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Ebondrake citadel absolutley no drops


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I did Ebondrake citadel easy mode with 1 of my friends and we got absolutley no loot from any of the bosses, no auction started, only dumpling and potion and thats it. Same for some other dungeon. Can anyone explain why? I mean we did fight 1 boss for a while, is it that the case? Or was it because it wasnt hard mode? Any help is appreciated!!

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Bit late to the party here, but anyway-

Whether you died during the pull or not has nothing to do with boss drops - it's RNG.

Final bosses are important, and consistently have the good stuff - prior bosses, however, have a tendency to drop just consumables or soulshields that aren't exactly useful anymore, so that part is pretty normal.

I'd run it a few more times for whatever it is you were looking to get and see if you have better luck.

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