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  2. Hello, I find all the information most of the time simply very hard to read and not get it wrong on all this patch notes when we have tables with content. Can we put some white borderlines in those please. Just a small example made very quickly in paint :P
  3. Thats the biggest crap i ever had to read. What gives you the right to say people who dont like pvp dont deserve getting nessesary materials, what makes you think moonstones are pvp exclusive? Why are pvp players better then those who prefer pve? Its total crap to force pve players into pvp and to force pvp players in pve. You want pvp gear go make pvp, you want pve gear go make pve but give any group a decent chace to farm the stuff they need. And no you dont deserve to get moonstones exclusivly from pvp. You can get HM-coins from ranking which pve players cant, what else you want? making all materials pvp esclusive to fore people even mor to do something thats pure p2w (at least on battleground) And yes i agree, Naksun is outdated but there are plenty other actual content to add sources for players to farm moonstones. So there was no freaking reason to remove something without any replacement.
  4. We need...

    Loading screens, that load the loading screens, because the game doesn't have enough loading screens, great design.
  5. False, moonstones are not pvp resource, you need them to craft transformation stones, which are needed aswell for your soul and heart, amongst other recipes that are also pve related and can only be done with moonstones.
  6. Celestial Sentinels Cerulean clan

    Looking for active players that speak English and are friendly. We do 3+bt 1-2 VT, making a TT progression(need more people). We are trying to rebuild. We also play lots of other games. Dm Aperos on discord if you are interested
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  8. I agree on the 3rd spec. Its battlegrounds, you are not meant to solo fight someone with average pvp gear, its supposed to hewlp you stay alive while fighting in a group, if you run off solo, no gear will be good enough Yes but then, if you dont want to invest in PVP gear you should not be complaining about PVP and not even be there to begin with. Yes but that was due to the content becoming outdated. I am all for a account bound version of them, but it needs to require as many crystals etc, to compensate the value of the raw materials. The point is, players that invest into PVP gear, upgrade it so they can decently do battlegrounds, are being rewarded for getting moonstones, whihc makes sense, someone who doesnt want PVP gear, doesnt want to invest in it, shouldnt be getting them.
  9. serious help needed

    Hey guys, i finally solved my problem, i will explain it, u guys got to share it with anyone that come accross this issue, the thing was that blade and soul cant work with HDD or SSD drives that use the asmedia drive 106 so what anyone that suffer from this issue got to do is, go to device manager -->storage controllers and select the asmedia sata drive and uninstal and delete it, reboot and you are good to go, now u can play it without having your hdd disapearing every time . i had hard time but luckily i found this solution somewhere on the internet and it worked like magic. thanks everyone,
  10. 1. DPS requirement for turtle was 2 mil 2. you dont need to clear stage 4 Hae Mujin for the rewards, you just need up to stage 3, stage 4 only gives you cosmetics 3. you dont need GC weapon, maxed soul, or even TT8 and tri gems to do 1,5m, and i know plenty players with less that parse 1,3-1,6m. The 1 mil dps requirement for stage 4 is more than fine.
  11. It's great you nerfed it for NA, but let's do some math here, as this is still more gear requirement than turtle event. 184mil / 180 sec = 1mil dps requirement. But this boss is NOT a stationary training dummy like turtle. Literally every other attack CC's you, so you're forced to constantly iframe, run around or block. This dramatically reduces your F12 parse dps. I'd say you're looking at 60-70% of your F12 parse, so people still need roughly 1.5mil dps requirement to beat this thing. What do you need to get 1.5mil dps? You're looking at GC9, true tiger soul/early stages of new endtier soul, TT8 with good rolls, and full tri gems. Again, this is not something people can achieve "just by working hard", you actually need to have played for 1-2 years to get this, or a bit shorter if you have no life and play like 8 hours a day. TLDR: event has pretty much the same amount of pay2win-ness as turtle event. Higher dps requirement (1.5mil compared to 1.2mil for turtle) but taken into consideration "people had 2-3 more months to gear up from turtle event" so some white knights might argue it's roughly the same amount of wallet check.
  12. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    In the event article, its listed as "Limited to one purchase per account per day." More importantly, it has the asterisk as being achievement locked. So after xx kills on that one character, you could kill it easier for 2hrs for that one character per day for the 4/4 dual currency. A final factor to consider is the temp weapon from the Ring of Reckoning event, which had similiar base stats to gc, but the stack effect was radically different, with significantly fewer/longer weapon resets, making it somewhat ineffective for some classes (other classes that rely less on resets were able to use it advangtageously) with mid tier weapons. Perhaps the livestream will demonstrate the temp weapon in action.
  13. I dont think we need to discuss advantage of an anicancled creditcard /big wallet nor about the balance between different classes and neither about the advantage of 3rd spec which make pvp even more unbalanced. Your argument is nonsense. With avarage pvp-gear you dont have any chance against someone with max gear. A max pet will protect a "whale" long enough to oneshot you while you cant deal much dmg. Yes you can farm your pvp gear mostly in pve, you can even get novacore soulshields by farming msp. Anyway you need the same materials to upgrade your pvp gear that you need for pve gear and pve players prefer to upgrade pve gear. I thing i dont have to tell you how much materials you need vor GC weapon, TT ring/earing, Glove, Belt and Mao / ET neck. They removed moonstones from SSE during the week, They removed moonstoens from Naksun (Yes back in time befor crystals where introduced naksun could even drop a 100 stack of moonstones) without adding any other pace to farm moonstones. Your Argument, you only need crystals to upgrade your gear also is nonsens. You need Moonstones to Craft premium transformation stones, you need them to craft transformation stones, and oils. So either add an non tradeable accountbound version of these materials that can be crafted with crystals, or give anyone a decent chance to farm moonstones. I can remeber times when you could buy moonstones for 2-3 gold.
  14. if thats true then it would be waay too OP...even alts can ez clear it.
  15. Totally agree From what i heard the weapon is equivalent to Thornbreaker stage 6.
  16. Suche Klan mit TT-Raid

