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Older dungeons having 0 drops?


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I've been clearing old dungeons for the sake of it, collecting costumes and gold from the daily quests, and noticed some have no drops whatsoever.


To name one, Dreamsong Theater. Now, I do know I can just go ahead and buy the cosmetics off of a merchant, but why leave the empty dungeons in the first place if they will give absolutely nothing? 


It kinda ruins the fun, for me, doing the dungeon once and head to the achievement merchant or straight off use Demonsbane coins to purchase cosmetics. Is there any reason as to why they're gone? Have they simply lowere the drop chances that much that you might go multiple runs with absolutely no loot on the last boss? 

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dungeons taken away from F8 with UE4 patch don't drop anything

however the ones that weren't in F8 before that drop

the outfit chests that can drop in any F8 dungeon now contain outfits to choose from

the ones you buy with demonsbane coins are custom ones, those give achievements like ap and mystic

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