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    Which is better now, undying or warsong?
  4. Game dying

    I also assume that the algorithm from mmo-pop.. is counting all players that connect to the game from every region. The kind of numbers the game pulls there seems to be heavily askewed, 180k + daily players - with a playbase like that you would have to be in the golden age of MMO's. (when compaired to other MMO's via steamcharts, FF14 - avg 19,000 Daily, ESO - avg 13,000 daily.) I think it may be safe to say, While BnS Asia is holding steady the general interest from BnS Europe/NA is declining, which is something we are all witnesses to.
  5. ***** Push ***** Wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche nach: BM, KFM, WAR, SIN, SUM
  6. Hoongmon Training Praktierer/Warlock

    Hey, das ist aber nicht das einzige Problem beim Warlock auf dem Trainingsgelände. Gleich die erste Kombo lvl 15 auf dem Illusionsbaum ist nicht ausführbar, weil dort Seelenzug (F) gefordert wird, den man erst mit lvl 30 bekommt. Eine weitere Kombi ist auch nicht möglich, weil man dafür den Skill unter V auch erst ab 30+ bekommt. Beide Kombos im Illusionsbaum bei Lvl 15. Dann im Verdamnisbaum LvL 15 Kombo: Drachenhelix: 3x rechte Maustaste und dann die 4 ... nur das sich die 4 (Drachenhelix) bei mir nicht aktiviert, sowohl im Trainingsraum noch draußen im Feld. Die Drachenhelix der Skill selber lässt sich laut Skillbeschreibung unter K erst nach 3 Dämonenkugel aktivieren, ich bekomme aber nach 3x RMB nur 2 Dämonenkugeln zusammen, ergo nicht machbar die Kombo so wie sie verlangt wird. Auch noch nicht mit lvl 35. Dann auch dort im Lvl 15 Training Kombo Geistersturm auch dort wird V (Geistersturm) verlangt, der Skill der erst mit 30+ erlernbar ist. inkl. den schon oben benannten Problem. Wie lange wird/soll das denn noch dauern (4 Monate seit dem ersten Beitrag sind schon vergangen)? Da passt so einiges nicht. Und das selbst nach über 4 Monaten noch nix weiteres bekannt ist ist auch nicht sehr ermuntern.
  7. Issue with open world pvp

    this sounds more like a WoW Vanilla post. with the current state of the game, there is no reason to do anything other than finish the game if you aren't max level. if you don't want to be killed by a higher level player, than simply don't wear an outfit that allows yourself to be killed.
  8. Game dying

    I didn't make MMO-Populations, so I wouldn't know if it tracks the player activity across all regions, but I think it does. However, what's important to understand about MMO-Populations is that their tracked MMO player counts are based primarily on active Reddit subscribers and users for the respective MMORPG Reddit pages. The actual player count is not as accurate as it's shown, mainly because getting accurate player numbers for any MMORPG game is very difficult unless this data was publicly released by the leading industry that developed the game(s). What makes the site good, though, is that it provides accurate comparisons between different MMORPGs as they are ranked against each other. So for Blade & Soul being at Rank 14 might not be accurate considering there are some dead MMORPG games not removed from the charts, but the fact that it's up there is a compelling argument against the fact that the game isn't dying. If there are still players talking about Blade & Soul on both Reddit and general social media platforms, it means the game's community is still active, and with that comes the assumption that in-game, there is an almost-equal number of active players as well. It's just about being on at the right place at the right time to find said players.
  9. A la date et heure suivante, nous effectuerons une maintenance de tous les serveurs. Blade & Soul sera indisponible pendant la durée de la maintenance. Nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement ce fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur l'évolution de la situation. [Date et heures] Le mercredi 19 juillet de 13 h à 17 h(heure de Paris) * La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement. [Serveurs affectés] - Tous [Détails] 5.5 Le F-Estival de Hongsil – Notes de mise à jour Maintenance et modifications de routine sur tous les serveurs. Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée
  10. Hallo, wir werden am 21.8.2019 ab 13 Uhr Wartungsarbeiten an den Blade & Soul Servern durchführen. Während dieser Zeit werden alle Server nicht erreichbar sein. Im Moment gehen wir davon aus, dass die Arbeiten 4 Stunden in Anspruch nehmen werden. Bitte behaltet diesen Thread im Auge, um über Neuigkeiten auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben! Wir bitten euch die entstehenden Unannehmlichkeiten zu entschuldigen. Nachfolgend findet ihr eine Liste mit Änderungen, die in diesem Update enthalten sind: Anmerkungen zum Patch „Blade & Soul: Hongsil Sommerspaß“ Um sicherzustellen, dass ihr keine Informationen zur Serverwartung verpasst, folgt bitte unseren Twitter-Accounts @BladeAndSoulOps und @bladeandsoul_DE. Tweets von BladeAndSoulOps
  11. Game dying

