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Broken Gamepad X-Axis adjustment after 8/24/22 maintenance? also other minor issues related to gamepad

Silk Rivaliant

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Bug Summary: 
   X-Axis on GamePad locked at unspecified low amount 
   Goes from 0% to 100% tilt just past deadzone (no soft or slight turning)

   Change in options have no effect


Reproduction steps: Using a standard wireless Xbox One controller (with PC wireless Dongle)


Attachment: >> https://gyazo.com/01309a1746939041801f30cfba5a66e6 <<
  Video Link via Gyazo, apology for the very low quality it provides but seemed adequate for demonstration purposes  


Additional information:

   Video clipped demonstrates Gamepad Speed at 100% for both X and Y axis
    Demonstrating high Speed on Y and low for X
    Running demo, at high X Speed, you should be able to run in tight circles, angling character doesn't effects turning radius
    Settings X and Y speed to 1, Y shows very slow speed as expected, X shows change to turning speed
    Rapid camera movement is with mouse, showing that Mouse is not effected  (both X and Y at 7)
    Redemos gamepad X and Y difference in speed at 1
    Not shown was the acceleration from 0 to 100% turning speed being instant 

    Additionally, QuickTurn (rb+Right Stick in) doesn't work, attempting to remap it also breaks any other use of Right Stick (Jump and auto Run) by unmapping it
     Believed to be conflicts with it unable to see separated commands with Right Stick



  with the lack of turning speed on gamepad, it's just really hard and uncomfortable to play not being able to circle around opponents
   While Playable, it's already a kick in the teeth after having to find a work around for the lack of Gamepad support before the last update where it was reimplemented, only for it to be broken a week later.
   Now even the work around of Remappers can't fix this issue

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Additional Findings
stated in another forum post

Remappers (programs that remap keyboard buttons (and other features) to controller inputs) can no longer work as an alternative means of character movement in game because the game does not have the ability to disable controller thumbstick reads as camera input.

Left thumbstick acts as mouse, turning the camera left right up and down
While the Right thumbstick acts as mouse left or right At the speed setting given to GamePad mode

  •   ( Meaning you can adjust the Right thumbstick turning speed in Keyboard/Mouse mode by turning on gamepad mode, adjusting the X axis speed and disabling gamepad mode. Meaning X-axis setting only works properly when gamepad mode is OFF)

 and Scroll wheel Zoom in and out with up and down

Meaning we can't go back to just using our Remappers without disabling the games ability to read gamepad thumbstick movement as camera movement.

Effectively making GamePad users accessibility even WORSE than it was when Gamepad support wasn't even reimplemented back at the Unreal Engine 4 update Last September.

the gamepad x-axis issue has been corroborated by one other player

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Further findings

it appears that pressing the left and right Arrow keys on keyboard has the same turning speed as right thumbstick left or right

it appears whatever patch that it was to address the Left Handed players issues about key binding WASD to the arrow keys has totally broken gamepad users experience 

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@Green Storm


Could you please acknowledge this? 


It's a bit unfair to see you posting/replying to other threads but ignoring this one for two weeks now.  This is affecting people playing the game and for a lot of us this is the ONLY way we can play. Please fix the gamepad X-axis camera bug. You were quick on the response with the left hand keyboard issue, why are we being ignored?


Support clearly seems confused and doesn't even know that the option is back in the game. We need you to help us here and you have passed on this for two weeks now! This can be probably be fixed easily within a week like a the keyboard issue, since that's how it started.


We'd really appreciate some clarification and acknowledgement on this matter. Thanks!



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