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  2. Turm der Unendlichkeit ab Stufe 56 nicht spielbar

    Alle Fenster die ich mit einer Taste öffnen kann, wie I,K,L,P, usw..
  3. serious help needed

    You might want to remove "hardly" I think XD @cipher989 Hit [Windows]+[R] keys, enter "eventvwr.exe" and have a look at window's protocols. If your HDD is damaged there will be a lot of read errors in system log. You can also use tools like CrystalDiskInfo to check your HDD's health. If your HDD is NOT damaged there might be a problem with your power supply or you might have a virus. If it IS damaged buy a new SDD.
  4. TT Tuto

    Salut ! Tes vidéos sont super bien présentées, ça a aidé pas mal de membres de mon clan, merci :) Penses-tu faire des guides comme ceux-ci sur les boss 3 et 4 ?
  5. Summer Splash Outfit

    Yes it was
  6. Von welchem Fenster sprichst Du? Einer Windows-Meldung, einem Ingame-Fenster oder etwas anderem?
  7. Today
  8. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    Please stay kind.
  9. We are still recruiting players from Singapore & Malaysia. To apply, please view clan rules for steps:
  10. Fraktion gibt 100 Gold?

    Hi @Rumpeldiepumpel, so etwas gehört nicht ins Forum, schon gar keine Links und es gibt es auch keine Diskussion darüber, ob man diese Links verbreiten darf. Das sind ganz klar Accounts die gegen die Richtlinien verstoßen und potentiell dazu da sind, um Accountinfos zu phishen. Somit würden wir euch bitten diese Accounts dem Support zu melden und zu blocken.
  11. Verification emails not being sent?

    there must been a major mess up in their verification system, I tried to get it done since two hours and right now it seems to work again. At beginning the verification window even failed within seconds and without any input, while the mail with the code took about 1 minute. Must be some odd kind of fun they are doin with us....
  12. Verification emails not being sent?

    As above, it took at least 15 mins for the mail with verification code to arrive on gmail and after 30 mins none have arrived still on yahoo.
  13. Issue with chat box

    might sound stupid, have you tried moving the chat box entirely and check if the issue still happens then when its like in the middle of your screen? (just as example)
  14. I honestly do not think 1 m dps is too much, it just means its for people that maxed their accessories, because having stage 1-3 BT accsessories and not upgraded others (like all alts run around with), even with the event weapon they will not be keeping up 1 mil dps, which is very good imo
  15. serious help needed

    Its time to get a new HDD/SSD your Harddrive is definetly broken soon it will not be reconized at all. This can take hours/days or months but you problem cannot be fixed. Is the HDD like really old ? then just buy a new one but if its pretty new use your warranty. I hardly recommend you to buy a SSD cause the prices have droped so much and you gain alot from having 4 times the speed of a HDD.
  16. Hallo, war heute Morgen im Turm der Unendlichkeit, bin bis Ebene 61 gekommen. Bin dann raus, um die Belohnung ab zu holen. Habe 3 Tagesquests gemacht, bin wieder in den Turm, startete mit Ebene 56, und da ging nichts mehr, egal welchen Skill ich ansetzte bei jedem Skill ging ein Fenster auf, hatte alle fersten auf die es nur gibt. Das ich das natürlich verloren habe ist klar, wenn man nichts sieht, weis nicht mal ob Skills ausgeführt wurde, oder nur die Fenster auf gingen. Bin dann noch mal rein, das gleiche wieder. Entweder wird das mit der Heutigen Wartung behoben, oder ich lass es bis ich andere Infos bekomme. Zur Zeit ist der Turm der Unendlichkeit nicht Spielbar, für mich zumindest nicht.
  17. serious help needed

    Hello guys, i have a huge problem . its been few months like this,, starting B&S always crashes my HDD drive,,, like it try to start, but dont even make it to the loading screen,,, the anticheat doesnt even start, it instantly gives back an error msg saying the path is invalid and then i check,,, my HDD is gone,, and i have to restart my pc,,,,, anyone came through something wierd like this??any possible solution??
  18. Wartezeiten für Weiswahllagune und Co

