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  2. Beware of CS scams

    The scam is he agreed to use his orb in exchange for the others foregoing the 1st and 2nd boss loot and letting him have it -- this agreement was in the form of him recruiting "moml both bosses" and others joining that lobby/party. Him leaving after freely looting the first boss breaks the trust of everyone who passed for him. If you don't think that is a scam, there is something wrong with your thinking. And how would someone ELSE putting an orb for Kaari recover the right to roll on the 1st boss loot? I mean seriously... I know you keep posting 'it's a game, you shouldn't take it seriously, blah blah blah', but sometimes people are sick of bending over.
  3. New launcher auto-start

    the old launcher had an option you could tick that would automatically start the game after you entered the password. The new one lacks this option and i find it very annoying, specially with a game that takes like 1 minute to load, i'd like to be able to just enter password and maybe go do something else while it loads, like brewing my coffee in the mornings (lol). Also the new launcher is stupidly slow loading from password screen to "start game screen" which makes it even worse. Could this maybe be added in some patch? it's not super hard to do.
  4. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    Looking at these "RNG Boxes" or trove, is it not just a more money hungry version of trove? Sure, it has aspects of both, but neither of their benefits, no consolation currency you could save up and just buy what you wanted, and no guaranteed crits after around 30 attempts. Of course they depend on luck and are/were worth it for some, but for the average, less fortunate player the traditional RNG boxes were better value in my opinion. This, like trove, just promotes gambling, and before some white knight says "It's your choice to buy those boxes" come on now, we know the point of this RNG design is to manipulate enough people into gambling and spending as much as they can in the hopes of getting the amazing rewards.
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  6. Where are we now?

    throwback to the misty wood summoner bots that would farm the keys all day long
  7. Muss das sein?

    Ich denke eine Begrenzung der Dungeons nach HM Level würde viele Spieler eher vertreiben. Ich laufe mit meine HM 15 Sin Enklave der Ältesten und selbst Sandsturmtempel problemlos im Hardmode. Drüber wird es dann langsam problematisch mit dem Schaden. Warum soll ich also diese Dungeons nicht mehr laufen konnen, wenn ich das Equip und vor allem die Mechanik kenne und kann? Nur weil ich HM 15 bin? Tut euch selber einen Gefallen und schaut euch die Guides an. z.B. von Eckogen ( Der macht verdammt gute Guides, die auch verständlich sind, wenn man nicht so gut in Englisch ist. Das große Problem heute ist, das alle so DPS verwöhnt sind, das keiner mehr irgendwelche Mechaniken macht. Reicht der Schaden dann mal nicht, wird gewiped und gejammert weil eben keiner mehr Mechaniken kann, geschweige denn sich die Mühe macht diese mal zu lernen. Hättet ihr die kleinen Spinnen in Ruhe gelassen, wären diese nur dem Mark gefolgt, und hätten die anderen Spieler ignoriert. Gleiches beim Endboss, jeder meint in die Blumen zu rennen und dann wild die anderen Spieler in die dunkle Fläche zu ziehen, anstatt mal ordentlich mit ND / FD zu Spielen. Gut, nachdem HH in Grund und Boden generfed wurde ist es mittlerweile egal, solange man noch eine einigermaßen gute Lifereg hat. Trotzdem sieht man hier immer wieder unnötig Leute sterben, weil die Mechanik versaut wird. Sorry aber die derzeitige Begrenzung durch die geforderte Waffenstufe ist ausreichend. Für HH reicht Licht/Dunkelgeist 12 und wenn man die Mechanik kann, ist dies ausreichend.
  8. Listen your voice please.

