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[BUG] The Way of the Destroyer Part 5


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Quest says to use F (Grab) against Lunatic Daewang, then use Z (Power Slam) to attack Daewang's underlings.


I've been doing this over & over again countless times now and the quest won't get completed. I'm aware that I have to stun Daewang in some way to follow up with the grab, I've tried doing:


1 > F > Z

TAB > F  > F > Z

4 > F > Z

2 > F > Z

Z > F > Z


None of these grab combos seem to be working for me, am I missing something?


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On 11/3/2020 at 7:49 AM, Pookuss said:

Right, but I'm not able to grab w/ F unless the target is stunned from one of my other abilities right?


Yes but it should tell you which skil lto use. In some cases you have to auto attack and wait for the npc to stun it before you can grab it.

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