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  2. Weapon "reductions"

    How convenient to be out of office when the patch gave us literally the opposite of what was said. Extremely convenient I would say.
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  4. Salut, Je participe à l'évènement Blade and Ghoul, mais je ne sais pas où se trouve le pnj pour échanger les bonbons infernaux que l'on a dans les raids et avec les quêtes secondaires, et j'ai rien trouvé sur internet... Merci d'avance !
  5. I find amazing how we are still playing on this dogpoop of a client even with modern rigs not being able to run a 8 year old engine because devs are too lazy to implement proper otimizations for the game aside from this making your community find ways to make it playable and even with that is not CLOSE to perfect even tera that runs in the same crapy engine doesnt crash or consumes so much ram like BNS does it. ( or how much time it took for someone to find out the game lagged cause you had tracked so many quest). how about we get a proper : show X characters neraby cause boy thats why the 32bit client crashes and thats why 64bits clients eats almost half of 16g of ram and having a GPU usage of less than 50% every new cool animation or the new classes animations eats so much ram and dont get me started with the textures wanna know why you lag to 0 when soulburn hits up well know you know why, and zones they lag cause they dont load a single part of the map they lag cause it loads uninstanced raid and dungeons, heck even more npcs you saw that with the "MUSHIN TOWER FIX" so much trash stuff left behind that doesnt make sens is only making the game lag. Reason why vanilla bns didnt lag there was no silverfrost zone until they delayed it cause i dont know why and came up with the zaiwei we know today. BNS has a good theme good combat system sadly is in the hands of greedy people that dont want to earn more by polishing one of many tools they posses.
  6. Pet aura bug

    It’s been like that for weeks now and i know they are aware of that bug but they don’t seem to care at all even though it’s a pretty big one. I guess it’s an “intended feature”, just like the countless bugs that exists on this game for months or even years.
  7. Sorry but who ever came up with....

    The event is 100% optional, if you don't like it, don't participate. Anyone who participates gets something. Stop complaining about optional things, nobody is forcing you to pay or do anything.
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  9. Cost Reduction Sheet

    It's not a cost reduction sheet. It's a surprise engagement extender.
  10. Pet aura bug

    @Cyan or anyone else?
  11. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    Pretty sure Tera already has a "lingerie" slot for all characters, female or male, so that is totally a possibility for another pay2win game that is 99% similar in operation model, aka BnS.
  12. Weapon "reductions"

    I cant double check atm, but if i remember good Cyan / Hime said on last stream they would be out of office this week, so that might be why you see no communication from them at least. I'd have to re-watch the stream to confirm.
  13. Actually it perfectly applies in game. 1. Those "whales" flood the market with items, which in turn increases supply. 2. Gold sellers or not, they supply the market, if the supply was cut, the prices would inflate much much more. 3. there was nothing to play the market on. Since it needed the exact same amount of materials. 4. I dont necessairly agree on this, it only screws those over who do not want to farm and want to buy everything straight off the market. Overall current prices increased due to everyone buying stufff for the "upgrade cost reduction" so they could upgrade. Give it 1-2 weeks and prices will start massively dropping again. I see your point but i do not think it hurts it as bad as you say. ignoring the material increase, before supply was gated behind time, so for example 24hours. In that time if more players bought out the stones from the market there would be a shortage which would drive the prices up. Now there is basically an endless supply. I think the pricess will start slowly dropping as this cost reduction on upgrades passes, since it was known upfront many players bought a lot of materials for their upgrades.
  14. Sorry but who ever came up with....

