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Unable to expand Basic 2 storage

Anilisia Servenius

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As I noticed at least one other person mention, I have a bug where I can't expand my Basic 2 storage past the 40 slot row ( the next row available is the one requiring 15 Dragon Trade Pouches).


When I go to purchase the next row it shows I need 15 pouches, although if I select it, the confirm window will show the actual number or pouches needed), and if purchased, the correct available row will shimmer like normal, but none of the rows become available.


This has been going on for about a week.  I opened a ticket 3-4 days ago, and after many messages back and forth, and recording videos of the issue, so far the only response is to just wait and see if it's fixed.  Meanwhile, I am out the storage space (as we all know that can fill up quick) and out the Dragon Trade Pouches that had been used.


I'm mainly creating this post as the support ticket said that since they might not contact me through the ticket to let me know a resolution, my only options were to watch for announcements on the main page or the forums...so hopefully, if/when it gets resolved a dev or someone can post here to let me know.


Anyway, didn't mean to rant, just frustrated. 🙂

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Just wanted to update that it has now been over a week, and I am still having the same issue.  Can't access any of the unlockable Basic 2 storage panels past the 5th row (they all appear as still locked, even though purchased) when unlocking, the animation/shimmering happens...then nothing.  I am also out 105 Dragon Trade Pouches that we used to unlock rows (the initial time I tried, and the consecutive times in order to get the video proving the issue.)


I still have heard of no resolution or update regarding the issue from the investigation that was said to be opened regarding this.

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2 hours ago, Green Storm said:


Hi @Anilisia Servenius


I wanted to let you know that the fix for this bug was released yesterday. Let us know if it's still an issue!

Thank you for looking into this.  I logged into the game, and was able to purchase the next row of storage (the one for 15 dragon Trade Pouches) and it did unlock.


My issue now, is that I am still out all of the dragon trade pouches used previously, both in discovering and then verifying and documenting the issue for the support ticket. (totaling 105 Pouches)


I had unlocked the 15 pouch row already, as well as the 3 rows after that at 30 Pouches apiece.

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