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Outfit texture errors

Sakuya Komatsu

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It seems that since the engine change various outfits have their textures either displaying incorrectly or aren't shaded properly.

Shock Jock seems to have had it's clothing textures 'flattened'.



Which is strange because Aftershock seems to still be rendering correctly.



Minor thing to be annoyed about in the grand scheme of everything but I kinda like my outfits and want them to look as great as they did back on the other engine. I know this is the bug report forum so I don't want to get too off-topic, but as a returning player (2+ year absence) the new engine has been a bit disappointing.

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On 3/21/2023 at 2:17 AM, Saito Sacchi said:

Think I did read like only still-obtainable outfits did get a new render on UE4 and old ones still exist lowpoly because people paid for these items so they can't be deleted. [which would translate to: not a bug]


Technically all of them are still obtainable in game so i doubt that would be the reason.  Though textures did change for some outfits. In the example Shock Jock used to be more a shiny leather pants texture, but in UE4 it got changed to a regular material type texture.

So dont think its a mistake or bug but rather intentional.

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Like outfits we can only craft with a recipe 2nd boss in CS never dropped? yeah, technically all outfits still exist. you are right.


18 hours ago, Sakuya Komatsu said:

Oh for crying out loud. Of course that'd be the excuse for it. 🙄 So I guess the lesson here is just don't bother spending money on outfits on here then.

I heard about this, couldn't validate and by what @Grimoir pointed out I am mistaken on that.


spending money however at this point... certain outfits can be used without spending money and don't look too bad either. maybe blackholesun might be something for you.

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