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Error when starting game

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Ok, here's what worked for me, and I'm currently playing it no problem. 


Go in to your folder where the Client.exe is, in the BNS folder, I believe, and delete that. Go back to your NC Soft launcher app, and click Update/Repair. This will take a long time, but for some reason, it worked for me. I can try and be more specific if you need. Hope this helps. 

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23 hours ago, Lancelot2520 said:

Have the same issue here and sorry for my noob question but...

Where can i find that Client.exe exactly?

Because i have nothing like that on my bns folder.


Client.exe is located in Bin and Bin64, Bin is for 32Bit Client and Bin64 is for 64Bit Client. 


If you are experiencing or receiving errors because of corrupted files, you can visit my Cloud Drive where I have full Blade and Soul game uploaded ->   https://mega.nz/folder/sEZz3KJK#05W5YdzcFNe5HeAHoGmAEA  you can use search function jjGoU9d.png

to search the name of the file that is corrupted for you, and download the same file from Cloud Drive to Replace the corrupted files. 
For Example > 61lkODZ.png


This method is good if "Client Repair Function does not fix your problem or the corrupted files."

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