    Ach so ist das, da hat man sich schon was Zeit dafür Organisiert, und dann kommt man da och nicht rein. Was soll das dann?, meine bin noch nie in der Lagune gewesen. werde nun da auch nicht mehr rein gehen. Bin kein Zahlender Bestandskunde.
  19. Considering the game optimization thoose FPS should be normal. You can try some tweaks like disabling third Spec animations but i dont think that will help a lot. I know this CPU was advitised as "Gaming" but it actully never was the A10 was always a pretty weak CPU which cant even compete with an I3 from 2011. One thing you could try is a cheap used Nvidia GPU and some overclocking. I recommend the GTX 660 if it needs to be cheap (30€ max) and if you decide to overclock watch out for an option to only overclock one core some and crank it as high as your CPU and CPU cooler allow it. (please dont do this if you have no idea what the settings do in your Motherboards bios ask a friend cause it can destroy your CPU) If you decide to buy a completly new build look out for an I5/I7 or Ryzen 3xxx if you get a good deal the 2xxx add for example the GTX 1650 and you are good to go.
  20. Wartezeiten für Weiswahllagune und Co

    Kommt auf dein Rating an und die Uhrzeit. Spielst du Abends sind es eig. max 5 Minuten. vor ein paar Patches waren 30 Minuten aber totall normal, da es nunmal der Pay to win Modus ist, wo du als Free to play Monate farmen musst um da eine Chance zu haben und da ist das PVE Gear nicht dazu gerechnet, was du auch farmen musst. Die Kreditkarte hillft aber immer sehr.
  21. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I get your point but it is supposed to be an event for mains and 500K is DPS you can expect from an alt since it needs nearly nothing to get to this DPS. On the other hand i still agree with you that 1 Million is a bit to much (even tho its way less than i expected) i would love to see the requirements droped to 650K while doing mech so people who parse like 800K can participate but 500K is like playing on an alt and this event is clearly not intendet to be for alts. So what about gearing up a bit ? if you like PVP you can easyli earn houndrets of gold a day the soulstones are at a high like never before but if you dont like PVP well do whatever PVE players do to get money. (Seriously i have no idea where you farm like a lot of gold ingame without PVP most of my Gold comes from Soul stones and Moonstones. ) I parsed yesterday and i am doing 1.9 Million just to tell everybody who thinks i would whine cause i would do low DPS in advance.
  22. psyche drop rate

    Did HM train everyday Mines-Brood for at least 2 months until i had at least 4-5 psyches on all the items. Sandstorm dropped like crazy and it was the first thing i maxxed out, Had to do like 20 shadowmoor before the first psyche even dropped, Ransacked treasury was the last to max tho, after like 3 psyches (Those 3 dropped pretty fast) it just stopped dropping completly and i managed to get all Psyches i needed from Shadowmoor before the 4th dropped from RT.
  23. Now i wish cores were tradable, I have like 3000 Imperial cores. Would be nice if i could just give them to people who need em more.
  24. Warlock fixes that need to be applied

    Seems like we have a topic about WL so I would like to share what I found recently. In Scourge build, when we use Simple mode, there is a bug that displays Dimensional Volley on LMB and let us cast it within Soul burn stage instead of Awaken Volly sometimes in rotation (the faster you use LMB, the more it will appear). It applies to Leech also which displays Dimensional Salvo. Dragon Helix has the same risk. This is the demo video: I hope it will be fixed soon since it happens to be a DPS loss for WL. Thank you.
  25. Blue Quests removed from Moonwater, Cinderlands and Viridian

    Yeah, I came back a while ago and I'm having such a hard time to enjoy a new character, worst when you reach Silverfrost some NPCs are like "I remember you" but they previous quests were removed =\ It's such an immersion break.
  26. I get around 30 - 40 fps running around in the field with the "optimized for low end PC" option, but during boss fight in dungeons or raids my fps drop down to 15-20ish fps and it gets worse in MSP where I only get 8 - 10 fps when fighting the turtle boss. Is this because of my PC? Is my PC too outdated? My PC specs: -AMD A10 6790K APU with Radeon HD graphics 4.00GHz. -Window 7 64 bits. -16 GB DDR3 RAM Is there anything I can do to improve performance? Or do I have to get a new PC? Thank you!
  27. Summer Splash Outfit

    Devs, can you please release this outfit again for us poor lyns to buy it? If im not mistaken last time the variant was not sold in the market.
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