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Ajanara Bonus Reward Reset


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Ajanara Bonus Reward Reset erases in game guide if not used within 24 hours.


With demonsbane you can add up to 2 or 3 reset bonus rewards counts ontop of the default of  3/3 and they'll stay in the game guide queue indefinitely until you hit the daily limit then it'll take from the reward reset bucket even if its on a future day meaning you dont have to save the orb in your inventory you can pre add it to the game guides dungeon (up to 2 or 3 depending on the dungeon and some dungeons share reset rewards) and if you hit the limit on any single day it'll take from the additional bucket if you continue to run the dungeon or series of dungeons linked to the reset after you deplete the daily 3 and choose to take or accept the dynamic additional reward.


With shrouded ajanara if you use an orb and dont run it right away the bonus reset actually resets by the next day it erases your queue of orbs you add to the game guide. So you have to basically use it right away and complete the 1/1 and any additionals because pre using it will wipe it by the next day where with demonsbanes it won't.


(This bug has existed since the resets were added in the dragon express premium tab revamp in September this year)

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