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Loading Screen Contest 2021 – Calm before the Storm

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On 12/17/2021 at 7:26 PM, Ion Anderson said:

Kinda disappointing that this one didnt win...

Hopefully it didnt get to you, it looks really really amazing ^^

@Ion Andersonwow, now it won.

I just got the first prize... with your comment.

This took about 1 year to be done, since I'm not a pro artist, but just a dedicated hobbiest. I'm slow at drawing, and I've started drawing this for the previous contest. Taking so much time and effort and not seeing this recognized could have gotten to me. But when looking at the winners, they all have the quality, and I also confort myself by saying they've chose a different art style, much more char focusing than mine that was more focused on the landscape itself. 

To be honest I never really draw for recognition, I draw to escape life, I draw to kill some time, I draw to learn, I draw for me and for my close ones.



But in the end, to receive a comment like yours it is truly a wonderful feeling. 

Thank you so much for taken your time to share your kind words with me, you've made me very happy.

Wish you a Happy New Year, Have Fun & Stay Safe.

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