    I do hear that ET should be easier to adjust to mechanic wise then it was from VT -> TT. Also there have been some nice quality of life updates that have made it easier to gear up in general. By removing the randomness of raid drops, you no longer have to wait upwards of 10 +weeks to even see your drop, this will help the average player gear up easier. Also not locking any spec behind the third boss they will be giving a more equalized playing field for everyone. With up to hellion (except bracelet) gear being easily obtained through MR the current difference between low gear and high gear is not as extreme (specially that VT badge is so cheap at the moment, and that was a huge gear wall players couldn’t get past). It will be interesting to see if the DPS requirement for ET will be max gear or not, and if people can circumvent that by playing a lot and having a high Unity ranking. @Kitsune Takahashi at lvl 45 cap, if my memory serves, there wasn’t a pvp weapon. The main difference in pvp and pve was HMPoint allocation (points upgraded different skills changing their effects more drastically then current system), and SS. If there was pvp gear I don’t remember it, and it wouldn’t have as much impact on your performance. This is the time he was referring to in his post. Mind you pvp still wasn’t balanced great and you could tell who had the right SS and who didn’t (and the bots in arena).
  9. Magier

    Haben wir doch, nennt sich FM = Force Master oder auf deutsch Gewaltenbändiger ;)
  10. New launcher

    Nothing, my friend. but thanks for the help
  11. Listen your voice please.

    Grind out gear for your character nontheless is simply not enough in this game. For the game to be truly fulfilling, people need to experience it at it's prime. By that I mean they have to beat the conent at it's hardest possible tier. No nerfs TT for example. Do you think the nerfed win is the same in terms of fulfillment, as the hardcore win at it's release? It's like playing super mario, but instead of dying when you're short and get hit, you die after three hits instead. The quantity of "win" from clearing the game under these circumstances is miserable at best. We are gamers, not corn sprouts. And the one and only reason people can't do raid content at it's release, is cause they require us to be more or less maxed out in the old top content. Well GG with that, just look at the soul upgrade path for example. It's one of the biggest dps increases, but it's bloated with a thousand stages that give you literally zero. How are we supposed to be motivated to upgrade something which costs us 120k gold, when 95k of that gives us almost nothing. I understand that they need to keep us grinding so we don't get bored, but given how much stuff there is to grind out between patches, I'd say the current gear progression is way too bloated to allow player who aren't digging NC's casino schemes to get where they need to be in order to be above the wipe line for a new raid and simultaneously break even damage wise.
  12. New launcher

    Thankfully at least for me, I haven't had any problems with this launcher nor with Windows. As for the dpi thing, are you running any kind of software that works with any of your input devices? Is your screen scale in Windows display set to default 150% or to 100%. I personally have it set to 100 because some older programs used to act in weird ways with anything else there. I know I'm shooting some blind bullets here, but sometimes the solutions to some PC problems are in unexpected places.
  13. [SUGGESTION/INFO] EXP and the current non-whale player.

    I've accounted for that already.
  14. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    Thanks for the advice. I might instead focus upgrading my accessories and weapons, since I know those matter, and I still need to advance my Legendaries by a few more levels to gain the extra AP and crit. I need to improve my DPS.
  15. New launcher

