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  2. Personally i dont have any DC issues, but i do know some clan members and friends get them, but mostly on the 32bit client. Do you get them on the 64? For some a full out reinstall of the game fixed it, for some not. Generally expecially if its a network error its more likely something with your connection? I do agree the way the game handles dc's is not the finest but doubt that will change.
  3. Orange Quest questions

    ORange quests are leading you to the actual raid in the end which is a 12 man dungeon. In cases of The skybreak spire and Temple of Eluvium quest lines, you are able to go in and fight a solo version of the boss so you can complete those on your own. Anything above that so: Nightfall Sanctuary, Scarlet Conservatory and The Steelbreaker, to complete those you will need either a carry raid or get good enough gear to run it with a group / clan.
  4. Games dead

    Yet every day i am in F8 on my alt and always find parties for everything except for Harrow Hold o.o (maybe you are just there in a bad time)
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  6. Games dead

    I am sure they listen but they dont want to invest anymore to EU/NA thats why they try to shut it down before UE4 gets released.
  7. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    It is not fair but it is the only option to kill certain classes. Assasin, Warden, KFM, BM, destroyer..... Now if thoose classes play good its litterly impossible to kill them for non max gear. I flamed the 100 to 0 airs aswell before patch but i always knew it was the only thing that counters classes with crazy defences.
  8. Do i understand this correctly ? You want two kind of ques ? a que people can enter with xx ammount of gear and a que people enter with xx ammount of gear ? Thats something different cause of the HM coins it would actully be worth getting big gear too but it would force us to create two sets of PVP gear aswell.
  9. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    can y pls more cry `?! gunner altimes aircombo and kill ppl where is this fair play ?!
  10. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Warlock V heal (the 10%) in PVP is a joke and only shoot in one direction. You also need to hit the enemy which is not possible when he air you from behind (what he should do!). The warlock sanctum (pink "C") on ice dont have any damage reduction thats why a good warlock always use the green one for heal+dmg reduction in PVP no matter if he play frost or shadow. The sanctum also dont count in air combos and the buff from it disappear from so many other skills what people abuse since ever. Sanctum is a bugged **** skill NC dont want to fix/optimize.
  11. Games dead

    The game is dying because developers doesn't listen to community problems and they don't do anything to repair/improve the game,there are hundreds of complains of game economy,gear upgrade progress,pvp unbalance,bg damage reduction,game crashes,fps drops and much more,they don't care,they make it worse with each patch,at the current state the game is GARBAGE and it doesn't worth to play.
  12. Orange Quest questions

    Hi, so I came back into the game around a week ago and I wanna try playing more content rather than knock out new yellow quests when they release then go on another hiatus until the next act comes out. I have a few questions with some of the Orange quests; mostly with the parts that require you to go into the raid dungeons and kill a difficult boss. Is there a way I can solo them to finish the quests? If not, do I have to be like an expert with really good expensive gear or something? Cause I feel like if I play with others who are exceptional at this game, id probably be berated if I do something wrong since I'm not an expert at the game (mostly with maintaining dps since I just attack with whatever skills I have available) and ive tried avoiding multiplayer content because of this.
  13. Games dead

    This game is dying! There's no progress ☹️ , I can't even craft transformation stone that needs gold Each transmute!
  14. Games dead

