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Suddenly FPS issues


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I've started to play b&s again and everything was good. I could run the game at max settings with over 120fps. Suddenly i got a Server Disconnect and when i logged back in I only got an average of 35 fps. I have reinstalled the game, change grafics (On lowest settings i get an average of 19fps lol) drivers etc. nothing helped. Is anybody here who also had an issue like this?

PC specs:

Windows 10

Ryzen 9 3700x

gtx 1060 6gb

 2tb ssd (2x500gb 1x1tb)

16gb ram

everything is slightly overclocked.

(sorry for bad english D:)

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if it just happened on after a crash/disco there is a good chance that FTH hit in:





1. you can disable it in registry

by  set the REG_DWORD value HKLM\Software\Microsoft\FTH\Enabled to 0


2. not to forget, flush the current FTH list with the command:

Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize

within a console running under admin right. Yes it needs admin lvl or it will not work.

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