    Worst comes to worst, you could just uninstall everything, both Blade & Soul and the old NC launcher, but save that as a last resort. Based on your situation, and don't quote me on this, it sounds like your NC Launcher 2 was not set up properly, resulting in it getting corrupted. I ran into this situation trying to use the new launcher to run the game, and there wouldn't be a prompt for me to click on to start it. If you have Blade & Soul already installed from the old launcher, and you're trying to install and use the new launcher and make it work, try the process(es) below. Note: these steps only apply to Windows or PC computers; they aren't the same for Mac, and I don't have experience using a Mac. For fixing NC Launcher 2 w/ the old launcher already installed Click on the search bar at the bottom of your screen to the right of the Windows icon. Type in "appwiz.cpl" and click on the first result that pops up called "appwiz.cpl." It's a system file shortcut that takes you to all your apps on your hard drive. On the app screen, scroll down until you find something that's titled "NC Launcher" or whatever the old launcher went by; it should have the old NC logo. Right-click on the old NC Launcher option and select "Uninstall/Change." Run through its uninstall process completely. Doing this should take you back to the app screen with the NC Launcher option gone. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86) -> C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT, or wherever you installed it, and delete it's contents; NOT the entire folder. Doing this prevents junk files from being produced unexpectedly. Two options from here: If you have the NC Launcher 2 already installed, repeat Step 3-4 with NC Launcher 2 as the option, then find the NC Launcher 2.exe and reinstall it. If NC Launcher 2 isn't installed, navigate to where you have the NC Launcher 2.exe, click on it, and install it. After re-installing the NC Launcher 2, do not check on "Run Application." We want to make sure the NC Launcher 2 folder is in the NCSOFT folder you accessed in Step 5. Check to make sure it's there. If it's there, right-click on the NC Launcher 2 shortcut (if there isn't one, make one), and select "Run as Administrator." Once run, log in, and the application should be searching for your game if it's there. If it prompts you to install the game, click on it, and it should begin a search, whereby it asks for a location of the game directory folder and you provide it. If not, and it asks you to install the game instead and asks where you want to install it, you're going to have to repeat Steps 3-4 with the Blade & Soul client. THIS IS A LAST RESORT. Run through the installation process as normal. For fixing NC Launcher 2 w/out the old launcher being installed Repeating all the steps above, excluding those that ask you to uninstall the old NC Launcher. Hopefully this helps.
  16. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    They are nice to have, yeah, but not necessarily must-have: 1) In this game, healing is something self-sustain from drain gems. Unlike PvP where it is harder to come by due to random player skills, Bosses are static target with fixed rotation 2) Even if you have max pet, if you are careless, you still die or lose a lot of DPS. High HP and Def are cool, but Pet won't help you face tank every single attack. Some attacks even deal fixed damage that ignore def. Meanwhile, a no pet person can survive just fine if they are careful to not get hit. 3) Many of pet stats are pvp orients. The only thing relevant to PvE is boss AP and healing. The latter can help a bit in case of DoT, but not permanent due to long cooldown. 4) You can have extra HP from unity system, which boosts your HP by a nice amount. Also talisman, though I don't advise upgrade it past the stage where it starts to ask for pet pack. And you can always have exyra HP from 20 HM points to defense, if you are desperate. With that said, don't upgrade pet past awk.loyal, or ultimate stage, if you only pve.
  17. Listen your voice please.

    Well you do make some valid points as for gearing but everyone will experience it differently. Grant it I'm no where near done but I'm Aransu 9, still working on accessories but once I'm done I'll be TT ready and while it took me a year and some months to figure out after making a bunch of characters which one I like the most and consider it my main, it didn't take long to actually gear up to the point I'm at now. I'm also a free player. I don't know how it was back then since I'll openly admit I've only played this game since Jan-Feb 2018. Also, please don't pvp with a pve weapon, there is a reason why there is 2 different teirs. Also, people focus too much on the raid path which grant it does give more overall damage but the dungeon path is so much cheaper and easier to obtain which allows one to catch up a little quicker then finally switch over to the raid path. Even though our last few post are completely off topic. In the end I'm sure we all can agree, event could of been handled better but at the same time you can still grind out that gear for your character none the less.
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  19. New launcher

    Did not work. thank you
  20. Magier

    Hallo Forum-Menschen und NCSoft-Menschen Ich habe mich gefragt ob es nicht möglich ist, eine Magier Klasse hinzuzufügen. mich nimmts außerdem wunder wie das andere sehen. einen schönen Abend noch Domii
  21. Listen your voice please.