    Suche immer noch ;)
  17. Hallo Rumpeldiepumpel, könntest du von deinem Problem vielleicht ein oder mehrere Screenshots anfertigen oder vielleicht sogar ein Video? Das würde uns ungemein dabei helfen, dein Problem schnellstmöglich zu lösen.
  18. error

    Hallo SaintOfYou, tut uns leid, dass du Schwierigkeiten mit deinem Client hast. Bitte wende dich doch an unseren Support, den du über den Reiter am oberen Ende der Webseite finden kannst. Mit einem Ticket zu deinem spezifischen Problem kann dir auf diese Weise besser geholfen werden.
  19. serious help needed

    i cannot start the game, its maintenance still going on or im the only one cant start the game. i dont know why .
  20. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I'm not sure I understand the intent of the temporary weapon being locked behind a (10 final kill) achievement. Is it to troll in 6's for 2 hours? Tower of infinity climbing run? Since you killed it 10 times already, seems unnecessary for the event instance. Temporary weapons like this, would be best in my opinion only usable inside the event instance. Don't know the stats of the weapon, and what classes can utilize it better/worse than existing weapons. Please feel free to correct me if I have any specifics misunderstood.
  21. They are not in PVe upgrade paths, thats what crystals are for. Given tehy ae used for crafting some upgrade items, but thats normall as the game itself requires you to do both PVP and PVe. thats why PVP accessories can only be gotten in PVE and some materials needed to upgrade can only be gotten in PVP. This isnt rocket science. Those that complain most about PVP , dont even invest time into getting proper pvp equipment and upgrading it which btw is easy to get fully from PVE, this has nothing toi do with "whales" as they need to do PVE for the PVP items aswel. MAxed soul, doesnt do much if you know how to PVP and when to iframe / what to avoid so that argument is already out. Fully maxed out pet doesnt give anything special asside 10s less cooldown which isnt all that much so you dont even need to max a pet.
  22. Heilige Essenzen herstellen

    @Rnbbaanga ^^ meine Rede ^^ Wenn man genügend in Zeit und Twinks investiert kommt der Main sehr schnell voran. Besonders wenn man die Events aufs maximalle ausschöpft/ausnutzt/farmt. Habe das gemerckt wo ich längerzeit Krank war. Konnte in dieser Zeit meine Main sowie 4 Twinks auf VT-raidfähig bringen. So wie denn Main und einen meiner Lieblingstwinks auf TT-Raidfähig und bedingt auch ET-Raidfähig bringen. Man muss aber auch sagen das ich immer noch pro Tag 4-7 Daylies und pro Woche 2-7 BT, 1-4 VT und 2 TT (Main 1x Boss 1-3 save. Boss 4 ist nur noch eine Frage von zeit. Twink 1x Boss 1-2 save. Rest,, naja ist ein Twinraid) laufe.
  23. They're a pvp resource are they? Strange how their main utility is in pve upgrade paths. And no they don't come out of daily boxes. 1 in 10 boxes from daily pops a moonstone. That's a joke. Weekly is no better as it's max 2 stones and it's also pretty rare. Your doubts don't help the situation one bit. First NC will need to fix the massive lag spikes that happen around prime time. Until then we won't talk about pvp being a viable moonstone source. I don't care about any argumentation involving "but if everybody gets lag spikes then it's fine". No it's not fine. Nothing is fine about any form of pvp in any multiplayer game, which involves lag. Until their servers stop generating pretty much half of the ping we have, there is no future for pvp. This isn't sKR with it's 10 square kilometers territory. I want to hear your solution. One that isn't "it is what it is" or "equality in misery".
  24. a good way to fix this would be to fix the damn match making system. its been crap ever since WW V was released years ago. why cant they take the gear u have equiped and give it a gear score plus your current elo put them together to give u an overall rating. (and the gear u enter BGs with u cant change once in match.) this will make the BGs more competitive and fun. since u wont have these super whales deranking in order to get easy wins. and if BGs are fun more people will do them. and the more people doing them the more moonstones go to market.
  25. serious help needed

    Hello cipher989, Please contact Customer Support and they will be able to help you. Regards, Amraith
  26. You would be amazed about what things players here complain about.....dont be shocked lol
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