  15. Games dead

    F8 IS DEAD
  16. Le launcher hahahahahahahahaa

    C'est après 3 jours d'acharnements que je me vois malheureusement dans l'incapacité de jouer. Aucune solution n'a fonctionné. Pourtant j'ai vu que d'autres personnes avaient ce même soucis, mais visiblement le miens ne peut être réglé. Je ne sais pas si je dois en vouloir à l'équipe pour leurs temps de réponses complètement déplorables et la médiocrité de leurs assistance, ou si je dois juste accepter mon sort et les remercier malgré tout d'avoir essayé ? Je suis vraiment mitigé entre ces deux sentiments. Bref, j'avais investit énormément de mon temps à l'époque sur ce jeu et aujourd'hui c'est comme si je n'y avais jamais joué. Je suis vraiment frustré car j'aurais voulu connaitre la suite de l'histoire quand même, avancer mon personnage, farmer encore une fois le stuff endgame et surtout accompagner mon ami à qui j'ai recommandé le jeu et qui l'a installé à la base pour y jouer ensemble. M'enfin, je vais devoir m'y résoudre hein, c'est comme ça. Bonne suite et have fun à la commu'
  17. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    yes im rank 1 for nothing you're right :) just a bad player with an unvalid opinion right? just a bad player that's rank 1 in all pvp ladders of its main class. ???XDDDD im not skilled because im rank 1, im rank 1 because im skilled. stop posting on this thread u're not contributing to this discussion. in fact they are pretty fkin useless and make 0 sense. Tell me then mister pvp god what makes u skilled? :)
  18. Yesterday
  19. in the last few days i saw an massive increase in disconnects (dcs). in every raid 1 or 2 got a dc. today i got 3 dcs so far (while anything else on my pc is still connected like other games/streams). the biggest annoyance is, that the stupid game dies after a dc, which goes like this: - dc with a small popup (network error or something) - game closes itself - kill the game with task manager or otherwise i cant start it again (error: game still runnning) - start the launcher: loading - login: loading - select europe server, because it often defaults to north america - start the game: ultra long loading (ssd usage: 0%, cpu usage: 5%) - second password, accept tos, select char: loading - reenter the dungeon/raid: loading - run/teleport from the beginning to the spot where the others hopefully wait for you - say good bye to the dynamic quests from before the dc or the quest progress if the others werent so patient other games do it like this: - dc with a small popup and the login behind/below - login: loading - you are back! maybe you have to run/teleport to the spot where the others are waiting (no patience needed)
  20. mailing certain materials

    Because thats what they are lol. Try salvaging teh scales to scale fragments and mail those they are essentially cheaper to mail. The mail price gets lower as updates come along. The price for those should drop when ET mats become account bound i believe.
  21. Why is it so damn expensive to mail Silver Scale or Enlightened Jewls or even Hive queen's heart. What's so special about these materials? It's cheaper to mail crystals. I don't want to spend over 500 gold to send some bound materials, for every stuff i decide to mail i have to pay 1g each, idm if it's like 2 or 3 but over 500 it's so damn much, and i'm mailing to my alt, not to somebody else. They are the same, bound material to help you upgrading, you get them for same raids, same dungeons. Why so damn expensive???
  22. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    Can somebody say to what level you can upgrade the returning soul and heart to please with the champions charm? I already have the Awakened Cosmic Soul 1 and Awakened HM Heart 1. Don't want to waste gold and charms on them to the permanent version if they're less than what I already have.
  23. You have no idea on what you're talking about. BM/Warden/Destroyer have been buffed to an insane degree due to nerfs with the 25% damage reduction nerf. BMs have insane defensive capability as well as can still one shot, Warden being one of the best classes to stall with pre nerf can now stall even better due to damage nerfs and 25% damage reduction giving people little chance to attempt to kill them, and Destros are pre patch were great at stalling and holding their own to begin with, not as strong as Wardens, but definitely up there. Now they can do that to even a bigger degree especially because they can live through more PvE damage due to this 25% damage reduction. Yes they addressed the one shot meta, but with this debuff it has hurt more than it has done good. Especially when classes can still one shot compared to others, if you're going to try to destroy one shot meta, then some classes need to be nerfed even more.
  24. Enough is Enough

    With 2 BIG disadvantages: RNG and harder for non casher. But thats nothing new in this game... it gets worse from time to time. To be honest: I really hope they dont give us this stupid rng system and change it last second. But its NC.. we already saw a lot bad things and it seems they like it to make people angry.
  25. Enough is Enough

    It seems they also think about changing this: weekly challenge: 2 > 4 > 6 > 7 25g > 25g > 50g > 50g 10k > 10k > 10k > 30k (unity) Which is (compared to how people actually do weekly quests!) a nerf. So you have to do 7 instead of 5 quests for the same gold. But you need more time.
  26. ET consumables

    That should tell you that it's working as intended, no?
  27. So the current highest Dps spec?

    So I was just wondering what is the highest dps build currently with spec?
  28. less gear rank= less battlepoints earn more gear rank= more battlepoints earn so simple so all players upgrade their gear to earn more battlepoints.
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