    The rewards are a complete joke even if you bothered participating and just proves once again (for the 54634th time) NCW has absolutely ZERO idea what players need in this game. I'm sure whales care about 1 oil per week I'm sure non-whales care about 10 ss crystals per week Yeah that'll totally get people to start swiping.
  15. He isn't necessarily complaining about the new crafting system. If you take a good look, you will notice that despite a short time, the crafting costs have increased, and the item gotten from the recources have been reduced. This has cause a huge inflation in the game market. Its hurting the majority of the player base who simply want to or do not want to invest about 35 dollars in premium.
  16. Can't tell if it's just a really bad attempt at sarcasm, or just high on some substance.
  17. you could already craft shieldbases for your alts, since they are bound to account, dumplings too btw. And only ppl who crafted on a daily basis before the patch are profiting from this change (untill their stocks run low) since KR still got the old system.
  18. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    @NorbertTheOpinionated Even with bt gear twinks (even as a no mobility Shadow WL) you can kill Hong and survive 2-3 dot stacks and every easymode dungeon is just braindead now and you can solo most of it xD But the fun is gone, that's true. As a tank I have to say old bosses like in Ebondrake Citadel or Desolated Tomb are way more annyoing than the new ones, because you had to perma block the yellow attacks otherwise you are perma cced. Nowadays you just have to iframe or dodge some of the attacks and you got more time to dps and imo this is way better :D But overall I can say one year ago the game was super fun, I really enjoyed it and did a purpletrain every day with my clanmembers. But now with every patch I'm losing more and more interest, because of nc's decisions to make the game "better". Also many friends, clan- and raidmembers already quitted and I can completely understand them. The main reason I'm still playing this game is, because I already played it for years and it would be sad to quit.
  19. omg ok you guys taking it too far now, the crafting system needed this change a long time ago. i for one love the crafting system , i wasnt lvl 1 in anything now am max level , from all the material boxes and spam 1 min guild supplies for 7oo points each thankful for it. my alts can get some decent primers and because i have a load of alts .... can have 3 of them making 4 days premium supplies for same guild to make my masterwork ss primers on that day of delivery . i can finally get the renowned meat something . overall this change was nice, i really loved it.i dont know how it works out crafting to sell for profit or crafting upgrade items but so far nice move .
  20. @Grimoir are u gettin paid to troll on every single post ? This is not an answer u gave, just random rl economic picture that doesnt apply ingame and u try make believe it's related The question is WHY they do that, no one asked for this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. The craft change made a huge increase of price in basic material, and crafted material. Who benefit from this update ? People who dont care about gold and just want to max everything instantly -> turbo whales funding servers (xp charms) People who dont use mats to upgrade their gear but to sell -> gold sellers People who knew it before and played market Actual players , who are playing the game normally, want to upgrade their gear and progress, get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed. You need more mats to do less items, crafting time has never been in the equation for gearing up, it's a straight big bamboo up in our butts.
  21. Weapon "reductions"

    For real, zero communication from NCSoft since this second major screw-up in a month. It's like they're hiding in their burrow waiting for the storm to pass by. That's not going to happen, NCSoft. You owe your playerbase a serious explanation about this sh*t.
  22. <SoulSisterz> [Coelinorden] sucht aktive Member !

    Hallo Enapay, meine Daten in Discord D.O.KyungSoo#8919 siehe auch ganz oben Dann können wir alles weitere in Discord klären.
  23. Sorry but who ever came up with....

    This game is aimed at hardcore whales. Why are you surprised?
  24. Upgrade GC Waffe

    Man könnte wieder mal meinen das war alles geplant. Das sie die Kosten im Sheet angepasst haben, das bisherige schweigen unserer "Community "wir schweigen lieber" Manager lässt darauf schließen, das sie nicht vorhaben den Patch nachzubessern. NC-Soft arbeitet hart darauf hin sich die Entwicklungskosten für eine UE4-West-Version zu sparen. Soviele "Fehler" kann kein normal denkendes Unternehmen in so kurzer Zeit machen, wenn es nicht ganz gezielt beabsichtigt ist, das Spiel zu ruinieren.
  25. Sorry but who ever came up with....

    "There are three different categories of dungeons and placement ranks, but you’ll only be able to place in one category per weekend. The category you rank in will be determined by your highest placement. If your highest placement rank is tied between multiple categories, you'll only be ranked in the highest category you qualified for" Asside that, no not every event is meant for everyone. There are players that like these type of events. If you do not like it you are free not to participate. Its bad enough any other event gets completely dumbed down not making any fun (perfect example was realmrift that was fun, challenging and for everyone equal and got completely ruined because players cant get theirs...together). At least this is for those who upgrade and dont fish around for events to get one weapon stage with minimal effort o.o
  26. The speedrun dungeon event is eaither ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ or lazy who wont even take 5 mins to see how this event will split the community into the whale grp and the f2p players. Why in the flyin duck you didnt do it like the overwatch events you have 1 week to xomplete either novice dungeons or hardmode dungeons if you go for the novicie route youll get X lesser rewards to help you catch up even a lil on hard mode you get rewards plus exclusive rewards then resets was that hard to implement or to brain storm? with this you can make everyone participate. "EVENTS ARE MEANT FOR EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE"
  27. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    If I may add in my $0.02, as a returning player coming from Black Desert, the gear grind in B&S seems so relaxed in comparison. Everything is laid out for you with build trees and upgrade paths and no RNG. In BDO, spending billions of silver enhancing accessories that blow up on failure for 1 AP gain is such a tilting factor that I personally know more people than I can count that quit the game because of it. While I can agree, yes, that insane amount of items to upgrade is quite the wall to climb, at least you know every bit of progress you gain is progress that can't taken from you according to the whims of some half-assed coding by a dev that doesn't give a rats ass about the game. Also, not having hidden stats on gear is nice too.
  28. Blade & Ghoul: Patch Notes & Overview

    Nothing more to say
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