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New Player, How can I acquire Fortune potions.

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As a Player leveling my first Avatar,

I've been researching how to Acquire more Fortune Potions. The only thing I have been able to find is a very old post referencing the "Tower of Memory" which I am not even sure exists anymore, and several posts calling farming these potions a waste of time. Now it may be a waste of time for a Level 60 to farm these potions, but there is no way I could have soloed Blackram Narrows and completed that story quest without the boost from those potions.


I am at Level 24 just now. Was just wondering if there is currently a reliable source for these potions that I just have not uncovered.

TY for your time. BB.



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Well you can Acquire them via Events usually but like 90% of events are aimed towards lvl 60 players so there is no way for you to farm them yet.


If you are lvl 60 they are useless aswell just like you wrote already. They heal for what ? 15k ? Even the worst geared char has atleast 200k health and thoose potions have a cooldown. Also you have to use your event currency to get them which is even worse cause you have to decide either get potions you will never need cause its not even healing 10% of your health or get stuff you really need to upgrade your stuff.

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KK, Thanks, Ima, do appreciate the Guidance, I did rejoin the game over the Holiday, that must explain how I stumbled into the small cache I have. Will have to be careful with them while I level. Happy Hunting BB. 

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