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Is warden easy to use??


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Been a long time without playing the game,my max lvl was with a summoner lvl 24,after that i stopped playing due i bought a ps4 and also my pc is crap.


My pc still is a crap but i have enough time playing on ps4.


Now,to the question,is warden class easy to use? On the webpage says it is hard to use,but i am undecided to play the gunslinger or this warden. Both are new classes and i want to know which one is more noob friendly class. Thanks.

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both are easy to use. everyone wants alpha call to support soul flare(warden)/soul burn(warlock)
either is fine both are equally easy. Warden has more endurance compared to gunner considering Wardens are tanks that don't need to manage focus but their hp.

The difficulty the game implies comes from the fact most of your skills drain your hp as the casting cost instead of focus/chi/thebluestuff.

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