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skills enhancements bugged after todays update

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Bug you can see the achievements in overview but when you go to skills section theres nothing and i think more are bugged out cause i cant see anything in the crafting section either


* i repaired client

* i have no mods

* deleted client config 

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this PRrexoe happened on this account ( not account sharing i just have several accounts :D). what i can see some achievements but even some of the ones ive completed dont show  example i just did the take a screen shot one it is there but it doesnt show up the issue is that this affects the skill enhancements where i got the achievement but doesnt show up and the filters are ok  i hve all checked and in zone all are selected. 

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solved it:


had to go to drive e c f or where ever windows is installed went to users your profile then to local then BNSR saved config then delete Gameuserconfig and is back now.

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6 hours ago, Srebrenko said:

You had the "View achievements with titles" active. That one filters out most of the achievements.

nope i though that too at first but that wasnt the issue i was using "load from cloud settings" and that corrupted the file i mentioned above

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