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Treasure Trove Items Sales Extended to 2023-04-15


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Greetings, jiansei!


As some astute players have noticed, sales of Treasure Trove Keys ended on April 11 even though our article announcing the event stated the Trove would be around until April 18, and this has caused some confusion.


Longtime players may know we usually end sales of Treasure Trove Keys a week before the next patch arrives (Spoilers! The next update arrives April 18!), or in this case April 11. Unfortunately, our messaging didn't make this clear.  To make up for this, we have extended sales of Treasure Trove Keys through This Saturday, April 15.  The Treasure Trove event will continue until April 18, so all of you will have until then to use your remaining keys.


Thank you for voicing your confusion. We'll do our best to message this more clearly moving forward.

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