    What broke the requirement for doing content is not the arrogance of elitists but highr tier gems, soul, and pets. Soon the heart and that brain item will be the next thing. Those items are unable to upgrade unless you decide to swipe and get it max. It's not about making it easier to gear up for players, because that does not imply in bns, you can simply buy gold and then from gold you buy mats and you upgrade everything in 1 day or 2 that's the big problem. The gap between f2p, casual players and p2w is just too big now that there is no point in gearing up as you wont catch up to that gear and be top notch. Here's how As a f2p player I grinded my way and as I was close to end game gear content, they decide to release another raid when not everyone could do it accept those that p2w their way. We get content to early for people with aransu/raven to catch up to TT gear and as we people will start getting TT gear they will release another raid called ET or something and that will put once again f2p and casual players in back as the p2w will just have the advantage over the gear gap. Same applies to pvp, back in 45 patch or no even later back when max weapon was Bale/Seraph Stage 4 you could still complete fairly with a True Breeze or Oathbreaker if you knew the class and match up, and now you can't even land a combo before some other guy will just desintegrate your health bar in 6v6 and ow pvp wise that is no longer the good old pvp that we had back in misty woods but more of a show off on how fast you can 1 shoot eachother. Not only VT will die if this keeps uo but eventually the game it self.
  22. Ich finde es schade das es nicht das Event geändert würde ist, es wird immer mehr zu ein Cascher Game und das finde ich schade und die dummen sind die nicht Caschen ich finde die Stroy toll, aber wennn ich ein habes jahr brauche um die mats zu farmen um soweit wie die jetrzt sind mit Max Gear, ist dann mein Gear wieder veralte. ob man sich hier sagt es passtiert nix und Ncsoft seit es ja nicht zu interessieren von mein Freunden sind schon ich mehr weil die sagt das Ncsoft so scheiße geworden sind und kohle haben wollen sagt hört mit dem Spiel auf die Spieler sind ncsoft egal die wollen spieler die reichlich kohle im spiel stecke sind besser als die es nicht tun Ich finde es schade das es nicht so ausglichen ich wüsche mir die Zeit mit Turnhallen voller Gamer die am zocken waren
  23. Listen your voice please.

    Say you use the free voucher or decide to buy one, Lucent gear isn't provided in that case in which case you need to farm it in order to breakthrough your skybreak gear. As for the requirements is what I was hinting at, it isn't the baseline required to do the raid, dungeons. It is the baseline for the community to run them with you and THAT is the problem which blocks a lot of people and also twists their way of thinking that they must have that in order to clear certain things when really it isn't the case. It might not be the same the Blade and Soul, but I still don't think they should water down ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for players to make them put in less effort to make it that much easier to get items but that is the trend as time goes on in almost every mmorpg. It is kind of sad really. As for your examples of Naryu Lab and Sundering Nexus. Give them time and I'm sure it will be used again but no content is dead content. Hell you can still legit farm gold doing Naryu Lab if you have enough time to do said runs. People say Celestial Basin is dead now and yet you can get materials for days. People say faction is dead yet you still need to do it to level up new competitive clans, farm soulstone and mirage crystals. In any case, if you want a quick clear and take less effort in doing MSP for the Grand Celestial Soul Shields find people to carry you or find some like minded players who have the patience and run the damn thing then complain about a event that truly only offers you cosmetic wings, octagonal gems and 1 extra Grand Celestial Soul shield that you can buy achievement free. In your way of thinking, they gave raven soul shields from the story now to everyone so that is dead content, they even moved the accessories to Moon Refuge. Next up on the chopping block is VT which will be dieing shortly as well. Would like to mention I'm only Aransu 9 on my summoner, I can solo MSP 1-4, I only require extra people for 5 and 6 due to hp amount he has and the fact that Stage 6 can enrage. SO players that have raven / rift/ dawn 9 as 12 players shouldn't have much issue on the turtle even at stage 6 as long as they know attack patterns and can do their part of dps.
  24. Insel der vergeltung bugusing

