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  1. What is striking about this competition is the significant inequality between female and male characters. With the exception of the first and fourth apparel creations, the other designers have opted for a sexist and oppressive style line. The clothes are mainly designed to please heterosexual male players, which can be seen e.g. differences in the level of disclosure of clothing between female and male figures. These three designers have consciously wanted to take advantage of the gender and sexual inequality situation in the gaming community and sought to please only the preferences of the do
  2. The description of your work says it all. Best of luck to the competition.
  3. This picture has a wonderful calm color palette and creates serenity. It’s wonderful to see the powerful female characters of the game being drawn without the over-sexist output. Best of luck to the competition.
  4. This image makes the player feel good while watching it. It’s hugely important, especially since waiting for the game to load isn’t your favorite pastime. Best of luck to the competition.
  5. I've got 2 pieces in the time I've played this game and I've got them over two years ago. I think all the droprates have been gradually weakened to increase the pressure to use the Hongmoon Store.
  6. Curiously, I ask which RP games have you played before and what are those RP games that you think will lose in terms of story and character lore for this game?
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