    Oh that good to know. My only question now is, is that total population from all region (KR, NA, EU, etc) ? If so, then it would not necessary reflect the U.S. population since it is still quite popular in KR and there is a noticeable decline on the U.S. side (at least that how I feel base) .
  12. Starting on August 21, 4:00 a.m. PDT / 13:00 CEST, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: 5.5 Hongsil's Summer Blast Patch Notes Routine server maintenance and modifications For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  13. Game dying

    I wouldn't use those numbers as a good projection of the current Blade & Soul player population, mainly because of the reason you explained: not everyone uses BnS Buddy. Better to use MMO-Population, as the statistics closely resemble those from Statista. The Blade & Soul MMO-Population graphs can be found here:
  14. Alice Ribbon

    For the love of Jinsoyun please bring back Alice Ribbon to f10 so that i can finally get a decent hairstyle, Thank you very much !
  15. Design contest rewards

    Send them a mail with your three costume top choices. I used the contest email. Rewards will be sent by the end of the week. Costumes can't be exclusives or achievement outfits.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    Victory Token & Fragment The text "This item is redeemable until 2019/9/17" has been added to the tooltip. Are you for real this? Not only are they not tradeable now you stuck a timer on them?
  18. Game dying

    Not true number but a good view of the trend since not everyone use bns buddy. Bns buddy online user 2018 Summer 4000-6000 2018/2019 Winter trove 3500 2019 Post fishing event 2500-2900 2019 Summer 2000-2300 And today right now 2196 online.
  19. Slt cherche dans tes lettres recues une quete du nom "Dernier refuge" elle te débloquera et te demandera de te tp au havre de lune .
  20. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    Will accessory specialization changeover at stage 10 also be removed with this patch? IE Stage 10 darkstorm neck (destructoid gunner) converting to stage 10 darkstorm (undertaker gunner) neck
  21. You're right, they did explain it was a limited time exchange, but that does not make it any less stupid. It's been shown that featuring a system where you can swap equipment based on which specialization you wish to play doesn't break the game in any way. The only thing it did was provide players with a more versatile gameplay experience. There are zero reasons for this to not remain permanent.
  22. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    Oof, less than 24 hrs notice on the removal of badge exchange. Give at least a week's notice next time please, or preferably warn us a full patch ahead of time. Whats up with the victory tokens? No other token has expired like the victory tokens are sounding like they're going to expire. EDIT: Badge Exchange was a very good quality of life feature, consider adding it back in the future permanently.
  23. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    I'm fairly certain they made it clear that was a limited time exchange.
  24. Ahh, okay. It just sounded like the dislike came from the playerbase, even though the lot of us are continuing to press for better changes to be made for the game. Unfortunately with this "patch" coming up, it sounds like the worst changes are still being made.
  25. What do you think of our publisher? (Feedback)

    My take on all of the mechs there have ever been, or will, be is it comes down to waiting on the last person to finally 'get it' and then you win.
  26. As I said, we gave them positive feedback on the introduction of the gear swap system when it released, and the developers and publishers decided to take it out of the game. I carry no blame on the playerbase.
  27. So are you blaming the actual BnS community players or the developers and executives on this one? It sounds like you're hating on us for these changes.
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