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Rest rewards show up before daily reset

Piggy osu

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I logged on my alt character to do some non daily quest chores, clicked on "Daily Quests" and it showed that I had 2 rest rewards stacked. That was ~45mins before daily reset. I wrote a tracker in Notion to track my rest rewards and that character should have been at 1 rest reward before reset and 2 after, but I trusted the indicator so I just did dailies. 5 quests later I log off and it shows that I got 4.1k gold. For 1 single rest reward stack. That didn't seem right to me so I logged on another character that should have been at 0 rest reward stacks and 1 stack after reset. Lo and behold it was at 1 stack 10 minutes before reset. I go "hmm this doesn't seem right" so I wait for the daily reset. 7am comes around and the reset notif shows up. I relog on the same char, and it's still at 1 stack. ncsoft pls fix.

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22 hours ago, lillvargen said:

the rest rewards don't reset with dailies reset for some reason, been like that since rest rewards was introduced

They do, but the indicator is broken and starts showing them as reset before they really are, which had confused me in past, too.

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