmo have I ever seen a casual player be able to be caught up with the hard core/paying customer. This genre doesn’t support it well, specially with F2P models. But the Reductions and removal of some rng helps.
  18. Dc'ing in VT and SK

    I dc at the end of mech, at the same part. Sk its at the end of driving and VT its on twins at grab orbs for healing and keeper. Every time no questions ask. I run dungeons on f8 and do pvp for hrs with no dc's. I dont understand why this is happening or how to fix this small bug. anyone got any ideas? i tried lowering my settings, changing clients to and from 32 and 64, and updating my graphic card. Anything i try it always dc's me, end of driving on SC and grab orbs at twins in VT.
  19. People still upgrade gear to increase their farming efficiency. Sure, you can kill Ma'o with newbie gear without enrage timer, but are you willing to spend one hour per run to get a single alpha token fragment as end reward? Or will you upgrade first so that it becomes 10 minutes/run? The only thing enrage timer severs in this game is to DPS-check players, thus forcing players to gear up. If they want to gear up fast, they have to swipe, or grind a lot on multi alts, exhaust themselves, then give up and swipe. NCSoft is also very uncanny with enrage timers. Many times, in order to force players to gear up, they reduce enrage timers if they find out that players can dps leisurely at low gear. If you pay attention, you will notice that many end-dungeon bosses have much less enrage timer compared to mid-dungeon bosses. Numok is a good example. Of course, it is not matter now since awk.skill patch gives players a lot of DPS. But pre.awk, if you were in a party with low DPS (typical R6 party) and failed to do mech to prevent him healing, Numok was unkillable. Ironically, if he was in his former enrage timer (about 7-10 minutes), he would be killable even failing all mech.
  20. Disparition de mon personnage.

    Bonjour Phylis, D'abord, vérifie que ton launcher ne s'est pas mis sur un serveur américain (c'est le choix par défaut). Si tu es sur le bon serveur, alors peut-être que tu auras besoin de l'aide de l'Assistance :
  21. Can't update

    Greetings ritsulover21, Please get in touch with our Support team by submitting a ticket via the Support tab above. They can help you trouble shoot.
  22. Take away the current enrage and then there is literally no reason for people to upgrade gear for pve. and if someone is not geared for a certain dungeon then he should not be there in the first place. buttt….lets have it this way they should change the enrage so its no longer a wipe, instead they should change dungeon requirements. remove the hm level and weapon requirement for f8 and introduce gear score based on your equipment upgrade.
  23. Can't update

    I wanted to play BnS again and started to download the game and in the launcher game started to update an after some time an error shows up - DR_\contents\bns\ I don't know what to do so can someone please help me????
  24. Hallo Shining Neo, die Beutel haben momentan kein Ablaufsdatum, sind aber nur bis 24. April zum Kauf erhältlich.
  25. *NCSoft duly noted and decided to add all of these suggestions in future. Together with their normal enrage timer, of course*
  26. Listen your voice please.

    But you will never be able to catch up to people that have max soul pet aura and maxed gems, because the game is scuffed now. There is no balance and gear gap as I said is too big between f2p casual and p2w. we should have never gotten another raid, 12man BT was enough for this game, after that VT Gear and the badge started the gear gating. Having more damage to clear content is okay, but they did not think about how the badges would affect PvP.
  27. At first i write the whole error message so you can check if you have the same issue or not : "Failed to download the file.Check your network(ISP authentication, NAC, firewall, antivirus and other settings) and try again. ........ \" I tried all suggestions in forum and support page but they didnt work for me .So i gave up downloading new launcher ; and used old one till yesterday. From yesterday i must download the new one ; old launcher wasnt working. First i tried the solutions here on support page again ; ( Then i tried to use a vpn ( vpnbook germany server PTTP) and now i can download the game. Especially for users connecting the game from Turkey and other countries which has bad quality DSL ; i suggest thist method.
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