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Returning Blade Dancer question


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I hope i get an answer here (since i couldnt find any non outdated guide sites anymore):

I have recently returned since about 2 years ago and right now im confused whether Wind or Lightning is superior for Dungeons and Raids. Checking people on the the different boards didnt give me any clearance and only confused me more. So before i start end up farming the gear for lightning again and then realizing wind is superior i wanted to ask whats better for said areas of the game. And for wind what soul/mystic badges i should buy for the verdant nightstones as starters

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Lightning is superior for dungeons and raids, decent in PvP. Wind is superior for PvP, but also quite buggy.

Lightning uses Warsong (Songbird+Sagewood) and Dynasty/Groundbreaker badges, Wind uses Paragon (Resurgence+Liberty) and Aransu/Thornbreaker badges

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