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Help with Dungeons


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I haven t played for a long time and now when I started playing I observed I cannot enter in some dangeons and I cannot complete these quests. I am stuck and I don t know what to do now... Please help. 

 I will attach below some pictures with my quests and my weapon. 




Missions: https://imgur.com/gallery/xv9s3VA

I cannot enter non of this dungeons, and when I try to go and find a party the options from the party finder are grade out and cannot select non or enter. 

This is how my party finder looks when I try to search a party for these dungeons: https://imgur.com/gallery/xB1daeB



Weapon: https://imgur.com/gallery/jwJbzcW


What can I do and how I can continue my character, please help! 

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Click on the quest in the quest journal - hit track quest - and wind stride to that area.

Silversteel and Temple of Succession you can't do.  That's the full raids and does not have a solo version.  The other one will have an npc that gives you a solo version though.  

Orange quests are raid quests - once a raid is two raids old they usually make a solo version for it.  You're a long way off from being able to do Temple of Succession(ET) and Silversteel is currently the hardest content in the game(until new raid comes out in March).  You also can't join raids from party finder, as it's an alliance instance and dedicated groups on voice chats usually run it.  People do not pub those.(except VT/SK/BT the really old stuff and sometimes TT)

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