    nun, das durch die Wand schmeißen kommt durch die Items die man Sammeln kann, wie einen Hammer, oder eine Art Greifarm zum weg schleudern. Hab einen FM, mir ist es bis dato noch nicht gelungen, einen zu greifen und durch die Wand zu schmeißen. aber ich bin kein PVPler. Du musst eben was Schlauer sein, ist ein Versteckspiel, ich sammel Sprungfedern, grüne Flaschen, und Blaue auf den Kopf fallen lassen Skills, bewege mich immer so hoch wie möglich, verstecke mich in Bäumen, oder hohe Plattformen, und wenn einer was will, Sprungfeder, ab in die Luft und langsam runtergleiten, was neues zum Verstecken suchen, und zucken wie die Jäger sich gegenseitig alle machen, mit etwas Geschick, schaffe ich es 2-3 zu werden, kassiere so 100000-150000 EP das reicht mir. Gestern musse ich lachen, 5 Leute hatten sich in einem Baum versteckt, keiner hat den anderen was getan, haben alle gewartet bist der Meister- Hoong, sich mit einem anderen Meister-Hoong geprügelt hat, echt gut sowas Live zu sehen. Darum ein Tipp, Vorsicht am Anfang mit dem Items sammeln, hast du alles, wenn möglich bis die Wand das erste mal wandert, dann such dir ein hohes Gebit, Felsen oder Baum um so höher um so besser, und sie zu das du nicht erwischt wirst, ich stelle mich da recht dumm an, und sterbe bei einen Kampf, darum verstecke ich mich bis zum Schluss.
  25. Launcher 2 doesn't fit screen

    Same here please fix it :(
  26. I just started getting back into the game, I made a new Lyn Warden and was able to play for about an hour before the crashes started happening, now im lucky if I can get over a minute before it crashes. Anyone know a fix?
  27. Muss das sein?

    Hallo, möchte mal was los werden, und euch mal fragen wie Ihr darüber denkt. Sollte mein einige Dungeons für HM 15- nicht Sperren? War heute mit Hm 12-15 in der Enklave der Ältesten, (ok, Hm hat keine Aussagekraft, es kommt auf das Equipe an), eine Katastrophe, FM HM 18, musste mehr Gruppenschutz anwenden damit die nicht alle ins Gras beißen, konnte dadurch auch nicht viel schaden machen, das ende vom Lied, keiner kümmerte ich um die kleinen Spinnen, die natürlich ihr Gift abgaben, war nachher nur damit beschäftigt die kleinen Spinnen zu killen, anstatt die Mutter an zu greifen. Schaden machte kaum einer. bei nicht mal 50% gingen dann alle wegen dem Gift kaputt. Was bringt es einem, mit HM 14-15 da rein zu gehen, und man kommt nicht aus aus den Füßen. Ich bin kein Freund der Leute gerne kickt, aber in dem Fall hätte ich mir das ganze sparen können.Natürlich steht immer dabei, mit welcher Stufe sie darein können, aber sie halten sich nicht daran. Darum meine ich das man das irgend wie von bestimmten Faktoren abhängig machen sollte, wer wo wann rein kann. Noch ein Ärgernis, ja ja ich weis, nicht über F8 rein gehen, aber denke über Drachensäule wird es auch nicht anders sein. Eine Gruppe wird zusammengestellt, anstatt auf alle zu warten, laufen dann 1-2 Spieler, schon mal los, dann fällt ihnen ein, man müsse doch noch Leute Rekrutieren, und irgend wann ist alles soweit auseinander gezogen, das man Probleme hat,die vorne sind einzuholen. Es ist ja ein Gruppen Spiel und nicht Solo, denke ich, was bezweckt man damit? sich zu beweisen wie Stark man ist? oder schlicht weg, Ego Probleme? Meine beim Boss muss man eh auf die Anderen warten. Das schlimmste daran ist, wenn man unterwegs was Sammeln muss, vorne die Sammeln, und die Hinten sind bekommen es nicht gut geschrieben, weil sie zuweit weg sind. Währe es da nicht besser das ein Dungeon erst dann freigegeben wird, bis alle da sind? Kenne das von wo Anders her, mann kann zwar in den Dungeon rein, aber eine Wand versperrt den Zugang solange bis alle da sind.
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